How Would You Improve The Site? (Cont'd)


I don’t know how to improve this site on this subject now - because it is just a fact. SH is no longer a source of income for me, when it comes to contests. After several years of making money on contests, that is all gone now. It’s honestly quite hard to let go, but I am scaling back even more than before. I once made an average of $600 per month on contests. Now that is impossible for me and probably lots of other people. With 2000++++ entries per contest, the odds are worse than the lottery it seems now. My ratchet is out. I am wasting time here.


…been feeling the same…although I am and never will come close to your winning record…I Congratulate you and others for the successes you’ve had and hopefully it will pick back up!!


I completely agree with you @Commulinks!
I am happy to see a wider variety of creatives winning now instead of the same few people all the time though. It’s much more competitive now then when I started a few years ago. I’m barely even getting Cha-chings.


You can filter the Active Contest list, and Guaranteed or Not Guaranteed is one of those filters. You can also filter by award amount. So if you were only interested in Guaranteed contests over $200, then you can set those filters (as an example).


I once raised an opinion that there should be 2winners in $300 and above contests but it was strongly turned down by creatives on here stating that the CH can always give a bonus for an extra name. Well, how’s that going so far??? With 2000 entries and only one winner, isn’t it high time SH reviewed the prize awards? This used to be fun but it’s now a gamble! To me it doesn’t make any sense increasing the contest prizes and still yet there can be only one winner. They’ve only succeeded in increasing the competition nothing else. This is like running a marathon where there’s only one winner and one prize, it just isn’t worth the time.


I know how you feel Commulinks. Even me I have started getting tired, I usually make about $300 per month on average and win atleast one per month, but now it seems so impossible with the amount of newbies in here…$100 contests now have over thousands of entries like c’mon?? I now like focus more on Logo designs and that has been my wins recently but naming and tagline?? nah, I just do those for fun now and maybe splits if I get high rated and the CH goes offline…One of my solutions was that a creative should only be able to participate in like 100-150 contests per month, a limit, so as to free up spaces…It is more like lottery now and it sucks…Plus in my country here, it is so hard to find out a new source of income without so much much connections…


CH hardly gives a bonus for another name because I feel they can just you know TAKE the name without you knowing…I am not saying some CHs don’t give bonuses, I am only saying it’s quite hard now, Only in Logo designs that bonuses are given because you can’t actually steal the other person’s design(s)…Truly the competition is way way worse now and tiring to compete, Almost everyone is on “Tier A” status.


Thank you Canswift, I know that filter. I mean a filter before entering a new contest for names only contest & one that needs an URL. I made more comments about this in the private senior member lounge…
Thanks a lot though!


I guess you need to edit your message and remove the word steal and the likes in order not to get restricted from SH messaging as it against the policy


That is so sad. Some of you are our best. Honestly I welcome competition but I noticed some creatives have up to 70 entries, plus we can simply delete no tys and resubmit even if we are limited…this has to overwhelm everyone including contest holders. In addition, it was worth taking a katching, but splitting 100 bucks between 150 people and waiting two or months for a payout is discouraging.


On the plus side SH has worked very hard to make this profitable and taken many of our concerns into consideration and surprised us with a few lovely things. I still have complete faith in them. I do feel we need to solve the Abandoned contests. I just fear we will do the solve this problem create that problem thing our lawmakers do.


On a different note, our advertising online presence etc call us a naming platform. I would like to see our literature mention slogans tags as well. I see we used to run other contests, content brochures and the like…Im holding out for when we go there.


You are absolutely right! The SH is the number one
naming platform! I think it’s about time
to border the reception of new creatives and focus on attracting new customers.


Limit number of contests per creative per month.
This is the only solution and will increase the quality of contests because creatives will be more careful about which contests to select


I am against such an offer. Our work brings little income now. In addition, it will damage the customer. If professionals will ignore cheaper contests, the quality of such contests will suffer significantly


The problem with that idea is as follow:

  1. You don’t know which contest you will win, therefore limiting you for certain contests might make you not to enter contest you might win. For instance I’ve entered a contest with the mindset of just to feel among the participants and just submitted a random name, guess what, that only name was the only shortlisted entry and it eventually won the contest. Now supposing I’m limited to a certain number of contests, I won’t be able to enter that particular one as I don’t even understand the brief not to talk of names to submit.
  2. Limiting entries can diminish the quality of SH itself, as this might make many people participate in higher amount of contests in terms of money leaving the lesser one which in turn the contest holder might receive VERY LOW quality names after which some creatives think the price don’t worth the gambling. For instance I used to enter 200-350 contest per month, let say it is reduced to 150 at maximum, I will only participate in 200 dollars and above contest, leaving those of 135 dollars knowing the price don’t worth the gambling, and who knows, it might be my little idea that will reasonate most with the CH.
  3. Both creatives and contest holders will definitely drop SH. For instance if a CH lunch a contest with no guarantee or quality submissions, such contest holder will not come to lunch another contest again, and will find it difficult to market it to others except on an exceptional cases, this in turn will reduce the amount of contest lunch and once we creatives don’t see much contest to enter, we will also drop out. These are going to amount to a greater loss for SH in little or no time to come which non of us don’t want.


SH is not accessible today, I saw earlier that some changes have been made to Marketplace Listings interface. Don’t know if the changes have made it difficult to log into SH.


It is accessible for me but buggy! Marketplace listing page has problem for me where SortBy, Search & Scroll loading are not working.


Return “select all” button in marketplace


Please put the marketplace dashboard back to the way it was before Monday.