How Would You Improve The Site? (Cont'd)

Have a page for Standard Domains that are less than a certain price. For instance, <$1k or <$500. This could encourage sellers to reduce their prices for non-Premium domains, more buyers & faster sales. Plus, like eBay, you could allow for bidding on these cheaper domains.

This solves the problem of standard listings being quite hidden. You could have a page on the main menu entitled Budget Domains or <$500. You could also include a ranking system where each IP address can vote once per domain to increase rankings which boosts them up the charts or higher up the search results.

This would ensure that the best Standard Domains are seen & sold first!



This was requested many times but I guess we have to keep bringing it up - please cut down the waiting times for domain appeals. It takes months (maybe a year?) to get an answer on an appeal.

Either eliminate that option or review stuff in a reasonable time frame.


From my experience, the buyer interest has not been a significant statistic, or a better predictor than any other stat. 1/3 of my portfolio has “strong buyer interest” and about 20-30 names consistently in a 30 day span have this stat. But maybe other people had a different experience.

So my favorite logo designer is being unavailable, now what to do? I will receive logo designs from random logo designers I don’t like.

I like 3 logo designers, but I can favorite only a single designer. I would like to select all these 3 logo designers as my favorite designers, but it is not possible. Please implement this important feature. Then if my #1 logo designer were unavailable, my #2 logo designer would receive the logo design gig. If my #2 logo designer were unavailable, my #3 logo designer would receive the logo design gig etc.

And sellers should be able to browse all the portfolios of all the logo designers on a single page and select up to 3 (or even more) favorite logo designers.

And the page where I can select my favorite logo designer is gone. Have you discontinued this feature?


We have the option to edit and export names via Google sheets which is great. But could you add a column that shows the approved minimum price? If we want to make some bulk changes, most of the prices won’t be actually applied since they probably won’t fit that approved price range. It would be good to easily see that price, which is nowhere to be found on Google sheets or in the exported names file.

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I would like to search for the featured images using keywords, not categories. For example if my domain is related to “chess”, I would like to enter the keyword “chess” and get the relevant featured images which actually depict a chess board or chess pieces. So like on Shutterstock, keyword-based searches. And please add a lot more featured images, and tag them using keywords (not categories).

Please monitor the Afternic listings of all domains if the domain is authorized for Afternic, and if a domain is NOT live on Afternic, then send me an email alert telling me that the domain is not live on Afternic and I should submit it.


I remember too. Squadhelp (Grant, I think) asked for feedback from the creative community before the change was made. Those who responded were of the opinion that that something was better than nothing, no matter how many pieces it takes.
At some point it means that even when a contest is guaranteed, if there are over 30 names on the shortlist, you are likely competing for a few dollars because contests with really long shortlists quite often end without a winner having been selected.

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There are many reasons why contests get abandoned, and it is bound to happen sometimes. I have never run a contest here, so I don’t know what it is like on the other side. It seems like it would be helpful to contest holders as well if they were at least made aware with some sort of alert (even if they have the option to turn it off) that let them know when more than say 20 or 25% of their entries are on the shortlist. I am sure there are stats to support that.

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Dear @grant there are some newsletters for founders (startup entrepreneurs), I think this is your target market. Have you ever considered buying sponsored ads in these newsletters? For example:



I would like SH to change the system to stop doing “limited exposure” on domains in order to verify against Afternic when we increase the price. This feature should work the other way around: wait until it has verified it is correct, not assume it is incorrect and limit exposure of domains sometimes for hours and full days. I raised my AN prices like a month ago for crying out loud!


Having this issue now too, and trying to get ahold of afternic, so far no luck.

It’s SH that needs to just look at what you have it listed for on AN.

Mine isn’t even listed on Afternic. As soon as it was approved for the premium marketplace, I removed it from Afternic, to go through proper procedure, and then relist it on afternic and set the price. Now it’s stuck in squadhelp jail, or on the group w bench.