How Would You Improve The Site? (Cont'd)

The logo design process has improved, but it still feels like some designers rush through designs and refuse to respond to bad ratings and requests to fix things.

First impressions matter and a bad design not only doesn’t help, it can damage the value of a domain.

So, I’d like to suggest that logos don’t go live and designers don’t get paid until the seller approves the design.

This would help protect the value of domains and ensure we don’t get stuck with junk logos.


This doesn’t exist and even if boosted, the just shows how many hurdles each domain name had to cross to get to the digit shown on the boost and not it’s actual listed position on the SH Marketplace. You have a raised an important point which I believe has to be looked into for more functionality.

This is also a very important issue you have raised @BrandLander and true to your word, if sellers don’t approve then no need for the logo to go live on SH Marketplace.


We should be allowed to choose what amount to withdraw from our SH account to wallet, this has been a pertinent issue for me as I would want to use some funds in my SH account for other activities, like logo creation and marketing payment for my Basic and Basic Plus Domains and also buying of coins and not for all I have in my SH account to go straight to my wallet bulk.


Wouldn’t it be also great, if there was a “Knowledge Hub” on Squadhelp platform, like how we have discussion forum…

When we all are so busy breaking our heads on one side, kindly let there be some lighter moments on the other side…

The Knowledge Hub can include A motivating story, a fascinating quote, A great Video, stunning Views/pics, Start up stories, Great business leaders, and even Squadhelp Company premise news, features, and even office pics…Everything and anything tht keeps our mind refreshed.:blush:And this page can be updated every day, every 2 days, or every week

With over 1 lac creatives (if I am not mistaken), there are people from every nook and corner… So things that has happened on one side, ppl may not be aware on the other side… Yes, we do tend to know the international news… but not some of the finer and lighter moments in life…

And being a Creative platform, the Knowledge Hub can be kept as much fun and creative as possible👍


Hi, SH team! I kindly ask you to make the domains alphabetical sorting in our public portfolio. This is vital. I constantly face the fact that the number of domains in my dashboard does not coincide with the my public portfolio. Now I can not find 14 domains, The process of finding missing domains takes a very long time. The portfolio even includes sorting by discount, which is not interesting to anyone and is not needed. But alphabetical sorting can solve this problem.

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Well said rareworthy and I appreciate you because I’m trying to learn and understand. I am grateful for what bits and pieces I can glean here. Ablebrands you are aces.

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I feel how to improve site and how to improve SH should be two different categories, and that how to Improve SH from the creatives perspective should be internal, meaning locked to CH, who I feel should have their own how to improve so we, or SH, can see it from their eyes. I know we have guidelines that address Nono posts, and it would be much easier on SH moderators and less dicey and hit both transparency and appropriateness boxes. For me, I being a relative baby in the deep end, I can mostly speak to grammar errors, annoyances regarding function, frustrations regarding contests ending and content. Since they’re are vast discussions and info, I would find it helpful if these are separated. The rest I leave and learn to those who know the game.

Love that idea Kasinski, money talks. I can accomplish a lot with 50 on the line, Lol. I can see how we can get lost in the CH mind, but it seems a pain to keep reaching out then after months, a sign on and then gone. I believe we deserve at least on ending, a drop down answer from CH, I have to take it to the board, for example, I will pick a winner quick, I need time…something so we aren’t completely baffled and in the dark.


I was faced with the fact that it became impossible to select a price from the dropdown list for premium domains. I earnestly ask team to return the interface as it was before.

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I would appreciate it if SH could make it possible for Classifiers to interact with Domain owners so as to get a better understanding as to what the domain owner might like or want to correct, just in the case that they do not like the initial classification done. This drags our ratings down.
Also, SH should be able to notify classifiers when a classifies domain is being rated, so as to help us keep track of our progress. Its difficult going through the rigorous process of going through completed classifications
Lastly I want to suggest a standard fee of $2 per classification so as to encourage classifiers to do more, this job as simple as it might be is tasking and requires creativity, $1 doesn’t cut it sometimes.