How Would You Improve The Site? (Cont'd)

If you don’t own a name, don’t submit it as an owned name.

On a recent submission of a big batch of new acquisitions, 5 of them had already been submitted to the marketplace by someone else.

This is not the first time this has happened.

People are regularly lying and submitting registered names they do not own as owned domains. This messes up the submission process for the true owners of the domains.

Squadhelp team, please make sure this abusive practice stops.

Update: this just happened again with 3 more domains.

@Grant, could you please make sure the policy is clear that sellers cannot submit domains they don’t own in the “owned domains” section. And, please make sure there are policies in place to stop sellers who ignore this rule from continuing to mess up the submission process for the true owners of these names.



My post on “random disappearing of Premium Marketplace possible uses” is still actual. It is quite disturbing that I’m facing this issue for more than 1.5 months. Since I believe I’m not the only one, I’m sharing this update, so you can pay attention to the completeness of your names.


Thank you for staying on this! I have so many names I don’t know where to start to check - except on names that suddenly have no interest when they always do.


Hi team! Previously, potential customers had the opportunity to like on the standard domains page, but now they don’t. This is a very necessary function, please return it. We need to know how much customers like our standard domains. … Should they be renewed further or not


I would love it if SH would find a way to do this…
When another creative subs our marketplace name to a contest, we have no way to track or how the name did, unless we get a notification. Then, we have no way of knowing if the name is really in the running - or not - and we aren’t notified when it wins a contest. I would love better tracking!


Dear creatives! I ask you to take a look at your domains listed on the market. I noticed that some domains do not have the function of shortlisting them. I did not write about this on the Blue Button, because I do not have this problem. Just a note.


Woah!!! That is serous! And explains some things!

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Hi grant. When I submit a marketplace entry to a contest, I often leave the description but add why I think its a good fit, while descriptors are sometimes excellent they don’t match my reasoning. I have the habit now of putting original description in quotes. Im wondering id we can have something that sais orig descriptor or quotes. I’d like to see a way to distinguish on our entry section in a contest which domains have incentives. Also, Id like to see a way to give orig creative credit in winners and see winning name go on their page if possible. I know I take great pride in my own winning names. in winners it could say created by x, submitted by x. Also its annoying hard for a creative to get into marketplace.

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