How Would You Improve The Site? (Cont'd)


Maybe the marketing team could make a little video showing the CH how the system should work. How they receive and rate entries. I’ve heard more than few CH’s saying that they weren’t aware or how to rate entries. The video should take them through the whole process. This might also alleviate confusion with non-english CH’s. Just my 2 cents lol


@LisaMac - Thank you for this post. We have developed many features to help educate CHs on Squadhelp engagement best practices. A video is definitely something we have considered, and we will keep it in mind as we continue to advance the platform.


In case of non English CH, if there’s a way to subtitle it to every language of the prospective CH, it will be better. The video will only ask of your language before the CH can download it, with that, many will pay attention to the subtitle and not the content and I think this might be of help a little bit