How Would You Improve The Site? (Cont'd)

Add Search feature to top of home page on mobile.

Search feature is prominent in header on desktop but halfway down page on mobile home page.

I’d think most folks come to SH with the purpose of searching for a domain not just browsing and stumbling upon names. I’d also guess more than half your traffic is coming in on mobile devices.

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@grant In our old dashboard we could sort by number of TLDs taken. Could we have that function in the new dashboard please?

And my quick thanks to @Bence_Ur for picking up so many of the small teething problems on the new dashboard and landing pages during this change over.


Bulk sales tool for wholesale deals

Let’s say I have 100+ Squadhelp registered domains and I want to sell everything wholesale to a SINGLE buyer (after making a deal)… There’s currently NO easy way to transfer all the listings to the buyer. They have to be buying the domains 1 at a time. And someone else can also get the domains instead of the buyer you already had an agreement with.
Let’s have a better way of doing the above.


It has been implemented now.

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  1. Thanks to the SH team for the quality of the logos. They’ve really improved over the past couple years and the team of designers is now, for the most part, top notch. Great job on talent and process improvements in this area.

  2. Review times seem to have significantly improved lately. Thanks for that.

  3. In my experience, “Domain Appeals” are not working. Almost every time I do an appeal, it drags on for several months or more, and we have been promised many times that this issue would be fixed.

SH is legendary for responding quickly to concerns and making positive changes, but this is one area that has continued to be neglected.

If appeals can’t be done in a timely manner (30 days or less), I’d suggest simply removing the appeals option.


Make sure to select your favorite logo designer. And don’t forget to write a detailed description for each and every logo design. You need to approve each domain one by one. Don’t approve multiple domains at once because then you cannot enter the logo design instructions for each domain.

I fill in the logo design instructions every time and this action has improved my logos a lot.

We should be able to select multiple favorite logo designers, not just one.

Yes, the domain appeal section doesn’t work, it isn’t worth using it. Simply resubmit the domain again when it’s allowed. In a lot of cases SH accepted my domain for the second time, so it’s worth trying if you think that the domain is good.

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The new marketplace listing page does not send domains to the wholesale marketplace fast.
Using the old listing page, when a wholesale price is set for a domain, within 3 to 10 minutes, the domain appears in the wholesale marketplace.
But with the new listing page, it’s taking hours…

The new logo assignment page refresh limit isn’t fair at all. It’s all based on luck and not hard work, and being a forever cursed bloke I find it impossible to find any assignment any time I try and refresh within my limited times. I totally agree the step of fairness as its really hard to pick logo when some designers have ninja reflexes for picking assignments but the limit system doesn’t work IMO. Designers who know the logo assignment timings and who are lucky will pick all the assignments leaving none for many. IMO all Seller should be able to favourite logo designers and they can change favourites without penalty and the designers portfolios be public. This way designers with best designs will be able to get more assignments and designers whose designs are not up to the mark will find a strong point to improve their design skills. This system is not fair at all. I prefer no restriction like before rather than this system even though competition was high, at least before the restrictions there was chance to picks some assignments now there is none. Kudos to the lucky ones who gets loads of assignments during their refresh limit, I don’t know how thats FAIR!

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I completely understand the need to check for automated scripts for Logo assignments but waiting for 15 minutes before refreshing the assignment page doesn’t seem fair when refresh time differs for each designers according to the last refresh time. Because logo assignments come in the queue in random timings, the designers who are lucky enough to refresh at the same time assignments are in the queue will pick all the assignments. I think a better way can be found to prevent scripts. Maybe a captcha on every refresh to determine human user


Hello, I have already written in support of my thoughts and will share them here:

A very strange, unfair, and demotivating restriction on the purpose of logos. I will say personally for myself, I have followed all the rules all these years, I try to offer effective ideas and solutions both for the system in general and for logos, and it is very strange to see a restriction that applies in general to everyone and even those designers who work conscientiously and qualitatively suffer.

There is a general rating and a limit for assigning logos per day. The higher the designer’s rating, the more logos can be assigned (always have been). Considering that real sellers publish their domains at any time of the day and when they have the opportunity and desire, taking into account the different time zones where each person works, one designer can use 50 visits in the morning and not assign a single domain, and another designer will go to the site and will assign many domains in the night at once and nothing will be left for others (we do not take into account the domains that are for your favorite logo designers). Then what is the point of a high rating and large limits for assigning logos per day, if there is a limit on updating the page? Very strange.

I also agree that it is possible to find another solution, I will share here if suddenly the limitation still remains:

1. For designers who have a high rating, double the number of visits to this section, or if the designer used 50 visits per day, then all the remaining visits are added to the new visits until the next day and so on, and they accumulate and do not disappear. If the designer did not work for 2 days, then add all visits for these 2 days to the new day.
2. Create a separate section - Domains for your favorite logo designer, where domains that are assigned to a specific logo designer and do not need to waste visits will be published separately. Logically, why spend visits in the Pending section, if the domains are assigned to a specific favorite logo designer.
3. Also, when there is no domain in the My Assigned Logos section, after refreshing the page, the Pending Logos section opens automatically, you need to change the update logic accordingly, as it will be -1 visit by default.
4. Sometimes it is necessary to re-authorize for security (because the system throws out of the site), if the designer is authorized and he does not have assigned domains, the page with the Pending logos opens again automatically, this is again -1 visit. Is it conditional to go to the forum to read something and out of habit return to the designer’s page again and again it is -1 visit.
5. And if the designer has no assigned domains, closed the browser, turned off the laptop, and then went to the site again, this is again -1 visit, since there are no assigned domains and the site opens automatically in the pending section.
6. Or give all sellers the option to choose their favorite logo designer, then this will remove even more questions. And if the seller did not choose a favorite designer, then all domains fall into the Pending section and you can add a captcha.

Although this limitation leads to even more questions and inconvenience than improving the platform and efficient workflow in general. I understand the team and fully support the need to check and prevent scripting and keep it under control, but it’s worth coming up with a better and more efficient solution for everyone in general.

I think it is necessary to return to the way things were before this limitation or come up with a simpler and more effective solution, as an option - a captcha with certain time intervals. Because visit limits are not a very good solution.


As a seller I just want to pick 3 favorite logo designers, because currently I can only pick one. Like this:

#1 favorite logo designer
#2 favorite logo designer
#3 favorite logo designer

So the #1 favorite logo designer would have 48 hours to claim the gig, after that the #2 favorite logo designer would have 48 hours to claim the gig, finally the #3 favorite logo designer would have 48 hours to claim the gig. And then any designer could claim the logo design gig.

My problem is that currently if my favorite logo designer doesn’t claim the logo design gig, then it will be assigned to another designer, but sometimes I don’t like the works of that other designer or that other designer doesn’t even follow my instructions. And this causes poor logos.

So please allow sellers to select at least 3 favorite logo designers and make the logo portfolios public for sellers, so that the sellers can choose their favorite designers upfront.

Reward those logo designers better who can craft great logos on a regular basis.


Hi, I recently noticed that not all the categories are appearing on the left-hand side when you search in the Domain marketplace. I saw for example that “spas & salons” and “co working space” are not appearing in the list (these are both categories that you can choose when categorizing the domain names). Even when I extend the list it doesn’t show up.
I haven’t cross-referenced all the categories to see which ones aren’t appearing. They appear when you type them in the search but they’re not there in the list. It seems to be a little unfair for the domains that are in these categories and not appearing in the category list.


Yes, this has been this way for a very long time. There are only “main” categories that appear. The other categories for some reason are more or less sub categories and they don’t appear and never have. You are right that this should be fixed. I ended up changing all of mine to match what is listed.

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Thanks @Commulinks - looking at the way its categorized its going from most domains listed in those categories to least…
I wish they would extend the list a bit though as it would be helpful for a buyer to see everything that’s there. Until then I’m going to update my names so they fall into one of the more “popular” categories…



The new limitations were put against scripting, and this was done because I think some designers were complaining of not getting jobs or logos to assign, while the scripters were racking it up. In Squadhelp’s side, they practically had no issue with this because logo assignments were done asap, work was finished even if bulk of domains were in and sellers don’t complain of logos staying for days without being assigned or designed. I have watched this closely over months

I am one of the first pioneers that SH reached out to for this domain design role since over two years ago and I have a lot of experience and domains designed for this still with a high rating. I want to watch in the coming days the effectiveness of these new rules, whether they will be a solution or pose a serious problem.

I have a solution.
For work to go round and done effectively, I will say that logo limits should be reduced.
4.7/5 and above should be slashed down from 35 per day to 15 or 20
4.6-4.69/5 should be slashed down from 25 per day to 10 or 15
4.4-4.59/5 should be slashed down from 20/15 per day to 5 or 10

This way, the logo assignments will reach everyone, no matter the times you reload or check. As well as favorite logo designer still be in placed. Also maybe increase the reward system, that would be nice too.

This is better, because before, even if the logos were going to few designers, the work was still getting done and SH wasn’t having bulk of unassigned logos lying around, so on their side like I said before is not much of a problem. And even if it goes to the masses, the work still gets done and from SH’s side, the same amount/budget is still paid/released.

So reducing limits is the best way for work to go round I guess. @grant

Haven’t picked even 1 since the new restrictions were added. This is not fair at all.

I almost agree with your limit system. A small problem is that some assignments are available to only high rating designers and there is no way to determine them unless you pick them or it blocks you for your less rating. For your proposed system all the designer should be able to pick any domain names or else the high rated designers may pick up domains that could be picked by lower rated designers which in turn will create a delay for logo assigned.

Yea I understand, but even without the reduction in limit, these domains available to only higher tier designers has been there for a long time, and it is time based.

If a high tier designer has collected complete 15 for the day, he/she can’t take again. and that domain that is available for high tier will expire because after 12 hours, it is available to lower tier on 4.4-4.59 of which I believe not so much people are in the category. They will have to increase their ratings by doing better in designs.

My proposed solution doesn’t affect this. My solution is, let everything go back to the way it was before this new implementation of limits but then reduce the limit per designer to the numbers I gave, even lower. This will make the work reach almost everyone, which in turn makes everyone/majority happy and SquadHelp happy because their work is done and also sellers too.

When a boost is put on a domain and it does not increase the position of the domain, we should get a refund on our points or coins.


Thank you for the feedback regarding limits on Logo assignment page access. These limits were added because certain Logo designers were using automated scripts and bots to assign Logo designs as soon as they became available. Using scripts or bots to access our platform is against our Terms of Service and also unfair to other designers who may not have the ability to refresh the logo assignments every few minutes.

We understand that such limits are not ideal and we have made some additional updates so that they will not come in the way of assignments as long as you are not refreshing the assignments page more than 1000 times in a day. We will continue to monitor and make any necessary adjustments to ensure that the workflow of logo designs is not impacted