How Would You Improve The Site? (Cont'd)

Could you please add more and better lifestyle images to all categories? The current selection of lifestyle images is too limited. Thanks!

I think a good barometer for name appeal and engagement is number of views and number of shortlists. If a domain has sat for years without much of either it should either be dropped or pushed way back in the search results.If your domains are doing well on one or both fronts than they certainly should stay in the catalog. I think you’d agree they are plenty of weak names that would not be approved if submitted for the first time today.

I think we decide these things on our own. Nobody wants to hold useless names. Sales from portfolios is also an indicator. I rely on shortlists a lot. However, those stats have been fairly broken for a while. And the views …well, there are issues with those as well. A while ago, there was a huge influx of bots that screwed up views completely, adding thousands of views when they weren’t real. So the stats related to views are not valid for probably thousands of names now. In other words, SH would not be able to use their own stats to eliminate names. It has to be done by us as individuals, knowing our own stats and trends.

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Problem is that some of my domains are listed on Dan by another seller. Now I have to spend extra time to remove those listings. Because if I don’t get those listings removed from Dan, then a buyer might discover that domain and buy it on Dan. But the purchase will fail. And then the buyer might give up on that domain.

So that would be very useful to include all Squadhelp domains on Dan by default. Because then these bogus listings would be removed from Dan.


I have the same problem with SEDO.

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Yes some of my domains failed to sync to Sedo. Which is strange, since Squadhelp manages the nameservers, they just need to add the required TXT record and submit the domains to Sedo. These listings aren’t active on Sedo but I still see that they failed to sync.


The “Sort by: Ultra Premium” sort method doesn’t make sense on the premium marketplace. I would change this “Ultra Premium” sort method to “Price - High to Low”.

So please consider using these sort methods on the marketplace:

Sort by:
Most Popular
New Arrivals
Price - Low to High
Price - High to Low

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I agree. I’d think Ultra Premium would be a turn off for a lot of folks. It only implies very expense which isn’t a selling point. Stick with Price - High to Low.

I’d also suggest dynamically populating Sort By dropdown with filter option. So for instance if someone searches for “barn” then additional options for dropdown should include:
Begins With barn
Ends With barn

This will save folks the time and effort of finding and using Filter. Obviously keep in Filter in place but have additional options to use filtering.

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Strange, when I retry the failed Sedo sync in bulk with one click for multiple domains, it keeps failing again and again.

But then I tried something different, I retried the failed Sedo sync one by one, for one domain name at a time, and now it worked.

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Thanks for the continued updates and improvements.

For managing installment sales, it would be helpful to see an installment sale dashboard showing:

  • Total number of names currently on installment (including standard, premium)
  • Total installment income expected for: the current month, the current year, and the overall total
  • A list of names on installment
  • Months remaining on each
  • Option to offer early payoff
  • Completion rate (what % of installment sales complete) for our portfolio and for the marketplace overall

New Landing Page
Standard Domain

I have a standard domain that uses the Squadhelp landing page (instead of pointing to WLM).
In the old Landing page, only names in my portfolio are shown in the “other names based on…” recommendation.
But on this new landing page, I am seeing domains that are not mine being shown in the recommendations! :face_with_diagonal_mouth: