How Would You Improve The Site? (Cont'd)


Maybe the marketing team could make a little video showing the CH how the system should work. How they receive and rate entries. I’ve heard more than few CH’s saying that they weren’t aware or how to rate entries. The video should take them through the whole process. This might also alleviate confusion with non-english CH’s. Just my 2 cents lol


@LisaMac - Thank you for this post. We have developed many features to help educate CHs on Squadhelp engagement best practices. A video is definitely something we have considered, and we will keep it in mind as we continue to advance the platform.


In case of non English CH, if there’s a way to subtitle it to every language of the prospective CH, it will be better. The video will only ask of your language before the CH can download it, with that, many will pay attention to the subtitle and not the content and I think this might be of help a little bit


I know it was brought up before…and I believe we were told it would be considered in future updates…but for the sake of transparency…can we please be told in a SH managed contest if it is the CH or SH who are giving us our ratings? What I do with lower rated entries often would depend on if it was SH rating,or the CH. I think we ought to be able to have that information,and know who is rating or rejecting our entries. Thanks


@grant I would like to make a suggestion. I keep running into an issue where the site shows a domain as “unavailable” even though it is. Hovering over the domain check icon on these domains shows the system has not checked them in 200, 300 or 600+ days. Clicking the check domain feature does nothing to change/update this. I’ve had to blue button the issue and have support manually fix this issue for me a few times already - seems this could be creating a lot of panic for creatives who don’t realize this is an issue and assume their domain has been registered and also for support who is likely fielding these reports.

Suggestion: Fix the Domain Check tool :slight_smile:
Thanks for the consideration!


Yep…me too.I just had to have them fix 4 I just caught this evening. I second your suggestion!


I am also having this issue, and third your suggestion.


I’ve had the same issue on numerous entries. Shows available, then once the entry goes thru, it shows not available. It gets really tiring having to go back and put a note in the entry comment saying " this entry is AVAILABLE but SH has a glitch showing taken." (and that’s only if I catch it at that time) Seems like we also lose out on the possibility of the CH “liking” it because they think the entry is not available. I have also brought this up several times on the forum, so Thanks @LynnParks for bringing it up again.


@LynnParks @hollygirl @ChristyMay @jackieheraty

Thank you for this feedback. We work with several domain-check services. Due to the sheer volume of domains being checked through the platform, we unfortunately sometimes receive “false alarms.” We will continue to work on ways to make the domain checker more reliable.



Would it be possible to have a search section on our individual portfolio pages please?


@AbleBrands - Thank you for this request. We will keep it in mind for future platform updates.


Not sure if the information helps in anyway (for future fix/ updates), but sometimes domains appear as available in ‘‘my entries’’ and in fact they’re not (and this changes after you try to enter them in a contest)


@Grant, as some time during the last year or so, I thought SH implemented a rule that a CH could NOT downgrade a shortlisted name (or any name?) after a contest closes. Can we please go back to that? Here’s why: When we have a Basic listing name that has a high rating, the rating needs to STAY so that we can upgrade the name to Basic plus. Too many CHs are downgrading names in the last 5 minutes before they declare a winner and it is now becoming a penalty to us, rather than just a no. As it is, we have to wait for a very long time to upgrade a name from Basic to Basic Plus when a contest is pending, which limits our ability to sell the name otherwise because NOBODY is viewing Basic Listings. Being penalized really stings and isn’t fair to us.
Thanks for listening.


@Commulinks, I see your point, but on the flip side, a name that is shortlisted or has a love is locked into a contest until it is closed, meaning it can’t be entered into anything else. I would rather have an entry downgraded so I know it’s safe to withdraw and submit it elsewhere, rather than have to wait for weeks because the rating can’t be changed. Maybe a better solution would be to count a high rating toward submitting to Basic Plus, regardless of whether the rating is downgraded later.


Hi Commni
I had that happen a while back.and I like you had read where the ratings were supposed to stay the same upon close of contest.I used the bb and asked about it and sh was quick at checking on it and I received my original shortlisted rating.


Thank you, Mary. I have tried that (even took a screen shot of my Love and sent it via BB) to no avail unfortunately. Now I have another one, which in this case is the first love that is now gone.


That would be a great way to solve it. I just want it solved and you make a good point.


I am a little strained by the system of a ban on further participation in the competition, which the customer can initiate. And this is why: there was a case when the customer, hastily closing off access to the competition for me after watching two or three of my works, noted the following options “like” and even wrote: “I like your direction; keep up the good work.” HOW should I continue this ?? And a very recent case with an active competition at the moment: the customer appeared, noted 4 of my works “on the right track”, then closed me access to the competition - and soon put four ratings “like” on the following (not previously viewed by them) my options. At the same time, in the competition for today there are only 5 “love” and 25 “likes” by all authors. This is especially annoying, especially since the ban on participating in this contest will soon rather hurt my rating. In this regard, is it possible to include a preliminary notification system of the author, for example, a message from the customer - something like “Unfortunately, our vision does not match; thank you for paying attention to this contest.” And if the author shows obstinacy and still continues to participate after that (which I doubt), the customer will see the corresponding label next to the new version - and then let him block. Just the haste of customers often leads to annoying incidents. Thank you for attention.


@Commulinks @ALDaisy1 @Marye5

Thank you for this feedback. At this time, we will continue to allow Contest Holders to rate entries after the contest closes. However, we will consider basing the Basic Plus criteria on the highest rating that a name receives within a contest instead of the final rating.


Ouch! I thought the ‘ban’ button was for people who are not legit, not for creatives who are trying their best. I don’t like the idea of it hurting our ratings either!!! I think your idea is a good one @Kasinsky.