How Would You Improve The Site? (Cont'd)

Once again, that’s confirmation bias. Just because one name sells that receives no traffic or no interest, doesn’t mean it’s true for the rest of the names. Also, like I said previously, this is NOT a problem in my suggestion. If you continue to believe in the name, you receive the free credit, and you can re-submit the name. If the name is good, it gets approved again. As far as traffic, I already mentioned, that it would only include names that receive no type-in traffic or interest from customers.

Regardless, I’ll leave it up to SH to consider it. Just my opinion, you guys are entitled to your own. All of my suggestions are not based on what’s necessarily good for my own account, but good for the marketplace as a whole. I’m sure plenty of my names would be affected with this as well.

I completely disagree with this and here’s why:
Many of us who have been here for a while helped SH to start this marketplace. We are the ones that have the oldest names in the marketplace (from 2017 forward). This is why the stats look that way. It is also why people like me and many others have high “time to sell” rates. We were here for a long time in the marketplace before the marketplace actually took off. Some people have huge portfolios of names that have been in the marketplace since then. It would be completely and utterly unfair to us to do this. …thereby giving the main advantage to al new domainers.

Is that what you are trying to do by suggesting this??? Are you trying to eliminate “old” competition?? I sure hope you hadn’t thought of that.

The marketplace is fine the way it is except for SH needing to reconfigure so that names have much better chances of being seen. And that includes names that are similar to each other.


Once again, it doesn’t look like you read what I wrote. All the domains that get removed would get a free credit and the ability to resubmit the name. And “eliminating the competition” doesn’t make any sense, as this would affect only unpopular names.

No, I actually DID read every word you said.

You “assume” those names are unpopular! That simply is not true. Many domainers hold names for years and years. And, you obviously do not understand what I said. Those names are older and have sat longer because the marketplace was not getting as many customers or exposure when it began and for a while.

Right now, in my world, the names I am selling the most were registered 2018.

I don’t want stinking coins to “resubmit” my many names from 3 years ago.

No matter, it is highly unlikely SH will do this anyway. But I have to wonder why you keep asking them to remove other people’s names??? hmmmmm…


It seems that your argument is not what you wrote, because I already addressed those points, but rather that you don’t want to have to resubmit names. I think having to resubmit a name every 2-3 is not asking too much. But you are entitled to your own opinion.

I like SH because it’s not afraid to change and to evolve in order to get more sales. There are plenty of marketplaces that are stuck in their ways and got left behind already. Instead of worrying about having to do a bit of work, you could consider what benefit it would have for the community and platform as a whole.

Regardless, I made my suggestion and my points.

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I went searching for negotiation for another purpose and found this post from you again from 2019. Now more than ever (because we now have flexible financing), I wish SH would do this. If SH can’t do this, then I would at least like to know if the buyer is going to use financing when they make an offer.

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Our forum was created for discussion, and you do know how to hold a punch. But the advantage of a strong person is to be able to refuse weak arguments. Think about it. I always admit mistakes if I get very competent counterarguments. All over the world, the rule is that the larger the market, the more choice. Imagine that your scheme starts to work. What will we get in the end? Please. see any of the WLM pages. On each of these pages, there are much fewer domains than in SH market. As well as fewer visitors Only when I changed the my WLM configuration to promote not my personal domains, but promote entire SH Catalog, only then the influx of customers to my page increased. WLM pages are convincing proof that your proposal will not work. And instead of an influx of clients, we will lose them altogether. All of them will go to other markets.


Thank you, Edukar, for mentioning this. I still have not done this … the whole point of having a WLM page for me was to promote only my own names. I do have another website for that. I am still waffling on enabling this function. I went to do it just now, and then didn’t do it! I am so conflicted about this!


Do not hurry. I want to note that I do this for a short while, then I return to promoting my domains again. This temporary measure is needed to increase the number of visits to my page.


For the marketplace under “Type of Name” please consider adding a category for transmutations since transmutations of real words don’t really fit into the existing categories.

Also please consider changing the stock transmutation example citing the name Zappos is derived from “zap.” It is from the real word “zapatos” (Spanish word for shoes.)


Another VISIBILITY issue I’ve been experiencing last week. 3 days in a row, all 3 possible uses of one of my Premium domains disappeared (each time a different name), although I’m 100% sure that I added ALL needed when the name got approved. Since I have only 7 names I can easily go through them daily and fix the problem. But, in 24 hours frame, I don’t know HOW LONG the name was deprived of exposure. Needless to say that I’ve BB-ed this and still waiting for the solution. Just wanted to share this, so you can check the completeness of your names.


I wonder if Squadhelp might consider something new for submitting marketplace names to contests? The idea is that we could submit a name we own to a contest with a different price than is listed in the marketplace as an option. It might say “contest prize plus $500” - something that shows that we are negotiating the price for the contest holder. AND, we could still do full price if we want. I would like to be able to have flexibility in contest submissions of premiums.


Great idea! But premium domains are well positioned in the SH market. I think there is no point in dumping their prices in contests. But your offer will be ideal for standard domains that are not visible on the SH domain marketplace.


The idea sort of sounds nice Clinks but I don’t think it would work well in the long term.

Another marketplace absolutely refuses to give discounts, because once it’s ‘known’ then everyone expects a discount, and it’s true, we’ve seen it here. If someone really wants your name they will buy it without a discount (probably on installments if they can’t afford it) so we’re losing money right now by having people offering discounts.

This would carry over into your idea, and we’d have two issues. 1. If someone wants your name they may contact SH and say ‘so-and-so just offered me their $2K name for $500 so I want this other name at only $500’. 2. Members will get into an undercutting war, everyone trying to offer the cheapest name to get a sale, devaluing the whole marketplace.


yeah, that is probably true.

I really wish I had more flexibility though. Oh well.


And again I have to withdraw the entire amount from my SH account to my wallet, although I would like to leave some money for promotion. @grant, please give us the opportunity to withdraw money in parts!


In the marketplace we are limited to input 3 “possible uses.” The system sometimes suggests categories that align with the name, thus allowing more than 3 Possible Uses. However, if we go and change any details in the listing, for example changing the description, it reverts to allowing us only 3 options. There are some names that align with more categories. It would be nice to be able to keep those categories specifically suggested/approved by the SH system even if it exceeds 3.


Another reason not to shave similar names in and of itself (to keep a clean marketplace that is not confusing to buyers) is that the reason for a purchase sometimes IS that the domain IS confusing to THE BUYERS clients. Brand protection. Buyers scoop up similar names to nip phishing and other abuse in it’s bud on a name similar to theirs, among other reasons. I would be very interested if the data-driven and data-generous Squadhelp would share the data they have on buyer usage intent. If they don’t have it, they should try to generate it. These are the main categories I think: 1. Existing business / Exact match dotcom (or whatever). 2. Non-existing business / brand prospect buyer 3. Rebrand 4. Brand protection. We often see names remain unused and even dropped after purchase. Brand protection purchases could explain that to some extent. @grant ?

This data could be very useful for assessing pricing and overall industry trends. I’m guessing that the top dollar sales are 1 and 3. and the most price sensitive 4 and 3.


Hi, team! While looking for new domains to register, I found some very attractive ones, but got the message that they once won a SH contests. How do I get information what day some name has won the contest? If several years have passed since the end of the contest, can this domain be registered? It may be worth allowing re-submission of winning titles after a certain time, for example, after a year. Many clients do not need a dot com zone, but the system still does not allow submitting a early winning name even in another zone. In the name field, you can solve this problem by highlighting the name with quotation marks or an apostrophes, but this is not possible in the domain field. And if once *****. com won the contest, that ****. net (or any zone)is no longer possible to submit. Please resolve this issue and allow us to submit the appropriate domains in contests.Believe me, this is not needed by creatives, but by CHs who want the exact same name, but they do not need a com zone


I’d like to suggest that in our messages to designers - I am referring to the initial description we give to logo designers - that the formatting of the message shows up as we intend it. At least on our screens if I do something like this:

  1. One
  2. Two
  3. Three

When I go to message the designer I see the message like this: 1) One 2) Two 3) Three. No new paragraphs, all jumbled into one message. I think it’s a small fix but it would improve the communication a bit.

Also, I’d like to reiterate strongly my point from before - do not allow designers to upload another design, if we upload our own. It should disappear from their projects.