How Would You Improve The Site? (Cont'd)


Exactly my point…In your 10 name restrictions, Submit your BEST… After a love it or like it, the limit would be increased…SH is really getting crowded and I just want everyone to have a fighting chance and/or opportunity…Here’s my suggestion…Forget about Percentile Ratings because to me, I have found that to be not useful because I have seen people with not very high percentile win some and people with high percentile not win, so I don’t judge my creativity on that…So now, If you are on “Tier A” status, the limit should be 10, no matter how good you are or your percentile, If you receive like it, it should increase to 15 and love it will increase to 20, It shouldn’t pass that, even if the CH is asking for more and more…More and more and more and the CH would go choose another person that submitted like just 2. If the CH doesn’t like a name, withdraw it and add another instead of compiling more and more…If you aren’t a “Tier A” then your limit should be 5 and after like it ot love it, it shoule be increased to 7 and 10 respectively…With this way, Everyone has a fighting chance and the limitation is to everybody


I am not hurting other people to better myself, currently and ever since I have had no restrictions per say, I am just saying because of how it is crowded now and how submittions are becoming too plenty…If what I am suggesting gets changed, it wouldn’t better me and if it doesn’t get change, it still won’t better me so I am not thinking of myself here.


Friends, thanks for the advice to improve me. I have no problems with the entries. I spoke for those who have problems. We communicate here to make the site better. Of course, those who have a limit of 40 entries will say that he is happy with everything. The rich will never understand the poor. Look at the problem from a different angle. Each creative with Tier A status has already proved his professional suitability. I repeat once again that I stand for justice in every single contest. I am a physicist and engineer by training. I love to study the world. I’m used to working with formulas. And if they don’t give me an accurate calculation of the percentile, then there is some reason for this. On a personal example, I was convinced that the number of likes and wins does not affect the growth of the percentile. Therefore, I find this coefficient useless. More important is the result that will suit both the CH and the creative. Let’s build on this. Only creative win makes sense.


@grant This is a great suggestion don’t you think? It will encourage us all to promote SH to buyers.


I do not propose removing the restrictions. I want to make the gap between creatives smaller. For example, those who have a percentile of up to 60% - 5 entries, 60-80% - 10 entries and more than 80% - 15 entries. It will be easier for the CH to work with fewer entries.
PS By the way, I work on myself every day. I just have a lot of people and animals that I care about. Therefore, I think not only about myself: 0)


Yeah crowded, thats exactly why theres limit on entries based on percentile, and how those people get better percentile, that exactly based on previous ch rates, so that mean those creatives are really serious about it, they are working on it, they try their best to provide ideas for ch. And people get reward for their effort, which is good.
If you’re talking about formula then whats wrong with if you keep up the good work, then your percentile will increase, as result your submission will increase too. As simple as that not complicated.

Those creatives in the past also got limitation, before their limit increase, but they just keep trying, me also only limited to 5 entries in the past, but i dont go around ask for people to have the same limitation as me. Just keep trying and trying.


No, not really. I enter very few contests (less than 10 per month). When I do, I submit between 1-4 entries - mostly just my premium names - every now and then a name I make up. I’m not serious, or working hard on being creative, or putting in a lot of effort, yet I won a contest without trying, and I achieved Tier A status a couple of months ago. It doesnt even make any difference to me, because I dont enter that many contests.


To me the percentile ranking doesn’t affect me, I don’t even use it or put a lot of strength into getting it up…It is your creativity that matters and what doesn’t work for Client A may work for client B, that’s how I see things…I have a friend here whose percentile rating is 95% above and mine is within 70-75% and yet I have more wins and earnings than him, I have more love it’s. Maybe it’s because I enter more contests than him… To him, he was really hoping on the percentile ranking being useful maybe during winner selection, maybe a CH judges with percentile ratings but we have found out that to be not true so to me the percentile ranking and how it’s calculated is not useful to me in my books…The limitation I am suggesting doesn’t affect percentile ranking.


I just think we need more contests right now there are so few…:slightly_frowning_face:


I’m seeing how contests are exceeding 6 days, I hope this isn’t a permanent thing because it’s simply too long having a contest 12 days long.


I have always wondered if CH’s realize that we can not see the names that they are rating. I am often under the impression that if they are only rating a handful of entires that we can all see the names that they like or dislike, which is not the case. Is this clearly stated to them? That we CAN NOT see other entries. Thanks.


I have 2 new suggestions for SH that could add a lot of positive mojo for CHs and possibly reduce wait times for selecting winners AND for CHs to understand marketplace entries a lot better.

  1. To get some positive mojo going so CHs will choose winners sooner: Add a pre-populated comment board that could be used by contestants and only available one week after the contest closes. It would have things on it like:
    -I was so inspired by what your company does!
    -I can’t wait to see the name you choose!
    -Your contest was really a challenge! Looking forward to seeing your new name!
    …others to be determined.
    Then, once a week after the contest closes, the CH gets an email that says X # of creatives that participated in your contest said “this”.
    ONLY positive things. Not things like: You never rated anything, gee whiz.

  2. Increase marketplace selections for contest winners. After a recent experience with a CH, I am positive that CHs have no idea what it means to choose a marketplace name. So when they click on the name, it should show them exactly how much extra they will pay for the name or NOT. (Basic listings=nothing!)
    It should show:
    You paid $XXX amount to launch this contest
    This marketplace name is listed for $XXXX
    The difference you would pay if you choose this name is: $XXX
    If it is a Basic listing it should say: The creative owns this name but you would not pay any additional amount for this name.



@AbleBrands It will make it easier to promote SH, as well. It’s nice to have lifestyle images to share on twitter. etc., and I think one lifestyle image (4 SH coins) for bringing 2000 visitors to the site is a reasonable ask.


Yes! Suggestion #2 is essential. CHs need to know the true cost of what they are getting. I agree that most CHs just see what they perceive to be a big price tag on a marketplace domain and don’t think it through by taking into account the deduction of the contest fees. Pretty much all of my premium domain entries get NTYs (when previously they had received Loves prior to being marketplace domains). It is clear that the CH doesn’t want to spend the money but they didn’t adjust the premium domain option to ‘No’ on the contest. Explanation to a CH on how this all works needs to be more intuitive ON the platform (as pop ups or hover overs) and NOT via emails or lengthy articles (as these often go in people’s junk mail folders, never to be read).


One niggle from creatives I’ve seen wending through these threads, is when an excellent match (for a particular contest) submission is marked as “No Thank You”, likely because it’s a Premium or Marketplace name and the CH doesn’t want to pay. Even though they have allowed Premium names in the contest. I’m then also left confused on whether it was the name or the price that was rated NTY. I don’t want to risk getting more low ratings, so usually leave that contest alone after that.

Has SH ever given thought to having an additional positive rating, along the lines of: “I like this name but don’t want to pay a premium price”? That way no points would lost for a good Premium submission, and the creative would get some naming guidance instead of a possible knee-jerk NYT triggered by the dollar signs.


I’ve recently found a CH profile like this and along with the many abandoned contests almost every one had 1 or 2 registered domains reported. I found this when I reported a domain registered. I didn’t usually look into the CH’s profile, but I will be looking more closely from now on and avoiding CH’s like this.

@grant What, if anything, is being done to ensure this doesn’t become a problem? CH’s with many abandoned contests and multiple domain registrations reported should be flagged and possibly banned from holding contests. At the very least can we get a way to block these contest holders and/or filter out CH with X number of abandon contests or X number of reported domains on contests they held?


This is a reasonable remark. If a team places high demands on creatives, the same requirements should apply to CHs.

More contests with no Loves & no Likes?

I agree. @grant Dbedio raises an excellent point. Repeat offender CHs need to be banned from SH (just as creatives are who break the rules). Surely if a CH cancels more than one contest, then we can assume SH is not for them and let them go. It’s time Creative’s IP is protected and the above suggestion would go a long way in ensuring Creatives don’t waste their time with contests that will never pay.


When a potential buyer submits an offer for my domains, I receive it after 3-4 days. Why is that delay? I want to receive my offers immediately so I can send a counter offer. :crying_cat_face:


Same thing with messages from CH’s comment on an entry. I get a red dot on my “envelope” mail notification only to find it was sent 3 days prior.