How Would You Improve The Site? (Cont'd)

Thanks for your feedback. We will add this to our roadmap and will work on this in the near future


@grant I wrote about this a long time ago, but it would be great to implement something:

1. Add My completed logos to the section, next to each domain - notification icon, when clicking on it, the seller receives a notification on the site in his account and in his e-mail, for example with the text: “Dear seller, please rate the logo for the Example dot com domain, because it is important for the designer.” This is important because sellers often miss domains or forget to rate domains, this is important for both the overall rating and the bonus if the logo is Love It. Because there is no way to remind sellers about it.

2. Forbid evaluating logos, as well as demanding logo redesigns, if the domain was bought by a new seller on the wholesale market. I don’t understand why if the designer spends time and implements the wishes and ideas of the first seller, after which the seller rates the logo as Love It, after some time this seller puts the domain on the wholesale market, the second seller buys it and if he doesn’t like something about the first logo idea, it may change the rating or require a redesign. This is not fair, why do new sellers have the right to judge the logo and idea that was implemented for the first seller? Ban it, or if a new seller buys the domain on the wholesale market, the logo that was created for the domain is removed and the domain becomes available to all designers who can create a new logo and get paid for it, or if a second seller requests a redesign, the designer gets for this payment. Everything is simple. Imagine the situation, if a certain domain is transferred to new sellers through the wholesale market 5-7 times in a few months, then should a designer create 5-7 logos for free? Agree, this is not very fair.

3. When a logo redesign comes in for a designer, for some reason they don’t give 48 hours to redesign the logo, but always less, around 30 hours. Please fix this, may be a bug or wrongly programmed.

4. For very old domains, why is it not possible to write to the seller in the chat if the seller has rated the logo as Ok, or Don’t Like it. Allow designers to write for very old domains in a chat with sellers.

5. Integrate the Logo Shop. I described details here a long time ago - Proposal to integrate Logo Shop



I see that now the PayPal logo is displayed on the domain landing pages, which is great, however in case of higher-priced domains the PayPal payment method is not available, but the PayPal logo is still there on the landing page. So if the PayPal payment option is unavailable, then don’t display the PayPal logo on the landing page.

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Hello, team!
I kindly ask you to return the opportunity to buy superboosts for points.
Previously, such a service was available for 2000 points or 4 coins. This is not the case now. And this is a very sad fact for those who earn points by participating in contests.The points are becoming less and less used, which is upsetting


Currently, the lowest price that I (and I assume other sellers) are allowed to price a name is 2199.

Still, there are 1000s of legacy names on the marketplace listed far below 2199. I’ve seen prices as low as $999:

Allowing legacy names to continue to be listed well under 2199 while denying new names the same opportunity could give these legacy names a pricing advantage in the low-tier category.

Therefore, I’d suggest either:

a) allowing new names to be priced competitively with legacy names


b) setting 2199 as the marketplace minimum across the board, and bringing the price of any legacy name under 2199 up to 2199.

Thank you


100% agree. IMHO, these names should’ve have been bumped up to the minimum pricing. The way it is now, it anchors certain buyers who may see the price, and that’s the price they compare the rest of the names to. Which more often will result in a lower priced sale or no sale at all.


I discovered a name approved where Squadhelp Commission was 30% of Selling Price now changed to 35%.
2 weeks after contacting support. It’s yet to be fixed. Now I have found another 1.
I guess I now have to check all 100+ names I own 1 after the other… :neutral_face:


Please @grant consider translating the Squadhelp website into multiple languages, such as German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Korean, Chinese etc. Maybe not all the strings, but at least the domain marketplace interface and domain name landing pages.

All the leading domain marketplaces are available in multiple languages. GoDaddy, Dan, Sedo - they are all translated into multiple languages. I guess it would be very good SEO-wise.


I sold an SH-owned domain 2 weeks ago, but it is still live on Afternic. I have already messaged support about this issue two times, but they don’t understand the problem.

If someone bought this domain on Afternic then you wouldn’t be able to deliver it (since this domain has been already sold), which is against the Afternic terms. Only SH can delete this domain from Afternic, since it was an SH-owned domain.

Are you sure that you always delete the sold SH-owned domains from Afternic promptly? Is your whole Afternic portfolio up to date? If not, then that’s a huge problem. @grant

@Bence_Ur I have shared this with our marketplace team. The sold domains are removed from Afternic however there can be a bit of lag since the integration is not real time. We will look into this and take any necessary action


Maybe it’s not your Afternic listing, I don’t know. But I still see this sold SH-owned domain on Afternic. The support keeps saying that the domain has been already removed from Squadhelp, and I only see the cache. But I am not referring to the Squadhelp listing. Of course the Squadhelp listing was removed. I am referring to the Afternic listing on (where is the domain name). If is really removed from Afternic, then I should see a 404 - not found error on the page.

It’s important to remove all sold domains from Afternic immediately to avoid double-selling.

(I sent you the domain via PM.)

Seeing the sales report is why many sellers still keep faith with Squadhelp knowing that sales are still happening, despite the terrible results many domain portfolios are experiencing (sales wise) on Squadhelp.

If you decide to make changes , consider the following:

  1. Don’t show ‘installment’ sales in the recently sold dashboard. Only show completed (fully paid) sales.

  2. Don’t show real time sales. Showcase sold domains after 2 weeks or more.


It’s funny you posted this as I was just coming over here to post about this. I saw some of the unauthorized reports on Twitter and while I don’t blame SH for having to take action on this issue, I wish that it hadn’t been to keep that data from everyone, although they say they may make it “Partially available to a limited set of users.”

Throughout my time on this platform, I’ve seen SH have to take so many things away because of people who don’t play by the rules. It always seems best to just deal with the people who did it. And then maybe make an announcement that re-states what we are allowed to do and not allowed to do when there are offenses. But I imagine SH is getting tired of being our nanny and so I don’t blame them. People should not have been reporting platform sales as they have. So part of my message I guess, is: please stop it, whomever is doing it! I’m tired of losing valuable information!


I have a great idea that this platform should apply, I have done y research and this is The Best Naming and Logo Creator platform all over the internet no doubt So I suggest Squadhelp to increase the price for Naming Companies and for the Logo Creation to add value to The Proffesional Naming Creators and Logo Creators so I would love if Squadhelp Developer Teamconsider this ant increase every Naming Contest and Logo Creators for example that the lowest Price is $200 or just a bit more.

This is the number 1 Naming Company and this company is the number 1 in Logo Creation also this is the cheapest company in these fields.

Please make sure to send my idea to The Squadhelp Developer Team. I am going to love it when You apply it.

Thanks a lot in advance!

Best Regards!


Hello @grant !
Could you please make possible for creatives to receive notifications about public messages for all contests in their watchlist (not only for those where they submitted something) ?
Thank you !


Currently the landing pages nowhere mention that “this domain name is for sale”.

I think if the domain name is, then this text should be displayed above the logo (not below it): is for sale

Currently you only display (without the “is for sale” part), and below the logo.

The most important message on the landing page should be that the domain name is for sale…


When I sell a domain outright without installment payment, Squadhelp charges me commission, and then I receive a tax receipt from Squadhelp which shows the commission charged, that’s great. I can download that invoice on the transfer center page, under the " Deliverables - Seller invoice (PDF)" section.

However when I sell a domain via installment payments, there is no tax receipt from Squadhelp which displays the charged commission. I can only see the installment payments table with the retail prices and the net prices after the commission. Under the " Deliverables" there is no seller invoice in PDF format.

But it would be nice to receive a tax receipt from Squadhelp in either case.

I know the commission structure, but in some cases there are other fees and discounts as well.

And when I am a business, I need a tax receipt which shows the commission charged, it is needed for accounting purposes. The commission is a business expense.


I wrote this in another thread, but because I think it’s a good idea I’m also posting it here in its appropriate place:

When you guys have a potential buyer who’s looking for a premium domain- why not send short briefs to sellers (either to a select group of sellers or to all of them, based on the requirements or your judgement) and allow sellers to pitch X amount of domains from their portfolio to that potential buyer? (X being a relatively small number). SH could also screen these suggestions and only show the client the best ones.

I’m not saying this should turn into a contest and that it should always happen, but in some cases it could be an interesting way to reward people who choose to sell on the platform by letting them suggest specific domains to clients based on their specifications and possibly get sales as a result. That way, instead of just sitting passively and waiting for sales or randomly submitting domains to contests where the CH doesn’t have a budget or even sure that he/she wants to buy a domain at all, sellers will also have the opportunity to be active and utilize their understanding of branding in order to try and match the perfect domain for clients. Important to emphasize that I’m not referring to Contest Holders who “are open to premium domains”. I’m referring to people who need help buying a domain, have a budget and looking for the best options SH can offer.

Thanks for the consideration.


@moretal I appreciate the attempts at creative solutions to the problem of an overcrowded marketplace.

However, not sure about this one… it could create a lot more work for us. Buyers already have the option to do a contest if they’re looking to crowdsource ideas.


Thanks @BrandLander. I think you misunderstood what I meant. Let’s say someone arrives to SH and they specifically want to buy a domain. A good one, They have a budget for the purchase. They’re browsing through the marketplace, but they’re overwhelmed. Or maybe they don’t even browse. They want someone to do it for them. And in some cases they may even want something very specific- like a or a one word domain.

As a seller I’d love to get a request like: So and so buyer needs a name for X. His budget is Y. He wants to see your best relevant dictionary words. Or your best relevant domains up to 5 letters. You can send SH up to 3 options. SH can then go over the list and present the curated list to the potential buyer and maybe he’ll end up buying something.

Very little time is involved as far as sellers are concerned. The problem with suggesting domains via contests is that there’s no budget and the CH’s first choice is likely a cheap available domain. Sellers just blindly submit domains with prices that may be unrealistic for the contest holder.

But there are people/companies who are specifically shopping for a domain. These kind of buyers sometimes go to a broker and ask them to present a curated list of dictionary words or other options based on their desired parameters. Then why not let sellers pitch relevant domains?.I think it’s another way for sellers to potentially get sales and won’t cost the buyers anything.