How Would You Improve The Site? (Cont'd)

Yeah, the lack of incoming smiling poops and shy monkeys from @littodino impacts my productivity and also weakens my immune system (depression can do that) so I’m more at risk of catching covid-19. SH should drop all other developments and invest all possible resources into fixing this major site deficiency. Thanks in advance. :poop: :monkey:


@vegangirl and @moretal have brought it to my attention that this may be a bigger issue than I had initially thought. The morale is becoming low. We need emojis asap.

But for real thank you guys for always getting me out of my head. :two_hearts:


This definitely should be fixed. Just to say, I’ve been prescribed smiling poops and shy monkeys too, but the prescription has yet to be filled. :crying_cat_face:

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Now onto my suggestion that kinda plays into the message notifications thing. Can we get two different kinds of labeling and two different kinds of notifications for the messages? Would that be too hard or would it be possible? To explain. There are little pips or little images beside notifications in the bell-icon list. Can messages from creatives get one image and messages from contest holders to get another image? Also, can they be labeled differently? I.e.: ‘You received a message from Creative:(username)’, ‘You received a message from (username), contest holder of (contest name that also links to contest)’. Just an idea.


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To add on to your brilliance- can we also get a notification when contest holders re-open their contest.
Often times they’ll re-open and I won’t find out until they’ve closed again.


Many people are abusing the pricing flexibility by jacking up the price when they get ready to liquidate to give their name the appearance of higher value.

This not only deceives sellers – the temporary price inflation can confuse buyers.

To discourage temporary artificial price inflation, SH should share the original SH accepted price for names selling wholesale.

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I agree with @BrandLander, I think the accepted price should be what’s displayed in the wholesale market, not the asking price.

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@grant Would it be possible to set up a bulk transfer of domains from one account to another please? At the moment, we can do one at a time only.

Many thanks.


Regarding Flexible Financing- I’m wondering if the current wording on the button is beneficial or not. ‘Setup Flexible Financing’ could indicate to people who are looking at the domain that if they click on that button they’d be committing to something. Perhaps it should be something more neutral like: ‘Flexible Financing Options’ or ‘See Flexible Financing Options’ if you want to keep the call to action. I think that might encourage people to check it out without feeling like clicking on the button would be a commitment. Please consider, @grant. Thanks.


In my view, “Setup Flexible Financing” works nicely in parallel with “Buy Now” as a call to action that encourages buyers to move forward.

“Flexible Financing Options” or something along these lines is not as direct or persuasive and could lead to less clicks.

The only thing I would change would be the word “Setup” as it is grammatically incorrect in this context. Setup is a noun, not a verb. Set Up would be the correct language here.

@BrandLander Thanks for the input. I think the difference between ‘Buy It Now’ and ‘Setup Flexible Financing’ (or Set Up) is that ‘Buy It Now’ is straightforward, used in many sites and leads as expected to a page where the client can enter their details and check out. ‘Set up Flexible Financing’ is a button potential clients aren’t used to seeing and they don’t know where it will lead them to. The financing options are now in a separate window and the action achieved by clicking on the button isn’t ‘Setting up flexible financing’. It’s a button that leads you to a page where you see the options and can play around with them and only then you can ‘Set Up Flexible Financing’. I know that personally I would have been hesitant to click on a button such as ‘Set Up Flexible Financing’, so IMO it would be better to change the wording to something clearer that demonstrates 'Clicking on this button will lead you to exploring flexible financing options, rather than- clicking on this button means that you’re setting up flexible financing. Again, just my opinion but I know that as a customer I would have preferred a clearer message.


Interesting that you would have hesitated to click ‘set up flexible financing’, @moretal. I’m not sure this would be a common concern but maybe Squadhelp could A/B test the wording to find out.

In general, it’s standard to use imperative phrases like “buy now” or “set up…” in calls to action because these are clear, direct, and persuasive ways to get people to act.

Google “imperatives as call to action” as a reference.

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@BrandLander Thanks. I do understand the importance of call to action and it can still be used. Maybe it’s just me. I don’t like clicking on buttons that say that I’m doing something without understanding exactly what that something means. With the previous method, the decision by the client whether to buy or not and how to do it, BIN or installments and if installments-how many, was done on the same page. With the new system, they need to open up the financing window and then play around. When I’m considering a purchase with installments, I want information about the terms, not to click on a button that says ‘set up a payment plan’. I think the goal should be to let as many people as possible to get to that page to see the options and language that demonstrates commitment might deter them from even getting to that page. But I don’t know. Squadhelp can leave it as is or test it if they think it makes sense to test it. In the last couple of days since I changed to the new system I’ve seen one person click on that button while with the previous system, every day I consistently had a bunch of people clicking on the different installment options, so from my perspective this may indicate less people wanting to engage with funding. But the sample size is too small to deduce anything conclusive.


I think as SquadHelp grows in size, it will be key to build on trust (whether from a Creatives side as from the Customer’s side).
Recently I was asked to confirm my ID on Upwork (through ID and visual identification). I believe this would be beneficial to this platform too.



Calls to action should definitely be clear and maybe “Setup Flexible Financing” isn’t. I do think CTAs that get some buy-in from the buyer (Buy Now, Lease Now) would be best, because they create a small psychological commitment that encourages buyers to move forward.

The path to finalizing the sale should be as short as possible. If a buyer clicks to get further information rather than committing to move forward with a purchase, then they’re more likely to lose interest and exit without buying.

Interesting that you noticed buyers like to play with the installment buttons. SH could try adding the flexible financing bar on the landing page – the concern here would be that it’s so fun to play with that most buyers would choose flexible financing over a BIN sale. That’s just a guess, though. SH might want to test to find out.



It sounds like an additional and unnecessary hurdle. Plus, as with any company we run the risk of our data being stolen or hacked.


So funny you say this, Moretal, because just yesterday, I pressed the button to see what it looks like and even I hesitated to do it, thinking I might goof something up. LOL.


I agree - it is a hurdle for a business such as SH because it is costly. Nevertheless, building on trust can only be beneficial. Personally as a creative, I would feel more secure in participating in contests where I would see that a CH has been verified. I am also sure that certain CH’s would feel more secure working with verified Creatives. It is up to SH on how they wish to move forward on making their platform a secure creative space.


@Commulinks Yeah, I guess you feel the same way about buttons as me. Good to know that I’m not the only one. :grinning: For now, I removed the Flexible Financing from my domains. Besides the wording on the button, I think that the new window could be intimidating for some potential clients, especially if they’re not from an English speaking country. Too many numbers, financial jargon and explanations, IMO. When I look at that page, it makes me nervous and anxious (and that’s while looking at my own domains and not even considering a purchase!). I hope SH might look into this more and try to make the whole thing more customer friendly (and possibly keep everything on the same page, and not in a separate window). For now I like the regular installment option better. All the decisions are made on one page and all the client needs to do is choose how they want to buy and pay, without having to worry about paying extra sums.