How Would You Improve The Site? (Cont'd)


At this point we do not plan to allow creatives to submit other creative’s marketplaces names. While it is an interesting idea, this model is only feasible for names that are registered by creatives themselves. A large majority of names in Squadhelp marketplace are names that are registered by Squadhelp on behalf of creatives. In those cases, the commission % received by creative is not large enough to justify splitting it with other creatives.


@grant this was probably mentioned before. We really need to know when contests are going through audience testing process. That can take long time sometimes, and if we have our submissions shortlisted, but not in audience testing, we have no way of knowing if CH is testing other names. During that time we can’t submit shortlisted entries in other contests and they are just sitting there. I know that sometimes CH decides to expand the list, or select name that was not tested, but that is very small percentage. So, adding something like “Closed - Audience Testing” under time remaining where now it says “Closed - Finalizing Winners” would be a great way to tweak this.


Hey jackie Im not sure how long they did this or if they still are but for one brief time there was a thing where they said if we found a name on the marketplace that we thought suited a conntest we were allowed to enter that name for some sort of commision not coming from the creative, that was before recent marketplace changes. wonder if that was it? It had nothing to do with changing the extension thoug, meaning if it was then you were entering x .com


Hi one thing I have noticed, many contests holders are looking for a short name, but they truly dont understand that if they set the requirement we often times only have 3 letters left over to play with if they want any part of their business or a word in their name other than what we come up with. In most of these cases, a creative lets them know and they go back in a readjust. It seems they are confused as to the difference wanting a short name is and those ten characters. It would be good if the system could give them an alert on the setting explaining and let them make the decision from there, save creative and contest holder some time.


I think better many domains sold in the long run rather than just sitting there gaining dust, then expired.


You are right @slogana, in fact, in some cases, CH will set up 10 character maximum, and in the brief, they’ll tell us to incorporate something of 8 letters at times 4 as the case may be. Some even go further by saying they want real name. Now @grant, please is there a possible solutions to it? Perhaps giving a comprehensive template that will let them know if they are choosing 10 character or bellow, they are likely to receive more made up name with or without meaning in much volume than the real word they’ll get. That’s just a suggestion though that I thought might be helpful to both CH and creative at large


@grant, could the team add ‘add discount’ to our list of premium names? Some of mine are showing it but most of the premium ones are not


all daisy not sure if this is still even in play but the way I understood it was they would get a small comission not the contest prize.


@slogana, this was a slightly different idea someone had, but either way I think it’s a no go right now.


I would stop all the cheating and false winners it would help everyone


we know that squadhelp gives a little hand to those new people who might spread the word to new members.These amazing people pop up every now and then and mysteriously disappear (we are not complete idiots you know )


I enabled installments for all my listings two days ago. I did it because it can make the decision to purchase easier for buyers and because I don’t want my domains to be at a disadvantage against domains that do offer it. However, I did so reluctantly because I’m still very troubled by the current structure of payments where sellers only get paid after 6 months. I might switch back if I see that buyers will now always opt for that option.

No installment plan that I’m familiar with works like that, where the third party that facilitates the sale accumulates the money instead of distributing the funds as they’re paid. I don’t think it’s fair that sellers have to wait 6 months and @Grant- I really hope SH can change the current situation and create a procedure that would pay sellers in real time as the money is received. I think you guys know too that that’s the only fair way to handle it.


I’m glad you mentioned Installments as I was wondering if it did make a difference in selling. I recently changed to installments hoping that would attract potential buyers. Has it helped you @moretal ?


@LauraE I didn’t have installments enabled for 95% of my domains up until now and only enabled them now for all of my domains for the reasons mentioned above. Haven’t had installment sales yet, only regular ones but I’m presuming I’ll have some moving forward now that all of them are enabled. I’m going to test it out and see the results. But either way… that payment structure should change, IMO and I hope SH will do it.


I had installments enabled on all domains, turned them off when I realized payment structure. It just does not make sense.


Very discouraging that. I hope they changed it too, @Moretal. Six Months is a long time to wait.


@LauraE I think what’s most discouraging about it is that now that installments are an option, I feel almost obligated to use them because if a decision comes down to a domain that has an installment plan and one that doesn’t- the installment plan can tip the scale in its favor. And regardless of that- an installment plan can make the decision easy for someone to buy a domain even if they didn’t plan on spending money at all. I just bought a domain using an installment plan a few days ago that I probably wouldn’t have bought without it so that was the thing that made me enable installments for all my listings.

So on the one hand I feel obligated to do it but on the other hand… if a buyer chooses to pay with installments- waiting up to 6 months for a few hundred dollars in most cases… is kind of ridiculous when you think about it. The creative’s commission for SH registered domains is a few hundred bucks, in the general range of what many contests offer. Would people compete in contests if they would only get paid in 6 months? I don’t think many would. That’s why I think SH should solve this matter so installments would make sense for all parties involved. Not just for SH and buyers.


How does the system work now?

Let’s say I submit my name into a $300 naming contest, which is a great name for a PR firm by the way. The name wins.

Do they (the CH) pay for the contest and the name or just the name? Do I get the commission for the name and the contest winnings or just the the name and not the contest? Do these questions make sense?


@Arnet I won with a marketplace name recently, I received the contest win and prize, and enough marketplace money to equal my commission ( when added to the prize amount). So basically you receive your commission amount plus a contest win. It’s a little odd having part of your commission in contest money and part in marketplace money, but it is what it is.


Six months is too long! :frowning: