How Would You Improve The Site? (Cont'd)


@JohnnyGee You lost me on this one. What are false winners?


The installment plan is currently a Beta Feature, and it is expected to stay as a Beta Feature for next 45-60 days until we gather enough data about it’s usage. Once we have gathered enough data, we will make a decision about the future plans related to this feature. As stated previously, switching to a monthly payout model for installments requires significant changes in our processes and updates to our platform.

If at the end of the Beta phase, we determine that this feature is leading to enough buyer interest and incremental value, we will make further investments in implementing the changes to support a monthly payout model.


If you win a contest with a premium name and your name is purchased by the CH, you will receive greater of the contest award or your marketplace commission. (In that situation, the CH receives a discount towards the purchase of the name).

Please note that it is also possible that your premium name wins a contest but the CH decides not to purchase the name. This can happen if the CH is not planning on using the domain name, or they decided to move forward with a name that was inspired by your winning submission. In those situations, you will only receive the contest award and your premium name will continue to stay listed for sale in the Marketplace.


In that situation, when CH decides not to use the domain, can we post it in future contests or will we get “this entry already won…” I don’t remember the exact words.


@grant Thanks! It’s good to know that you guys will make changes if the installment feature seems worthwhile after the trial period ends. If the installment feature exists- it needs to be done right and a situation where creatives have to wait up to 6 months to see a dime from their sale… just isn’t right. Thanks again.


@Slogana No my situation was different. I had in the marketplace but the contest allowed other extentions, so they entered and/or --but not my actual .com – but of course the system said it was “already entered”


I am wondering if SH has an ETA for premium marketplace logos on names that were approved in early and mid October? It’s more important now that premiums have logos when the Basic Plus names look the same.


Hi @grant, I know you guys are busy but I have premium names in the marketplace that is almost a month now that has no logos yet. I hope you can look into this. Thank you.


Hello, I have a suggestion for contests where we submit both name and URL. It would be helpful if after submitting a name, the identical URL were automatically entered. For example, I submit name ‘excellent’. Then ‘excellent’ automatically appears in the URL window. I may only need to add something like App or Co to Excellent. This feature would save a lot of our time and reduce typos. Thank you


I would like to receive an email notification if the name I submitted to the marketplace is rejected.Thank you.


If our entry gets flag as “potential trademark conflict” it would be very useful to get a message with some info about the conflict so we can avoid using that entry in similar contests, or in certain countries.


Hello. It would be very helpful if one could shortlist names not visible on the Marketplace. Thank you.


The logos on marketplace look so great and look so professional :sweat_smile:


@grant and SH, thank you for the logos!


@grant 30 days max to select winner/winners. I’m here from 1st May 2017 and I’ve seen a great amount of contest with 2-³ months and older without the selected winners. How much time one can sit on hundreds of entries without making a decision? Addition idea - with every change in the brief, there should be an increase of the award, for example 10% of the original prize. Why? Because in a lot of contest when the brief changes, we basically can throw away every previous entry. And I’m guessing that’s been said already: faster payments. Compared to other sites it’s not bad at all, but things could always move quicker. Either way, I’m very happy to be here.


I noticed the “New Comment added by Contest Holder” emails are no longer having the “Hello” part, which helped us distinguish between entry comments and public comments. (The Hello was for the entry comments). Or even better, it would be great if the entry comments had their corresponding email like “New comment for contest entry”, or something like that. Thanks for considering.


Good day! So that it is not difficult to search for the records that I plan to offer to the market, I open the page “my entries” and mark good, in my opinion, options, as favorites (heart icon). Is it possible to enable the function of deleting this icon in the future, so that it would be easier to find more unlisted good names? Thank!


My suggestion is to change the contest filters so they stay stable after you make a choice. 99.9 % of the time ,I am going to search for active naming and tagline contests…but every time I get on the site, I have to reset the filters to this search over and over. It gets very tiresome. Is there a way to keep it on what your last choice was until or unless you change it to something else please? I would be very grateful. Thanks!


Too many abandoned and non guarantee contest in some of our pending list, I’ll suggest that in case of non guarantee contest, SH should review policy and insert that if a non guarantee contest stay for a very long time without any response from the contest holder, then it will automatically become guarantee. I have some non guarantee contest that has stayed for more than 3 to 4 months, it will be good if a non guarantee contest automatically become guarantee after let’s say 6 months of inactivity. This will help in a great deal


Today in a contest (That required no URL) I discovered that various words from the brief no matter how basic, stupid or ill-fitting were “Already submitted to the contest”. For illustration, one of the product benefits was “Much less BAD/NEGATIVE WORD” and someone had submitted “BAD/NEGATIVE WORD” to the contest.

I wonder if an internal audit should be periodically conducted to review random contests and weed out people that churn out complete non-sense without even understanding basic naming, because these kinds of entries will certainly turn off many Contest Holders. Or maybe a “Report entry” feature for contest holders to report entries if it doesn’t already exist, so the team can review such cases and take necessary action.