How Would You Improve The Site? (Cont'd)


I agree non guaranteed should be limited to 100$ also.I’m pretty sure the one that I’m referring to was guaranteed I’m just losing faith in my ability to perform on here:(


I truly understand and hope 2020 is better for all of us. And I wish there was no such thing as non-guaranteed contests at all.


Non-guaranteed contests were needed earlier at the dawn of the formation of the site. Now this is not necessary. The Squadhelp is known to everyone. The SH has become number one in naming. I think so. Here is a very careful selection of creatives. Accordingly, they must also carefully approach the choice of contest holders.Non-guaranteed contests on the professional site should not be.


Guaranteed contests are not truly guaranteed. Ive seen more than one contest cancelled and in the message section it states…The CH has informed us that they are unable to use any of the names in their contest and have asked for a refund. There are many reasons contests get cancelled. I personally only enter my own domains into non-guaranteed contests


Normally we do see a message from SH in a cancelled contest public message field.In my particular case,it wasn’t and still isn’t there.I just happened upon it being cancelled inadvertently. I feel like with all the updates and glitches lately it simply got overlooked.


Is there any reason why there are so few contests? Is it because of the holidays?


@grant @LynnParks
I am so with you on this. I have won several logo contest and the waiting period is long, 15 days?? and if within that 15 days the CH ask for maybe one or two corrections, maybe to change color or submit another file like .eps, It will take another 15 days again… I have my friend @willy who waited almost a month for a CH to approve due to little corrections and finaly it was SH that accepted it due to the CH just went offline for days…I currently have 2 logo designs that I have won but now I have to wait for the 16 days or hope for the CH to approve because I mmediately I am selected winner, It doesn’t take me up to 2 hours to submit the delivery files…The time frame should be dropped to at least 3-5 days…SH please look into this…


I would like to make a suggestion…No matter your percentile ratings, due to the amount of creatives now on SH, submittion of entries should be reduced to highest 5…I see contests with large volume of entries, many from just a single creative, I mean did you come up with all these names in this short period of time??? Please SH reduce it, even if your percentile ratings is 100%, make it still 5 and make creative who are not in “Tier A” be 2 entries maximum…Your entries should only increase to 10 after you recieved a “Love it” and 5 in people not in “Tier A”…It should also increase when you receive “Like It” too…At this way, it makes it easier for people to contest or try…Because I have had several times of trying to submit and then I see “Something or a similar variation has already been submitted” and I am like how??? In less than an hour of the contest starting…

Now on Logo contest…sometimes a CH will start a logo contest with little or no information on his/her brand and you would see creatives submitted 6+ designs in a space of 1 hour or so and I am like how??? There was little to no information/brief from the CH and you have submitted this much??? It takes time to design and package it before submitting but you have 5+ already??? Is it that you just pull up an Icon and just add the name there then submit?? Some really good creatives which I would not mention don’t pass 1-2 submittions at first until they are rated either “Like it or Love it” or the CH asked for a change of this or that or variations…I had a contest like that which I think the CH was just testing out SquadHelp and he put up no information, in fact all he wrote as the name of the brand was “testtt”, brief to was “testtt”, what they do or are was also “testtt”, everything was just that one word “testtt” and yet I saw so many creatives submitting 4+ entries and am like how??? There is nothing on this contest so what are you submitting??? The good creatives which I would not mention didn’t submit because I think they understand design principles and know what to do…


Regarding the number of entries, I agree. I still do not understand why someone can submit 40 entries, and someone only 2. I mean only those who have Tier A status, and not beginners. You need to earn the right to submit more entries in every contest! Since we are not given an accurate calculation of the percentile, this is very distressing. Transparency and openness are the main components of the success of a large company.


I disagree with reducing entries to 5. Those who are able to submit more have earned their scores and should not be punished because of a few who are over-using the entry limits. Most of us who are able to submit 40 rarely ever do that, because we have LEARNED that it is very unproductive to do so many entries. Our scores plummet if we “spray and pray” and so there is already a natural consequence. However, having 40 entries means we can respond to requests from a few CHs who do ask for more entries/ideas from creatives who are being successful in a particular contest. I almost never withdraw entries because I want records of submissions that are currently in unsettled contests.

IF, there are people over-using the entry limits, that should be looked at by SH. But SH already built a system to account for that so I see no reason to do it unless CHs are complaining bitterly.

Take a look at the entry rates for creatives on contests. I am fairly sure that those who are able to submit 40 have an average of less than 10 per contest with only a few exceptions.

I think this is all coming from the fact that it is extremely difficult to win on SH anymore due to the massive influx of creatives. That’s not a criticism, just a fact. Those who are really good at this will get increases in their ability to sub more entries because they are good at it, like those who earned theirs.


I agree that we have earned the right to submit what we submit. I think forty in most cases is too much but I think five can be limiting too now that I think about it and I will definitely advocate for non-tier A being further penalized in such ways. It’s going to be hard for non tier A to come to tier a or to return to it with the huge population here now. A lot of the non tier a people are the vets of sh that have helped shape and mold sh into what it is and have fought tirelessly for fairness for the rest of us so fairness needs to be across the board. Tier A is now even harder for people to maintain with so many people and all of the changes and the lack of contests and the issue with briefs and questions going unanswered and there’s too many factors right now that count against a lot of people I a lot of ways. A lot of that is just the holidays. A lot of that is recent changes needing people to get used to them or suggest better, a lot of it is the huge influx of people. So I say we try to be as fair as we can with things. I agree many have earned the submission limits but the only reason I agree that 40 is too much except in limited cases is because I’ve seen CHs he inundated with so many entries from two or three people at a time (this is general not pointing fingers and no I don’t know why this was done so yes I admit it could have been needed or asked for or whatnot, just making a small point) that it’s a bit much at least from what it looks like on the other side of being a creative that may submit at most 8 I think the most I’ve ever done and that was years ago was like 20 and that was because I was asked for more and more. So I see both arguments here. I just, like most people, want a fair chance for myself and others and don’t want CHs getting chased off or overwhelmed. But 40 in most cases seems a bit much save for certain rare scenarios but 5/2 also seems extreme. Maybe make it a low number but max ever after earning them would be forty? Could we all agree to that? Start with ten since Clinks pointed out and I agree that the most any of us usually do in a whole contest is ten. But if we get loves AND/OR likes we can earn more and more until we’ve used the grand total of 40? How’s that sound?


The point is not what you write about. I meant that there should be no restrictions for those who have reached Tier A. In my opinion, percentile is a necessary thing only for beginners! I know a few people who do not participate in the forum, rarely win and get few likes. But they have an astronomically high percentile. This should not be. This is unfair to those trying to work hard and make SH better and more efficient. Some of the veterans for several years sought to obtain the status of Tier A. And now, with the introduction of a restriction on the percentile, these creatives are equal in rights with newcomers. It would be more correct to cancel the percentile for everyone who has Tier A status and leave it for beginners.


Before going any further down this road, I suggest that people review some contests. The reaction about 40 entries being a problem may not prove out once you do. Go look at recent contests, some of them with thousands of entries and you will see what I mean. This is a problem that does not exist except rarely and by people who win a lot and they shouldn’t have their ability taken away.


@Edukar there are way too many Tier As to make it practical to do away with all restrictions. And there are a few who would submit hundreds of names if they could. No one has that many appropriate name suggestions, I don’t care who it is.


It’s right. That is what I tried to convey in my message. Not the complete absence of restrictions, but the same limit. For each with a Tier A status in one contest there should be no more than 5-10 entries. And you can increase the limit only after receiving a like or love from the CH,


I completely disagree and I hope SH does not consider any further restrictions on anyone. And just to be clear, this applies to me, but I rarely use my limits.

People need to do research on what is actually happening on contests before making any further recommendations that can hurt those who have earned their place. @Edukar, you said something else before.

But seriously, everyone please stop harping on this issue because it is a non-issue. Go look for yourselves. Do the research and you will see. Entry limits have nothing to do with the problem you think you are trying to solve.

Sorry. I completely disagree with this line of thinking. And if you can prove otherwise, go analyze the contests and tell all of us. Thanks and sorry.


I don’t have anything else to add, as you have 110% summed it up. It is a non-issue. I prefer things how they are now.


What about how serial contest abandoners are not really identified as such on a new contest page? I have seen several contests recently where the CH is just identified as having run X number of contests, and paid out $X dollars. It’s only when you drill down into the CH information, you see that some previous contests were left as abandoned. These abandoned totals show up without comment in the CH score on the contest page. Without the creatives, SH would be just another domain marketplace. So I’m surprised that there don’t seem to be restrictions going forward on CHs like this. Something more respectful of the work and energy that the creatives bring to SH.


Agreed, just focus with yourself pleaseeeeeee, dont drag other people down to make yourself up. Indeed just focus with yourself, improve yourself, then you will get the better outcome, cause this is your own race really. People will be more stress and not focus, if they just keep looking on others instead of their ownself. Just sayin.

I also prefer things how they are now. that is all.


Agreed why need to hurt other people, to make yourself feel better duh. People work really hard to gain what they have now, its not magic really, abakadabra then boom, they did a lot of brainstorming, a lot of research, study this and that. Just work on your ownself, improve your own work, and thats not only in SH, but good in ur life indeed.