How Would You Improve The Site? (Cont'd)


Thanks guys.
@AvramChe, @Deepblue, @Commulinks I hear you.
I wanted to see if anyone resonates with this.

(I always take into account that this is a global platform and the Creatives might not have a choice, weather to participate on $100 Contests or not, or they are temporarily in that situation).
Even if we put this ‘under 10 characters’ stuff aside,
what about:

  • Tier A only? (Why should the Basic package have the ‘Tier A only’ option? The value of the hard work of getting (and more importantly keeping) this status is diminished.
  • Block creative? (somehow, this is the worst part for me) Why should the basic package include the luxury of having a direct negative impact on Creative’s financial life for several months, maybe even a year, reducing the number of allowed submissions thus directly reducing the possibility of winning, breaking the Creative’s flow, inspiration, motivation and self-confidence, reducing the possibility to earn money for months, while the customer is giving, in exchange for all this what a Creative has at stake, $100 (all that while getting a 90% discount on the real price of that what he/she is after)?

I would really like to see better defined Contest Packages, in accordance with the Award offered.


About the Blocked People on a Contest: This is such a subjective market there must be some guidelines we could follow. Some guidelines the CH could follow. I realize this is difficult to formulate, perhaps if we put our heads together we could make it fair foe everyone.


The weird thing about this is that Tier A only packages actually limit entries overall so now the lower priced packages get over 2000 entries. That seems backwards to me.

Blocks… I have no opinion on that in packages.

My opinions don’t matter much now since I have scaled back participation in contests so much. Well, I guess part of the reason for that is not that I don’t want to… it is because I do not want to waste my time anymore. For so many reasons, I don’t see much value in participation. I did enter a few yesterday. But I don’t have time to spin my wheels in contests with 2000 entries. CHs aren’t even looking at them anymore. Overall, my SH experience that was once a great source for me, is now a waste of my time except for the marketplace (and the marketplace feels like it might get there, too).

Woah, Debbie Downer, over and out! (LOL)


I agree 100% / It is necessary to limit the cheap contests to 200 entries.
Blocks need to be disabled for Tier A level. Let’s start instilling in our customers respect for our work.


@Edukar :grinning:
Can I agree with you 100 % ?


Clinks, my dear … you and I are definitely in the same boat. But you’ve at least seemingly got the hang of this whole marketplace and domaining thing. I feel I’m just spinning my wheels. I submit ideas that seem like they’re along the lines of what SH will accept and want because they’ve accepted and taken others along the same context or formula but nope. I don’t get it. Probably never will. The dozen names I have managed to convince SH to nab are aging now and they were my early submissions so not the greatest of ideas – although people are really loving to submit them to contests. But I’ve had other good ideas … even great ones … but then I just shrug it off. If I can’t get SH to accept most of my good names, they may not my great ones and just like contests … it’s a lot of time and effort just to have no luck.

But, I’m not going to give up. I took some time off due to health issues again and I used that time to do a lot of research and studying and learning things specifically about domaining and what 2020!!! trends are and even what will probably be trends for 2021. So … if this doesn’t prove out … then I’ll take it with a grain of salt and realize things. Just probably try to divvy more into contests as I can, hopefully.


Hello! I want to touch on the topic of contests with a non-guaranteed prize - and share the wise, in my opinion, experience of one of the largest Russian naming sites. The following rule works perfectly on this site: “A project without guarantees is one in which, at the end of the tender period, the customer can return the money if he did not like the names. This, however, is only possible if the customer himself took an active part: commented on the decisions and put a rating. " On the page of such contests there is a special round scale that determines the degree of activity of the customer during the competition - how actively he evaluates the work, answers the questions of the contestants and so on. A special algorithm has been developed for these calculations. The percentage of customer activity is updated in real time, and if this percentage is low, a warning message appears next to the scale: “Money cannot be returned.” This means that the customer should be more interested in the project, otherwise the prize amount will not be returned to him, and the fee will be divided between the participants at the discretion of the site administration. I consider this rule to be wise and fair in all respects. Thanks for attention.


I have increasingly noticed new creatives posting in messages to contest holders that they are not allowed to participate in contest. They will go on to suggest one of their own names. This is NOT allowed! I have reported this twice already . New creatives need abide by the rules just as we do.


It is common sense that if you can’t participate a contest you can’t comment on it… I don’t know why that is not the case.


I just saw a FB ad for Sh where over half of the emojis were laughing and the comments are filled with basically do nothing and win money. This is extremely disturbing to me. To improve SH, we have to make it more serious and reign in this “make money for doing nothing” stuff.


Unfortunately, the only way to stop that is to remove the affiliate program.


With recent changes and SH coins purchase it became “Make nothing and spend money” for me :smiley:


There is a delay with the logo redesign. I’ve paid for 1 /more than 2 weeks ago/, and there is no new logo yet. You have to speed-up the logo creation process.


Hello @november
As a fellow designer/logo designer in this great community and an approved domain logo designer with over 80 domains designed in less than a week, We are currently working hard on designs for new domains and definitely your domain(s) would have a logo in no time because domains without logos are assigned to creative designers like me. So rest assured, a design for your domain would be up in no time, thank you. :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::grinning:


Well first of all,I ve been posting names for marketplace for a long time and none of them approved?I dont understand,it doesnt even make sense not even 1 name approved.You guys all the time telling me it doesnt match well I dont think so.I usually post unregistered domains maybe thats why? But those name I ve been posting are unique.Your team rejecets automatically I guess.There is no other explanation.