How Would You Improve The Site? (Cont'd)


@lightless My question is how do you know someone submitted bad/negative word if you are not trying to submit it? more so, your view about bad/negative word does not matter, but that of the contest holder does. I’ve won a contest with a random word that I even mistakenly submitted due to limited time the contest is remaining, hence, I don’t think there’s any bad entry/word and I also think every entry/word are bad, because an entry you receive no thank you here may be love it in another contest.


@Muyi4every I think Lightless is saying the CH referred to a word as negative in the brief, not that she personally felt the word was negative.


I’m sorry if I’ve caused any misunderstanding @ALDaisy1 @lightless
It’s just my own point of view. However, the fact that CH can remove any creatives who is not resonating with him/her in the contest is enough at the contest holder point of view.


I would really love to see the people with names on a short list get some sort of up dates on contests closings. We contacted the contest holder and haven’t heard back, we contacted the contest holder and they believe it will closed by, something along those lines. I don’t think its fair to be completely in the dark.


I would allow CH to opt-out of receiving Premium domains suggestions. Some of them will simply ignore those submissions and they end up hurting our percentile.


I would like it if names that have been purchased from the marketplace ( but not yet transferred) could show the date they were bought under “status” instead of just “recently purchased”. Sometimes those names seem to take forever to pay out and I would like to be able to track how long I’ve been waiting more easily.
Also, under our marketplace dashboards, there is a gallery of “recently sold” marketplace names. I would like it if only names that were sold within the last three months were displayed. I personally see names of mine that were bought nearly a year ago shown, and to me that is giving a false representation regarding the volume of names being bought. Just my opinion, it may not bother anyone else. Another option would be changing the title of the section to “sold in marketplace” instead of “recently sold”.


Hello. When we submit marketplace domains to contests it often happens that the CH likes the name but does not like the price. As a result, the rating is low. Maybe we could have another rating ‘do not like the price’ that does not affect contestants’ rating so dramatically as ‘no thank you’.


Quiet a few times SH or CH makes a comment about some entry and then I’ll ask some questions to understand better the comment, but my questions tend to be left without any answers. I think that we all could benefit from a simple thing every decent human being can do which is answering simple quetions. Any ideas how to improve it on those two mentioned parties @grant ?


Hi Grant! I’ve been experiencing a few “bugs” in the system here. I joined SH on Oct 31 and still don’t have a percentile rating. The staff has been great and has told me to be patient and let the system “catch up” However, it’s been over a month since I started asking.

Another issue is that my email notifications for new contests doesn’t work. I’ve inquired about that for about 3 weeks and no word.

Again, the staff is great, but I’m missing out on Tier A contests due to this glitch in the system.



Oh my gosh @Marvon7 that must be SO frustrating. I hope it gets resolved for you very soon !!!


@Marvon7, Sorry to hear that you have not received an update on your issue. Typically the percentile rank is assigned after you have participated in certain number of contests and submitted 50 to 100 entries. However I will follow up with our technology team on your behalf.


Thanks Grant! I know the team is probably think until after the New Year, but hope it gets addressed sometime this week.

Again, the staff has been great and friendly.


Thanks ChristyMAy…yes,VERY frustrating.


@grant Can we have the option to submit an unregistered name to premium, that we will buy if accepted. Perhaps you could charge $1 for each submission to cover your costs?

Thanks for your consideration.


When a marketplace name is sold in installments, there is no information shared with us regarding the amount of the installments, meaning there is no way to predict when we might see any money from the sale. Why not give us a projected date when the sale might be final? Surely if the sale is already being stretched over several months, we will not be expected to wait even longer for trademark checks, etc. after the final installment payment is made, right?


Just to keep things fair, ratings from contests that are not awarded by CH should not count in our percentile score. If CH does not take time to select a winner, it is probable he did not really take time to go through submissions and our reasoning behind them. I suppose this would be difficult to implement, maybe it would be possible to calculate ratings after the contest is completed?


Any chance @grant? I’m looking for an option to submit names that I will register (I don’t want SH to register them).


Hi @AbleBrands,

Thanks for your post. This is a concept that has been discussed in the past.

We will keep your feedback in mind as we continue to advance the platform.


Thanks Grant. It’s now fixed. On another note, here are 2 suggestions: 1). When Marketplace names are rejected that there be 5-7 “feedback” reasons why it was rejected. For example, A. “Needs more description”. B. Name is too long. C. Too hard to pronounce, etc. As it is now I’m starching my head because I submitted some very marketable and awesome names and I see one that are sold and think, “Huh?” How did THAT get picked and mine didn’t with no understanding or feedback. Just 5-7 general reasons would work. Hope that makes sense.

2). The CH should be forced to rate at least 10% or so of the entries. They are some contests with almost no ratings and then the CH says, “Keep the names coming” with NO feedback. Not sure how to do this, but think it’s a good idea.

Thanks Grant!

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@Marvon7 they used to provide a reason for marketplace rejections, but that feature was discontinued because it wasn’t feasible due to the high volume of names submitted.