How Would You Improve The Site? (Cont'd)

I don’t agree, everyone will say they don’t want a premium name (because they expect the same quality cheap) then if they don’t find what they are looking for, only then will they request premium names OR leave.

Many CHs don’t want a premium name until they see one they fall in love with, then they go on to buy it.

I understand there is a risk involved in submitting premium names, but we have the choice whether or not we do submit them. I’d prefer the choice to be in our hands, not the CHs, especially if that contest holder could be persuaded to buy one on installments if they find the absolute perfect name.


We need to see statistics about how many contest winners are premium names that got bought, I have a feeling number would be surprisingly low. Few of mine won a contest, but are still in the marketplace, and can’t be submitted.


SH tried a period of having the CH tick a box if they were OK with premium domains or not.

Some contests do block premium names, so there must be something somewhere that allows CHs to do that, with the standard setting being premium domains are allowed until a CH changes that. I’m guessing SH statistics proved to them that this was the way to go.

I have names like yours too, but it would be unfair to CHs for SH to allow the same name to win twice in a short period of time so I can understand SHs reasoning for that. Not happy obviously, but I understand. It’s just the way it is.


The page refresh after applying a boost or adding a lifestyle image is super annoying, and it messes up your current page position and list order sometimes! why the whole page needs to be refreshed?!


My sentiments too.

There already exists the ability to disallow premium name submission. The question is how high is their budget? That’s what should be filled out to help us submit names that don’t get penalized and our ranking plummeting. I also feel it will make the contest holder more aware to the pricing of good .COM names and they should be given examples to understand the price ranges. This will also keep their expectations in check with the contests.


I think we should be given permission to list on other or certain marketplace if there’s no sale over a certain period of time especially if they are not SH registered domain