How Would You Improve The Site? (Cont'd)



  1. Everyone had to work their way up from the bottom and doing that means you have limited access until you reach certain milestones. We’ve all had to prove ourselves in not just one way but several. Heck, some of us are still doing such. Changing that now would be unfair and it also would open contests back to issues that the process was created to lessen occuring.

  2. Entry limits may be excessive in some regards, but this suggestion just takes it from one extreme to the other. One entry does no help for creatives, CHs, or even SH. There has to be enough allowed entries to allow a creative process, but that doesn’t mean there should be a mass ton either. One entry is not the way to go. We would go from CHs being overwhelmed to not getting their money’s worth, being upset at limited thought process, being upset that quality doesn’t increase no matter their own participation or feedback, and many other issues.

  3. There technically are expiration dates. SH gives contest holders so long to choose a winner. When one has not been chosen after that amount of time, a winner and/or multiple winners will be selected at that time. The only reasons winners will not be selected at that time is if the contest hasn’t been guaranteed, if the contest is going through some additional process like trademark search, audience testing, etc – or if the CH has maintained contact with SH and wishes for an extension for whatever extenuating reason. Many of us have had our words about this process of waiting and you’re not the only one. But this is the answers we’ve pretty much received so you’ll get as well. Maybe someday SH and us will come up with a better alternative that serves everyone and remains fair for everyone … U til then, this is what equates to being fair most of the time. Yes there are times it is not but there will be extreme scenarios for any solution and we all just have to keep this in mind and rejoice when the process does work as it’s designed as that happens more often than not. But if you spend most of your time being appreciative and rejoicing the little concerns will be easier to manage for yourself and maybe even in most cases aside from the little one-offs will be more tolerable and even understood.


Thanks for your replies. I understand that there is a reason if things are the way they are.
So, if everything is already distilled, tested, verified, why asking for improvements?


I would like to see all contests guaranteed!


I agree. I never participate in non guaranteed contests but unfortunately, I’ve missed this a few times and been burned. Lesson learned - I now make sure I sort via ‘guaranteed contests only’.



This was never said nor claimed. In fact I said that several other people other than you have also had issues with the things you mentioned. My reply was meant to elaborate on your suggestions on either why they are the way they are now and may not change or should not change, or how they are relevant but would have to keep certain things in mind, and what SH has told us in reply to our own similar suggestions and trying to address the issue.

My reply was only in effort to try to help, to try to explain context (in case you or others may not have read the entire forum to know where we are at with things and why we are there), and to hopefully bring another perspective in effort to inspire you to take this information into account and maybe build off of your original ideas with these things in mind so that we’re moving closer to things that are feasible and fair.

Edited to add:
EVERYONE is allowed and even encouraged to make suggestions from the people that have been here the longest to the people who just joined today. Suggestions help formulate discussion and idea and sooner or later resolutions are eventually landed upon that DO help and even in the past have been the best of changes.

However, I would like to remind that first and foremost this is a community. We may all be competitive outside of the forums but there is still a respect here and a lot of us are very good friends and like to help however we can. I also would like to add that a lot of us see this as more than a way to just make money. A lot of us are advocates for fairness when it comes to EVERYONE because the simple matter is, SH would not be what it is or maybe even exist if there was enough friction to start pushing people away. Fairness ensures that we take the majority of people into consideration. That’s old or new. That’s creative, CH, and even staff and SH itself. This place begins with SQUAD for a reason. Most of us are namers, this should be apparent. So that is why a lot of us try to advocate and remind of this reason. We as creatives may compete but we’re all working toward the same goal. So we have to keep EVERYONE in mind if it is feasible to do so.

So, with these two things expressed, I will say that when you do make a suggestion

You may get replies from us (your fellow creatives) based on previous knowledge, based on previous experience, based on advocacy, or based upon just wanting to offer perspective or help making things more feasible. Just because you receive a reply that builds upon or even debates your suggestions, does not mean that it’s trying to say you shouldn’t make suggestions and/or saying that you’re necessarily wrong or that there’s no wiggle room. In fact, it’s the opposite. You’re at least making suggestions so it’s getting the topic and discussion going and we could not reach conclusions and fixes without discussion. That’s why this is a discussion board. However, some ideas are rough, some ideas have already been staked out and other such things so replies are only meant to help you take other things in mind in hopes that we can keep the conversation going and keep building on the idea. Because if we don’t do this and just let ideas not be constructively criticized and built upon and we don’t keep the discussion going and take all things we can into account and then keep things fair … What resolutions are we actually coming to? None. Things will go stagnant and issues will still continue to affect people.

So yes PLEASE make suggestions and let’s keep things going. We’ll brainstorm, we’ll help each other, we’ll teach each other, and sooner or later we may all eventually have an idea that’s been perfected that is reasonable, makes things better, acts as a solution, and is fair to everyone as much as we can make it … BECAUSE we all worked together to research, offer answers, offer debate, offer offer constructive criticism, offer agreement but elaboration, offer other suggestions, offer additional info, etc. It’s just an essential part of the process.


Wow! RareW, your reply is very… okay. I understand.
I remember another situation like SQ. It was with an Art Website. That website had a forum like this. Some artists became friends, there were discussions and suggestions, and also topics about improvements. But what everybody wanted was selling their artworks. Forum helped people knowing each others, but, at the end, only the Admin decided what really doing, what change doing. Also there, in few years the quantity of artists increased fast, so I think that Admin didn’t care if some artists/creatives were not satisfied… 6000 or 5500 doesn’t make a difference. Creatives are the last wheel of the cart (this is an Italian saying :slight_smile:) SH and that Art Website make things to gain, and they give us the possibility, a little possibility, to gain even us.
Here, there are people who win more than others, as in the Art Website there were artists who sold better than others. Some people seem to be kissed by luck (Italian saying)… and this is a deep mistery not yet scientifically explored.


Best thing to do to improve the site is reducing SH commission, current commission (up to 35%) is too high for an exclusive content! At this high commission exclusivity should be lifted, and creatives should be able to list their premium domains in other places.

  1. If contest is canceled award should not be included in “Total awarded:” CH info. There are CHs with multiple canceled contests and their info shows large amount of money which attracts creatives, when in reality they awarded nothing.
  2. If CH had multiple non-awarded contests there should be some kind of additional fee if he wants to open a new contest that would be refunded after he awards it.
  3. Non-guaranteed contests should be limited to $100 award contests. Several times I saw $300 non-guaranteed contest that was later canceled.


Recently, I read in the comment section about a CH who had previously guaranteed a contest, yet ended up cancelling the contest, thus the guarantee wasn’t honored.I was unaware that this kind of thing could happen. Doesn’t “Guarantee” safeguard and ensure there will be a winning creative(s) and they will get paid something? I am still learning the ropes, so your feedback is very appreciated :slight_smile:


I just had a 200 and 300 cancelled where I was the top love/loves. This resonates.


Would it be possible to add some new incentives in the affiliate dashboard? Maybe let us earn one Squadhelp coin for every 500 visitors we bring to the site? Just a thought.


@exceptionaldeb and @littodino
Did you, by any chance, blue button the ones you are talking about? And if so, did SH give you an answer like “SH reserves the right at its discretion” or did they tell you the reason why? In the past, they would say why.

This is really important, because you have posted here, and SH could lose the faith of its free workers if this is becoming some kind of trend. Many people already don’t participate in non-guaranteed contests because of the cancellation rates, so if this is becoming a trend, then how are we supposed to have any faith and spend our valuable time for free?

Also, (and I admit I should have blue-buttoned this but I didn’t), there was a $300 contest recently where the CH had 2 identical contests running (at least on the days I looked at them). I asked the CH a public question about the difference between the 2 contests and they didn’t answer me. I noticed the 2 had different trending creative and a different number of entries. I ended up moving on because I tend to rule out any contest that seems odd. I wonder if that is one of the canceled contests? (One of the 2). Take a look at the CHs stats to see…

I hope SH answers in the forum because my tentacles are up now, too! In the past they did not do this except for extremely difficult situations and when they did explain, even we would agree with their decision.


Thank you for taking the time to write a reply. No, I didn’t write to SH with this question. I was hoping to get an answer on the forums. I am still rather newish and learning along the way. I have already asked too many questions to SH…they probably need a rest from me…LOL .

However, as I look at the trends and have seen some of the same observations you have written about, I am becoming more aware and hopefully more savvy with contests I will favor and those to avoid.

If I do write to SH, about the Guarantee and Cancelled contests issues, I will share what I have learned.

Happy New Year to you!


SH is always so wonderful when you blue button - no matter how much of a pest you are - and believe me - I am a pest and I wonder if they go ugh every time they see my questions. (I love those guys. They are always wonderful to me in spite of it!)

If they do give an answer, I imagine you will actually agree with their decision… but if they give you a standard reply, you may lose faith… you know?


The one specific one Deb was referring to had a note in the “old” contest stating that the CH requested a charge back from the credit card company. So although it was “guaranteed”, SH had no recourse.


That is disheartening, did you bb?


Dinos were non-guaranteed contests. Nothing to BB there.
Debbie is speaking of one that was “guaranteed” , yet cancelled.


…me too:(…Also no public message from sh stating the contest was cancelled…I thought that was protocol for some reason. Idk when it was cancelled, I just stumbled upon it while checking other things.Also when I submitted those names 2mths ago they were cleared as available. After further investigation they actually weren’t available- darn it all​:cold_sweat::cold_sweat:


I remember a contest like this, maybe the same one. I thought - wow, people would really do that???


Mine were non-guaranteed but in spite of the award amounts and how slow December can be it’s disheartening. My family’s really struggling right now so I had some hope they wouldn’t be cancelled.

It just makes me anxious because now I’m compelled to constantly check to make sure they don’t register anything on the downlow.

I feel like non-guaranteed should be limited to 100 dollars, with the option to upgrade to guaranteed at a higher award. That way CHs can get a feel of what they will recieve before they go all in.