How Would You Improve The Site? (Cont'd)

While browsing Premium Marketplace listings, I’ve noticed sorting ‘Price – Low to High’ is inconsistent (Higher priced names are shown BEFORE the lower priced ones). At this moment I’m talking about plain sorting, regardless of the issue already commented on this forum –the position of DISCOUNTED names.
Has anyone noticed the same? Am I missing something obvious? I’d appreciate if you shared your experience.


I hoped this post will draw more attention. I believe VISIBILITY of domains is essential. As far as I know, if the name doesn’t show in the first 1000, it will never be seen and consequently sold. Investing in boosting (with the purpose of getting in the first 1000) seems pointless if the Low to High sorting works improperly. I’ll definitely BB this as I find this issue quite important (although I really doubt it, maybe it’s a temporary glitch :face_with_raised_eyebrow:).


I support youю What you write is vital to work here.It is very difficult to sell a domains if no one ever see them.


How about an extreme example? On the Premium Marketplace page (with the filter ‘Price – Low to High’ included) can be found a name with the price of $1999, followed by other 2 names with prices of $80150 (discounted!) & $62500.


I 100% support this and I don’t know if I missed what you said before or not… but I would suggest you start a whole new thread on this very subject. I have thought about this SO MUCH and paid very close attention to what happens when I boost and gone searching for my names many times because they sometimes just disappear into oblivion when they were super popular the month before… I would like to see a separate thread on this to discuss this topic by itself because it is SO IMPORTANT!


I agree it’s an important issue but before I start a new thread, I’ll wait for the Squadhelp team’s response (I BB-ed this).


The epilogue: Squadhelp’s team has done some adjustments, so the Low to High sorting should work correctly from now on. As far as I understood, the problem occurred due to the use of personalization technology which sometimes shows more relevant results ahead of others (when besides Low to High, additional filters are included).
Although it is fixed now, I intend to check this more often since the visibility/position of the domain depends on the accuracy of this particular filter.


Do we have or wouldn’t it be nice to have a marketplace position number next to each domain on our dashboards?
Or a least a range?
If this already exists…please tell me where to find it


at some point, I remember @Grant saying that they might do this and I truly hope it happens


The Popular Domains Names issue on our WLM is now fixed! Thanks :smiley: Really like the new way of drag and drop to position these.
Please do a similar thing for the All Domains page too. So the 20-50 domains we set in the Popular Domains appear first and then are followed by all others. :pray:t5: :pray:t5:


Yes! Thanks for fixing the Popular Domain Names section, SH! :+1:


p.s. The order on the homepage is now great and I can choose the exact domains I want to appear there, but when I go to ‘Most Popular’ while searching the WLM, everything still looks random and not according to the order. @SmartWebby Is it the same for you?


Yes that’s part of what I mentioned. “All domains” button doesnt show our selections anywhere (standard come after premium as on our SH profile page) and most popular doesn’t show in the order of our featured listings as you mentioned. Maybe they are working on this and will be releasing an update soon :slight_smile:


Hi Guys

I don’t knw whether this was discussed before… But when we do have so much of domains, from which, atleast some we would like to submit for Premium Classification, wouldn’t it be better if there was an AI or a software that predicts the best domains for Premium category…

Becoz when we are manually submitting it for premium consideration, we may not know whether its going to be the right fit… There are domains that stay in the queue for weeks and get rejected…

So, once when the AI predicts it, based on number if characters, syllables, popularity, it can immediately transfer those domains for Premium Consideration… (once when the contest has been closed…)… The people reviewing the premium names can also make their decisions quick, I guess

And the creatives can be given with 2 options:

  1. If approved, it will be SH registerd only, do you wish to proceed?
  2. If approved, the creative will have to register, do you wish to proceed, or something like tht

Even when there is a bulk option to submit premium names, still its manual from our end
And it might also be a manual workload for SH team, as the names have been submitted in bulk…And they have to review each and everyone personally… and there is no guarantee regarding the final status of those names…So, atleast some sort of automation somewhere shud be good

So yeah, this is my query…

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One more thing… thought I would put this as well… Based on number of characters, syllables, popularity, geographic reach, wording and style of names, let the highly advanced AI be given full authority to classify which domains to be put into premium category…And shud it be SH registered or Creative owned…

No need for a third party, middlemen, or expert review in itself…Reduces the workload and mantime…Anyhow, guess everyone is happy with the way percentile algirithm is evaluating creatives😊

If the creative feels there were other names which the AI did not take into consideration, those names can be submitted by the creative manualy for review ( 1 domain per month or 3 domains per month)… based on a preset limit …So there is no over workload for either sides… (creative and SH team)

So yeah… thts it…

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You have made a very useful and valuable proposal. It is very strange that no one even made an attempt to answer you. Literally today, the one real English word domain synonymous with temptation was not approved as a premium. I think artificial intelligence would automatically approve of this name, since almost all real English words are registered in the com zone. I do not know what the SH team is guided by when approving domain names, but I really do not like the current methods, since they are entirely dependent on the human factor. Squadhelp is a world-class Internet platform. I would like to see more meaningful and beautiful names on the SH domain marketplace than gibberish. It’s my personal opinion. But I support your proposal.


I’d like to suggest

  1. That when a seller uploads their own logo, the brand should be no longer available to any other designers and is locked from any further entries. Too many times, I have uploaded a logo, and then a designer goes and replaces it. Then I upload my own. Then they upload theirs. It’s a never ending cycle. Absolutely unecessary. Sometimes they also take your logo, and reupload it as their own for credit.
  2. If a seller uploads their own logo, they should get credit for that logo. Not sure if that’s the case now.
  3. Have you guys considered or tested raising the minimum price of the entire marketplace? I believe with flexible payments in place, the price could be easily raised to $2,499. Or at least a few hundred dollars above the current minimums.
  4. I’d like to be able to see who designs the logo. When I click “message the designer”, it only shows one letter. I’d also like the ability to exclude certain designers from working on my logos. It’s a waste of time for everyone involved if I don’t like their style. Maybe this could be available to just higher tier sellers in order not too take up a lot of resources.
  5. On the messaging system, if you message someone, you don’t see their name in the chat. Also in the chat history, it’s extremely difficult to sort through the many conversations. I know this is not a chat platform, but just some basic order to save time would be great.

Requesting again.
@grant please create a metric below reported domains for number of creatives blocked.
For the sake of transparency.
Thank you.


Hi, team. To be honest, managing premium domains has become much more difficult than standard ones. What caused this? … Let’s simplify many procedures and make the interface the same for both groups of domains. For example, I can bulk set new prices for standard domains. But bulk set pricing doesn’t work for premium domains. And if I want to raise the price, for example, by $ 200 for all domains, then physically I cannot do it for the premium group. I think you need to remove the Schedule Price Change button in bulk premium sector and instead use Set New Price as in the interface of standard domains