How Would You Improve The Site? (Cont'd)


Amazing idea. Some of my lifestyle images are awful, I want to replace them :slight_smile:


I like this idea. I do think lifestyle images help to sell domains, I can see a difference in the popularity of my own listings. I’m just not going to buy lifestyle images, though. Giving lifestyle images as an incentive for marketing our names is another idea. I feel like if I get 500 clicks on shared SH links, one lifestyle image isn’t too much to ask for.


@grant I’m wondering if it would be possible to have a lifestyle image instead of a logo? Or have a choice of 1 or the other? That would save time/effort by SH and would look a lot more professional. I think the lifestyle images (when accurately chosen) do a better job of selling the name than a logo. It would be great to have some input on these lifestyle images and for these to be at no cost (like the complimentary logo).


Since daily checking, I’ve noticed the Views of Premium marketplace names have significantly dropped in the last couple of days (about 3 times less than usual!). Kind of discouraging… Anyone experiencing similar?


Yes, for me way more than 3 times less. But shortlists haven’t changed so it may just be something SH changed in terms of registering views.


There is a 30% decline in my shortlists too…


yikes! Are they at least within the range you normally have? Or lower than the low end of your range? Mine do vary but there is a point they never go below…


They are lower than the low end of my range… But I think that there is a bug and they will fix it soon :slight_smile:


This is happening only for the last 4 days, so I’m not sure yet what’s the status of shortlists in my case. Anyway, this matter alarmed me a bit. Not being alone is comforting. Thank you guys, I appreciate your sharing.


Me too I noticed sudden drop in views since 3 days by 80% drop! But shortlists seem not affected. Maybe SH are filtering out bots traffic.


We have made some changes to eliminate any page visits where the user does not spend more than few seconds on the page. This is typically from users who are not interested, Bots, or land on the page without the intention of buying the domain. The intent of these changes is to make sure that the page views represent high quality views, which are more meaningful.

However we are reviewing these changes to see if we need to allow certain types of page views.


I said something about this a while ago and was told I was wrong. I have never believed the views number so I am really glad for the changes. Will our shortlist/views stats be adjusted, too, please? That is actually a valuable stat day to day. Right now the stat is number of shortlist vs. total number of portfolio views. It would be more valuable if it were day to day shortlist/views and now that you’ve changed the views, that number will be invalid anyway.


@grant are the views to shortlist ratio taken into account for ranking in the marketplace?

With this change, clearly newer names will have a much lower views to shortlist ratio…



Will we be getting our sold listings back on the Marketplace dashboard soon, @grant???
They disappeared last week.


@AbleBrands @commulinks The Views to shortlist stat is not directly used in determining the ranking in the marketplace. Therefore this change is not expected to impact the ranking of newer domains. We are also monitoring this change, and will likely be allowing certain views that are currently being blocked because the person did not spend too much time on the page.

You can view your sold listings under the “Transfer Complete” status from the dropdown. If they have recently sold, and have yet not been transferred to the buyer, you can see them under the “Sold” status.


Hello @grant
Please make it possible for creatives to see the amount of shorlisted candidates in a logo contest, Just like the way naming and taglines are… You can see how many was shortlisted from a creative in “List Of Contestants” tab in a logo contests…Love It and Like It is mixed and you can’t tell if you’ve got a shot or so…Sometimes it makes you not to even enter a logo contest seeing the amounts of Love It/Shortlisted and Like It without knowing who and who is shortlisted, All you will see is High Rated…Please make it so like Naming and Tagline……I posted this as it’s own topic before, didn’t get a response.


Dear fellow Creatives,
I’m extremely grateful for this platform and I don’t want to rain on our parade (135, 200, 300 and above) however, there are several things I can’t wrap my mind around.

  1. How are ‘less than 10 characters, one word domain name $135 Contests’ even possible in 2020.?

  2. Why are ‘Tier A Only’ $135 Contests allowed? (if you look at this page: you will notice that ‘Tier A Only’ appears on a $300 Contest description, not before that, not even on $200 Contests.

  3. ‘I want something like Tesla’ on $135 or $200 Contests’ - type situation. Should the ‘Block Creative’ option be available on these Contests? This option should start on $300 Contests, which is in itself a sign that the Contest Holder is aware of the situation on the Market. The customer has the right to be unaware of the value of a good .com domain name in 2020., but it is the role of our platform to inform and reorient the customer (via pricing and the gradation of service he/she gets on $135, $200, $300 and above Contests)
    Right now, everything seems available and possible on $135 Contests, no wonder there are so many blocks and abandonments. Creative shouldn’t be punished if a CH has ‘something like for $135’ in mind and the info on the platform isn’t showing the improbability of that idea in any way.

God bless all the Creatives + SquadHelp Team + Marketplace Customers + Contest Holders worldwide: past, current and the future ones.


Not that I disagree, but it’s CH’s right to ask for whatever he wants, it’s our right not to participate those contests. There are always plenty $200/$300 contests available.


TBH contests are are for hand reg domains, if the buyer is willing to pay x,xxx to xx,xxx then he would buy from available premium names directly


So long as creatives are willing to participate in these contests and give away 5 letter premium names, this is going to go on and on and on. It is up to us to reign it in and make good choices.