How Would You Improve The Site? (Cont'd)

Sharing an update regarding this. For those sellers who wish to restore the custom keywords back to how they were previously, you can use this page to restore the keywords:

You can choose the second option to restore old keywords. Once the keywords have been restored, our AI will no longer update them with the new keywords.


What date are the previously added keywords please @grant.

I had been working on updating my descriptions / keywords etc just before the change. I don’t want to change back if the date is before I made the changes.

Also, may I ask if the keywords affect rankings at all right now? In April 2022 you said

Also, did you see my post above about root words? Two of the three root word fields are not working.

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Thank you, my previous keywords have been restored.

I opened that link then chose “Restore my previously added Custom Keywords” then I saved the preferences. Due to caching I need to wait a little bit to see the changes live on the marketplace, but when I open the domain name for editing I see the correct keywords there.

But if I open that link again ( ), now I see that still the “Use new custom keywords as suggested by AI (Recommended)” option is selected. So how can I make sure that you won’t replace my existing keywords once again? So even if I select the “Restore my previously added Custom Keywords” option, after that when I open that options page again, the “Use new custom keywords as suggested by AI (Recommended)” option is selected.

My keywords have been restored, I’m just not sure whether you will continue replacing my keyword moving forward or not.

Why not just leave the manually-entered keywords intact and add those AI-generated keywords as additional keywords, like in the case of categories? Then of course filter out the duplicate keywords.

So the sellers could enter 12 keywords manually. The field for these 12 keywords are empty by default. The AI-generated keywords would appear in a separate field, which would be the AI-generated keywords field. Here the sellers could only delete keywords. The manual keywords field should be a separate field. If a seller decides to leave that field empty, then only the AI-generated keywords would appear on the landing pages. If a seller decides to enter up to 12 keywords manually, then these manually-entered keywords would appear on the landing page alongside the AI-generated keywords.

That would be the simplest implementation, the current implementation is confusing because you use the same field for the manually-entered keywords and the AI-generated keywords. There should be two different rows in the database, one row for the manually-entered keywords, and a separate row in the database for AI-generated keywords. Then when you display these keywords on the landing pages, first filter out the duplicate keywords (which appear both in the manually-entered keywords field and in the AI-generated keywords field), then display all these keywords together on the landing pages.

They restore option will restore any keywords that were added as of March 5, 2023 or before.

The keywords do affect the rankings however they do not have as much impact on ranking in comparison to some other attributes such as root words. We do not disclose the exact search criteria but the keywords do play a role in helping to optimize the search results as well as AI recommendations.

The second and third root words seem to be working correctly and we can see the domains are being included in search results based on those words. However it is possible other domains may have higher relevance based on the specific keywords being searched. We have also made some additional adjustments to fine tune the search algorithm.


This is a temporary page, which offers the ability to recover your previous keywords. Once the keywords have been restored, you do not need to use this page any further.

Our AI no longer replaces or updates any keywords if a domain already has keywords assigned. So once you have restored the keywords, we will no longer update them via AI.

If there are no keywords assigned to a domain, our AI will automatically assign relevant keywords. You can edit those keywords or regenerate the keywords by providing additional feedback to the AI. Once keywords have been assigned or manually updated, they will not be automatically replaced by the AI going forward.

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ok thanks, makes sense!

So now we have the AI descriptions and keywords, the next innovation could be the AI logo generator for standard listings (just for standard listings, not for premium listings).

And you could launch this AI logo generator as a standalone tool, too. I’d love to create some logos for free for my standard listings (but in case of premium listings, keep the manual logo designs). For sellers this AI logo generator could be free (just for creating logos for standard listings), but if a business wants to generate a logo for themselves, then it would be a paid tool.

And you could integrate this AI logo generator in the “all domains marketplace” discussed here: Introducing - All Domains Marketplace - #26 by Bence_Ur

Appreciate the update @grant, thanks!

Dear @grant could you please fix the VAT rate range in the Account Settings - Account Details - “VAT Preferences (EU Based Sellers Only) Choose how VAT should be collected on domain sales if the buyers are based in an EU country” section?

The current range is 15 - 25%. But the actual range should be between 5% and 27%. My VAT rate is actually not in this current 15-25% range. So I cannot choose my correct VAT rate.

Here are the VAT rates:
It shows that the minimum amount of VAT is 5%, the highest amount is 27%.

Hi SH Team,

With the new(ish) homepage and search layout, it is still impossible to search for domain names when using Brave Browser, ad blockers like uBlock origin etc. The search results placeholder “loading” images continue to show indefinitely.

I created a thread on this a few months back, though it seems to have been deleted.

The results not loading occurs when Google tag manager is blocked by the client. Why would you want functionality critical to the use of your site to be side-loaded loaded by tag manager? Dev oversight?

Would be great if something could be done here, wasn’t an issue with the old search results page. Thanks.


I continue to see quality names rejected after 1 or 2 expert reviews, and possibly some rejected before having a single review.

We are paying a lot of money for these reviews and it’s concerning to see some names rejected in a matter of hours, seemingly without going through the expert review process.

All of this goes against the current SH review policy.

If there has been a policy change where some names do not go through the expert review process, please explain.


To: The Powers That Be…

Please consider giving “Split Awards” to the top two or three Creatives with the most Shortlisted names, as opposed to dividing a $100 award between 37 people. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


When requesting a new logo, can we have an option, or even automatically get a new designer assigned? What’s the use for paying for a new logo, when the same designer who clearly didn’t get what the brand is about, does it again? It’s a never ending loop.


And if the original logo designer is unavailable or he/she doesn’t want to complete the logo redesign, then the logo redesign request will be stuck in the “pending” status forever. It’s a bug, because in this case the system should assign the logo redesign request to another logo designer. It works for brand new logos, but not for logo redesign requests.

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