How Would You Improve The Site? (Cont'd)

@grant could you please reply to this suggestion as I’m waiting for this before moving in that direction for several dozen domains.

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As per our Terms, in order to receive rights to a Premium domain, a CH must purchase the Premium domain. Therefore, if a premium domain is selected as a winner but is not purchased, we still allow the creatives to continue to list them in marketplace, and/or submit to contests.

On the other hand, in case of unregistered domains, a creative agrees to transfer any rights as long as they are selected a winner.

There are certain legal implications in allowing resubmission of winning names, which is why we do not allow this currently.

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@grant Ok I can understand that. However, not in perpetuity. But let’s ignore that for now.

What about non-domain contests. We do not have rights to any word in the dictionary. (if we have the real word domain name that would be a different story) but when they just want a name and not a domain and they choose Nickel, we are not giving any “rights” to use the word, because we have no rights. Anybody in the world can use it. So for a non-domain contests, this should not prohibit anyone from using Nickel again.


Awesome! It’s great when companies listen to user feedback.


@grant I just saw the upgrade all domains that were approved before the coins was introduced settings. Shouldn’t this calculate only domains that are below $2499 in value? Why should we upgrade all the ones which were already $2500+ when it doesn’t make a difference? Also, has the ability to do this for individual names been introduced?

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