How Would You Improve The Site? (Cont'd)


@lightless My question is how do you know someone submitted bad/negative word if you are not trying to submit it? more so, your view about bad/negative word does not matter, but that of the contest holder does. I’ve won a contest with a random word that I even mistakenly submitted due to limited time the contest is remaining, hence, I don’t think there’s any bad entry/word and I also think every entry/word are bad, because an entry you receive no thank you here may be love it in another contest.


@Muyi4every I think Lightless is saying the CH referred to a word as negative in the brief, not that she personally felt the word was negative.


I’m sorry if I’ve caused any misunderstanding @ALDaisy1 @lightless
It’s just my own point of view. However, the fact that CH can remove any creatives who is not resonating with him/her in the contest is enough at the contest holder point of view.


I would really love to see the people with names on a short list get some sort of up dates on contests closings. We contacted the contest holder and haven’t heard back, we contacted the contest holder and they believe it will closed by, something along those lines. I don’t think its fair to be completely in the dark.


I would allow CH to opt-out of receiving Premium domains suggestions. Some of them will simply ignore those submissions and they end up hurting our percentile.