How Would You Improve The Site? (Cont'd)


This issue has now been resolved. We have upgraded our search feature with some additional capabilities and that changed caused a temporary issue in the creative’s domain portfolio page.


We will be making a change to allow previously winning names to be submitted to contests, as long as it has been more than 4 months since it won previously. We will announce when this change is live (likely in the next 1-2 weeks).


Will names given as examples by CHs (either in the brief text or by selected lifestyle images) still be off-limits, or is that rule changing as well?


We will update further clarification about these changes when they are implemented however any names publicly shared by CHs will continue to be off limits. If the CH has already liked a name, and they have shared it as an example, we believe it is unfair to submit that exact name to the CH.


Thank you! That was the only reservation I had. Sounds like a great update for everyone.


Somewhere along the line, they told us we could on our marketplace names that won contests but were not purchased. I can’t remember when, but I have been subbing mine all along and there hasn’t been a problem. I only have one of them now because the other sold.


Hi. Mnnnn, I think our clients need more guidance on their briefs, so thag we have more guidance. I think everyone would bebetter served bymorequesyions. Such as, what words do you hate? D Dwhre will your business be located? All the usual questions creatives try to ask in a search for the right name…sigh ALSO, while I understand the need for limiting submissions not overwhelm them etc…something is amiss. I feel like we over corrected or corrected incorrectly (hmnn like our laws, politics)…for one thing, we can still withdraw and rebmit, without limit it seems, which is still more work for client and many will tell you they have won on a no ty and 2, we all know clients are emotionally vested, so I would like to see either a question like of all the 20 things you want, which would you most like empasized? 3. Perhaps contests should be done in phases, phase one names like x phase 2 like x, with limits on each different phase.


Ugh zutugh sorry kindle changes every word when I ttype fast


Sometimes I see lifestyle images with names that I sold in the marketplace still being advertised as for sale by Squadhelp on Facebook. I saw Blushdoll today, for instance. I’d like to see current available names get that exposure.


How about submitting names to marketplace if CH directly said he is not planning on buying them, or after some time?


Rule that creative is not able to see CH’s previous contests if he is under certain number of points (2.000 I believe) should be removed. It’s pointless (pun intended)


Don’t know if this has been mentioned before or if others would find this useful. But I would very much like to be able to have tags also on CH for myself. So not only the tags you can add at a contest, but I would additionally like to be able to tag certain CH’s & this to be searchable for me and/or if a tag has been entered for a CH that it gives me an alert when that CH returns with a new contest.
As at this point we can only enter a tag with each contest. But I would like to be able to search on certain CH.


In the marketplace when classifying under “Type of Name” would love to see the option "misspelled’ changed back to read “creative spelling.”


Website is very slow lately, especially when visiting a premium domain. com that redirects to /name/domain

Premium names search page takes too long to load initially which I believe is caused by the AI algorithm that tries to do personalized names sorting.


And further to my yesterday’s remark (I don’t know if this has been asked already) I would also find it very useful if possible to be able to view in the new contest list (there where you can see if a contest is guaranteed etc, before you dive in and sign the NDA) if it is a “name only” contest or also a URL is needed. That would be helpful if others also agree with this.


Under “My Earnings”, when an amount for “Marketplace Domain Sales” shows up, there should be an information regarding the domain name it relates to. Once you have a few names being bought under instalments it’s hard to keep track of which name the payments refer to.


Has anyone of you had trouble understanding the payout amount? My account dashboard says this amount but the payout amount says otherwise. It is very confusing. Going “loco”!


We should be able to cancel withdrawal requests immediately and independently from contacting support (I think I may already have shared this).


Yes, and I am hoping that now SH is not deducting fees from the newer contests, it will get much easier!


I pray it will! And It seems like everytime I bluebuttoned something I don’t hear anything soon. I have to asked again and again. It has been that way for months.