How Would You Improve The Site? (Cont'd)


Many creatives have BPL domains that have not become premiums, but have very high potential. If such domains will be sold more often, the SH team will receive even more income. I propose to allow not only domain owners, but also other creatives to allow submission of other Basic Plus Listing domains to the contests.


You can already submit Basic Plus Listing (BPL) names to contests, and I have done so since I first joined SH. It is my understanding that one of the ways SH looks at an upgrading request for a BPL to full SH marketplace Premium, is the number of Likes, Loves or Shortlists a BPL name gets in the contests. I think what is confusing is the use of the word “Premium”, which in contest terms does include BPL names. Not sure whether just Basic Listings can be submitted as well?


I thought I spoke clearly. I want the SH team to allow creatives to submit ALL domains for the contest if DNS listed on SH. So that you can submit my basic plus domains, and I can submit yours accordingly. We can’t always take part in contests and I will be very happy if in our absence ALL our domains incl. BPL will work for us.


I think if the submitted entries can’t revert back to how it was it was back then in 2016, I’ll suggest that nobody should be able to submit more than 20 entries per contest no matter what


Yes, I did read your post too quickly (sorry…), but how would I know what other creatives BPL domains are if they’re not visible in the marketplace?


I mean the BPL domains that are visible on the market.But in the near future, I hope, the team will decide on all the domainases listed on the SH


I submitted domain reviews on January 15th and 22nd that are still pending. The marketplace dashboard still needs to be fixed. @grant would it be possible for you to give us some insight on where these things are going? Thanks.


Following a post on the RDS thread. @Slogana has given me a couple ideas worth mentioning and I’m only putting here too not only because it’s not appropriate but also because I want to add to it.

So the idea that has been stumbled upon is contests that revolve around writing. Individuals, brands, and businesses often need writing to be done in the form of reviews, blog posts, articles, PR, publicity, underwriting, and so much more. What if we offer this as a contest type as well and like logos we can upload PowerPoints, documents, or even just write in posts as well for CHs to choose what they may be looking for following these needs. We all are creative and a lot of us enjoy writing and it’s something actually often sought for on gig sites and other such freelance things for small to large amounts of money depending on project so it could be a lucrative expansion. I mean we are squad help And that’s another way to help.

Secondly another idea along the line of expanded contest offerings maybe we do idea contests as well. Invention, product idea, product design, community or population need ideas, product material ideas, product flavor ideas, product ingredient ideas, product characteristic ideas, problems to solve ideas, business expansion ideas, advertising ideas, further branding ideas, … Just business, service, and product idea types of contests. Companies and businesses often like to reach out in limited capacity to general but knowledgeable public for ways they can expand products, product lines, sku offerings, and what other ways they could better reach customers or clients or make themselves or their products and services better. So again, squad help … And a way we could really expand on our own services and help in more ways and offer even more creativity and creative outlets for the community and those we help.

Just ideas.



Could we have an option to sort marketplace domains by renewal date please (specifically the SH owned domains).



@Commulinks Since all my marketplace listings were put on one page instead of split into multiple pages, everything jumps around when I try to scroll. It’s very difficult to view the listings now, at least for me. Is that what you are experiencing?


Don’t know if this has been mentioned before & if others would find it useful, but I would like some sort of warning when I enter a premium domain (from someone else) in a contest for the second time by mistake. I mean when I enter a name & retract it after rating, when I enter it again after a while then it doesn’t give me a warning I’ve already put it in before.
Also within a contest where you have the button: “check domain availability” I would like if it is possible at the withdrawn entries for it to be more clear when a domain has been registered (I mean a different colour for the premium domans and different colour for the ones I thought of). As now many times I have to reinstate the entry to understand what is going on.
Hope it’s clear what I’m trying to say. Thank you :slight_smile:


Yes, exactly! And, I used to be able to increase the zoom so I only saw the minimum in each line so I could scroll. Now, it does not work!

Basically, I said what I said because it was fine before last Monday and I would like it back!


A “Blocked Creatives” Ticker below “Reported Domain Registrations.”


Unfortunately the old Marketplace listings page did not work efficiently in case of a large domain portfolio, and was therefore causing stability issues across the platform. The new page is designed to load faster and improve overall website performance.

We will continue to add more updates to this page, including the ability to skip to different page numbers instead of automatically loading more listings as you scroll.


Oh no! I have a semi-large portfolio and I liked it just as it was. There are things I can no longer do now you say we are not going back. This is really slowing me down a LOT.

Update: Now I have noticed my sold domains list is gone.


I would like to see a formal request to all contest holders to give us an estimate of when they think they will choose a,winner upon contest end. Some will have boards members, some wont, some can take long and some,short and I understand that. But a rough estimate will cut down on creatives stress, the need to check and create CH accountability.


Thank you for everything your team does! I am only saddened by the fact that it was previously indicated how many BPL domains the creative has, and in the new version the domains are constantly plunging and the exact number at the bottom of the page is not indicated.


I would like to see a tiered or countdown progress clock to actual contest endings. Updates, such as we havent heard from or contacted a customer, and if we dont hear by x, the contest will close on x. Same with marketplace sumission progress, trademarking etc. I would like to see my sale prices under our marketplace listings.


How about the option to get another fresher lifestyle pic? I have some I’d like to swap out. I think they are missing the mark.


Even better, let us make lifestyle images. Few default fonts and 100 images abd we just pick what we want. I don’t see why we have to pay to get lifestyle images, to be honest, SH profits if domain is sold…