How Would You Improve The Site? (Cont'd)


Totally agree with Neoteric. It’s crazy that you pay for classifications and logos but wont pay for reviewers. The current backlog is two weeks at least and it seems backlogs are becoming more common.

I have actually submitted a name, had it approved, listed and sold on another marketplace before it was even reviewed here! Domainers tend to go wherever they can get their name listed the fastest so it is something worth considering.

Coins are not working. We have no idea how many we are going to get as it changes every month and has been dropping month on month. At least if you set $x per reviewed name or page we will be queuing up to do the work for you.


Thanks for the info guys, explains why it;s sooo slow, i have been waiting since 22 th August!


Thanks for your feedback regarding the review times. The delays are not due to a slow down in expert reviews, however we currently do have a much larger than usual volume of submissions. Most names go through two phases of review:

Phase 1) Expert Reviews
Phase 2) Final internal review by SH team

In most cases, the submissions must go through a final round of internal review before the names are finally accepted or rejected. In addition, if sellers have set their preference to bypass expert reviews, all such names are also routed through internal reviews.

Due to the larger than usual volume, there is a bit of backlog in this final internal review step which we are working on clearing up.

For submissions without coins, the review times are currently above 20+ days, and we may need to pause the no coin submissions temporarily while we clear up the backlog. We will monitor the backlog for next 5-7 days and may announce additional updates regarding unregistered domains as well as no-coin submissions in the near future.

@grant could you provide some update as well regarding appealed names? I’ve got a few in waiting going back to mid-July.


I do hope unregistered domain submission isn’t stopped. :thinking:


Hi @grant
We hear this a lot, on this forum and through the BB. It’s clear that you don’t have the resources to deal with the submissions. Please consider taking on a member of staff to deal solely with reviews rather than upsetting 100s of your members by limiting some submissions.


IMHO the marketplace is already way too big. So my suggestion to you @Grant is to stop accepting new names for a while and use staff resources for more marketing of what is already in the marketplace and for improving/fixing discoverability of names currently listed. I would like to see new ways in which SH ensures that all sellers have more ability to have sales success.

From there, SH should limit new listings by only a certain number per person.


I disagree, very bad idea. I guess you have a lot of published names and you want to limit your competition. Good names are good names and they should be published on the marketplace. And then sellers would just submit their new names to the competition. So definitely don’t stop accepting new names please!


Please fix the manual NS verification. What used to work instantly now stops working. I’ve already cross checked with Whois and they are pointing to the correct NS and name.

It seems I have to spell it out for everyone now.

Why indirectly shift the blame on the poor when you already knew who’s the real cause of the backlogs and overload:
Look, it’s an internal link, not some external fake news link!

It’s time to clean up your dirty laundry and end the ability for large & rich portfolio holders to cheat their way through with that “VIP” nonsense. Get rid of that, and the overload problem will just magically disappear!

Being a wholesaler, I could easily take advantage of that VIP nonsense and sell insane amounts of names wholesale but I guess I’m one of the few fools who didn’t do so simply because I’d rather sell better names to my buyers.

I see people complain when user-reviewers reject like crazy. Then I see people blaming reviewers for accepting too many names. Which way is it?? It’s obvious where the real problem comes from.

No-coin submissions?? What nonsense, I can only submit 3 max at a time and y’all blame on that?? What greed is this??

Take out the unreg submissions and there’ll be very little reason to review for coins anymore and say hello to longer review times!

I have a very small portfolio of 347 premium names while others have thousands. Literally everyone is here to sell their names up against everyone else’s names: that is also known as competition, of course. Domainers with the largest number of names have greater chances of having many of their names found. That does not necessarily mean the buyer passed on another better name belonging to someone else…because…

The issue is, if the names, any names, cannot be found by buyers then it is an exercise in futility. Try to find your names in the over 400K names now listed in the marketplace and you’ll see for yourself. Buyers can’t even page past 10 pages, names with an exact same keyword don’t always come up or they come up with other similar words that have nothing to do with that keyword. If your great name is on page 11 or 1000, the buyer may never even see it unless they keep searching in many different ways.

SH needs to devote more time to domain discovery and less time on adding thousands more names that buyers never find. It just makes sense. Once that is under control, SH can move to add more.

And guess what, sellers will also list on other platforms when their names aren’t selling here because of all of the issues with even finding their names.


There aren’t 400K names, check your dashboard which displays the number of premium domains. The rest are standard listings but your premium domains don’t compete against standard listings.

The buyers can choose to display domains which are exact match with the keyword, for example they enter “tech”, choose Narrow Search Results - Exact match, then they will see only the domains which contain “tech”. The first ten pages are 1000 domains, I don’t know any keyword where there are more than 1000 results if you choose the exact match option.

Buyers often enter a keyword and then you only compete against about 50-500 domains, not against 400K domains.

Get good domains which attract a lot of type-in traffic.

But I’m with you on this:

So yes sometimes the 1000 names limit is too strict, for example let’s say I just need a 5-letter domain, then I can choose the 5-letter domain filter but then I will see only the top 1000 results. But why not display all the 5-letter domains? This doesn’t make sense.

I think the domain search function is good now except this unnecessary 1000 domains limit.

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Hmmm, when I go here:

In the left column, it shows that there are 443,692 .com domains alone. But I do see that my dash says 154,298 premium listings.

So the rest are standards but didn’t SH say they were also showing those to buyers under certain circumstances? Because that 443K number is there, I assumed that is what buyers could find. Thanks for pointing that out.

(Even 154K is too many, IMHO)

Do you think buyers do that much narrowing? (That is a sincere question, not a challenge).

I just tried this. I searched “law” - it brings up a nice mix…but then I see a name with no logo that has been listed for a while. Is that a standard or is it premium?

Side note: Whoever owns ThinkCounsel desperately needs to get a new logo. It is almost completely unreadable.


I don’t think SH should put new submissions on pause but SH should consider dropping the weakest names in their 130K+ name catalog. I can’t believe how many subpar names have been approved.

My guess is the approval standards were much lower some time ago and the weakest names would not make the cut. Now they just clog up search results and risk diluting the unique appeal of SH.

Please consider thinning the herd. Especially for names that have sat for years with little traffic and no shortlisting.


The problem with thinning, is that the owners of the names thinned, are going to be really annoyed, particularly if they have spent time advertising them.

SH have also spent time and expense producing a logo and advertising them too.

People drop domains, leave SH and give up domaining all the time. Only a small percentage of domainers make it to 5 years or more (I think it was 9% at the last poll on NPs). So names are going to drop off the marketplace naturally, probably the weaker ones.

Plus, the longer a domain is owned (off the market) the more valuable it becomes. Kicking names off the market is not a good solution.


No please don’t do it, another very bad idea.


Those 440K names are the premium and standard listings combined.
Standard listings appear sometimes after premium listings if there are not enough premium results. But for most keywords there are enough premium domains.


Keep in mind that the oldest names in the marketplace went for at least a couple of years without the level of exposure that the marketplace has now. Basically, those of us with old names in there waited it out while SH ramped up and then the rest of the domainers showed up with new names. So they are actually on par with everyone else.

I am such a novice here but keep it up guys, this discussion is really educational!!! :smiley:

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About Unregistered Submission…

From August 1 till date, I’ve added about 30 domains (many of them better than existing names in the premium marketplace) to my portfolio through the unregistered domain submission route.

For unregistered domains set to be self registered if approved, I paid a coin each for review (which is no different from what is obtainable when you submit already registered domains with coins for review).

Then For Squadhelp to register option, there’s already a cap/ceiling on the number of domains one can submit based on your approval rate/stats. And considering the fact that Squadhelp gets ‘75%’ proceeds of sales for this category of names, reviewing them shouldn’t be a burden to Squadhelp. They should deploy more resources to handle reviews of this category of domains.

And about the suggestion that no more new names should be accepted temporarily, I am sure even Squadhelp would disagree with that suggestion. The little sales stats we are allowed to see on the marketplace dashboard show many names that sold within days and weeks after they were added to the marketplace.

In addition, there are still many great names, better than many existing ones in the marketplace on their way to the marketplace. Not a wise idea to shut them out.

And about the backlog of reviews, it looks like it’s a good thing :zipper_mouth_face: (although unpalatable) as it helps to slow down the number of domains being added daily. Some other brandable marketplaces take 30+ days to do the ‘review’ business.