How Would You Improve The Site? (Cont'd)

For contests, when a CH is “looking for a short name” I would love to see that parameter change from “10 letters or less” to “11 letters or less.” It would open up the entries to so many more real word compounds.


For Lifestyle images, I would like to see more skin care type of images in the Beauty and Cosmetics (Or in organic) category for those of us who use the beauty category. It reflects a lot of cosmetics but only one that can reflect skin care


When names are rejected after submitting them for premium reviews, you can always go to the rejected section and request review.

But I just discovered that after listing those rejected domains in my white label Marketplace as standard domains, they were ALL removed from the rejected section.

The implication of this is that I cannot request for a review of those names again. I would have to submit them again with coins at a later date.

This doesn’t look good. Kindly fix this. I’ve had a few names approved after requesting for a review.



A few suggestions/questions:

  1. Is there a reason for removing the contact option for wholesale names? I loved being able to contact sellers and work out deals on multiple names or making offers.

  2. For Lifestyle images, certain categories have no images.


Thanks to SH for doing an amazing job in so many ways. Much appreciated.

One concern I’ve had is the unpredictability and unreliability of the “expert” review system.

There are now many “expert” reviewers – possibly 100 or more – and many of these reviewers do not have even 5 sales on the marketplace. Some have only 1 sale, some maybe no sales. Which makes me wonder again:

What is an “expert” ?

Here’s a theory: the expert system worked well for a while, but the original experts (who were in general qualified to be reviewers) burnt out quickly and stopped reviewing names.

SH came to depend on the low-cost labor of these experts so instead of increasing the pay to qualified experts, they lowered their standards and allowed a new group of experts in. Soon these experts burned out and again, instead of increasing the pay to incentivize quality reviews, SH just opened up the floodgates again – this time allowing pretty much anyone to be an “expert”. As a result, the quality of reviews has significantly declined.

In other words: many current experts aren’t really experts, they’re just people who are willing to review names for next to nothing in return.

If SH continues to allow sellers to double as reviewers, it would be helpful to have more transparency in the expert review system:

a) Maintain high “expert” standards and be transparent with the standards.

b) Share how many expert reviewers there are.

c) Share the expert score for each rejected name.

d) Disclose our approval rating with each expert.

e) Disclose success metrics for each expert. E.g.: How much does each expert’s reviews agree with other experts? What is the STR of each expert’s reviewed names?


An option to “Bulk Boost” domains in the premium marketplace.
As it is currently, I have to do it one after the other.
With 100+ domains…


I’m not sure it would really do any good. It would just give “arguments” to “back up” the frustration of not having one or several names not approved. In the end, doesn’t this selection stay quite subjective in any case? You can argue it isn’t, but you can’t make it totally objective either, IMHO.


The bottom line is: We have all been led to believe that our domains are being reviewed by accomplished and successful domain investors who understand brandable domaining.

In reality, the “expert” system now consists of basically anyone willing to do the work.

Is no one else concerned that we have all been misled here?


For some reason the “Portfolio Popularity” statistic in our dashboards has been stuck for a while.


Would it be possible to add to our stats in our marketplace dashboard? We have stats that show views by industry, etc. I would like to have stats that show what my portfolio itself has in percentages in each of the categories shown.

The reason I ask is because I don’t know if I am getting proportional views for each segment I have in my portfolio. For example, the stats on number of syllables… I don’t know what percentage of my portfolio is two-syllable words so I can’t compare that to the percentage of views in that category or any. For all I know, all of the stats simply reflect exactly what I own in each category.