How Would You Improve The Site? (Cont'd)


The moment you realize…
that you are happily and enthusiastically working away at a contest for which you feel you have a great affinity only to find that the CH is literally right behind you, rejecting every single name you thought was totally “it” with absolutely no reasons why…

so my suggestion to SH is this: I would love to have an immediate alert when a CH is rejecting names “as we speak” so I can stop. This is one of the problems I think SH wants to address, so that is my suggestion. Create a popup when we are IN a contest and the CH is rejecting everything right then ant there.

The amount of time we creatives waste on situations like this is astronomical. And our time is money.



Also would be nice if Listings can be searched alphabetically (A-Z). :slight_smile:


Hi @grant I hope i still be able to submit my domains in some contests without the need to put on basic listings. Cause everytime i try to submit my domains inside some contests, it keep rejected even though i already submitted into my owned domains. Thank you


I agree Jackie. This is also my pet peeve. I am sick of seeing no thank you’s. Out of all of them you’d think a few would be, at least, on the right track. Been struggling to keep my Tier A Status.


@ChristyMay @ALDaisy1 @Soni

I’ve reported the issue to our engineering team. Thank you.


@fxpreneur - This should now be fixed. Please use the Blue Button to submit the exact names and contests if the issue persists.



I mentioned this some time ago and don’t remember if I ever received a response so I am posting it again only because it may be making things difficult for many people as it has done for myself.

For marketplace listings, I had previously increased the price to some of them but ever since doing this, I can’t DECREASE the price again. It only gives the option to increase the price for all of them. I also only have the ability to apply a discount to some when I would like the ability to apply a ‘discount’ to more than that if I so choose. Seems SH applies their own discounts as they see fit occasionally here and there to names they deem fit to do so to, but in my case it seems to happen to the names I’d rather not be offered at a discount at a time that I’d not like there to be a discount. Why, if SH can have this ability, can I not have more ability and control as well? I ask because I’ve noticed the past few times there has been a SH applied discount that my percentage actually goes DOWN by a lot because I’ll get more views, probably from people that have already shortlisted it but the shortlists rarely increase. Yet when I’ve applied a discount of my own choosing, the few times I have, it’s been more balanced. Not that this is SH’s fault at all. I just think sometimes a discount should be factored into how well a name is performing with views and shortlists.

So can we get more power over choosing the prices for our listings as well as when discounts are or aren’t applied, please? I would so very much like to be able to drop the price of some of mine and put a few others on discount and even increase the price of others via the stats that I’m able to see. I’m sure others would greatly appreciate these abilities as well. Maybe if we can have the ability to DECREASE to where our own profit would be the LOWEST of $200 (and allow there to be options from wherever it may be currently to that number. Maybe even increments of $100 dollars i.e. is set at $1599 but the percentage isn’t doing so well – give me a drop down that offers 1499, 1399, 1299, 1199, 1099, etc until my profit would only be $200. Conversely, is also $1599 but it’s got a huge shortlist percentage, give me options to increase) so maybe an algorithm that determines for each name what the lowest sale price would be that we can only receive $200 for ourselves and apply decreasing prices for each name to that amount and increasing prices to indefinite amount (only because I cannot say ONE price because all names are worth different amounts and creatives should be able to name prices at the risk themselves of the percentages dropping and SH not wanting to rebuy the name come renewal – or whatever the process could be – I’m not an expert here for the whole alternate end of the things but I think giving choice gives responsibility and it could pay off for many, maybe? Also it will fix the ability to decease sales price when we need it).


Hear, here, @rareworthy! I have been so frustrated by this. In fact, I raised prices on some brand new domains and because I did that, SH erased the lower price. So I could “not go back again”. I also see reasons why I need to put some names “on sale” and SH doesn’t do it. I have had names that have never been put on sale by SH (ever!) and others that are on sale all the time or really against my wishes. I have no choice when my commission drops below what I feel is acceptable either. I won’t use numbers… just sayin’, SH took away a lot of what we could do on the marketplace before. I really want it all back!


Also is there anyway to increase our commision rate by 5 - 15 % in case we choose to renew marketplace domain with our own money?


I believe it is a bug, I had that problem with increasing indefinitely and reported it, it was fixed. But now I have a different problem - for all my domains I can only set price in the same range, no matter what starting value is. For example, I will use made-up prices, if I had a domain priced at $1.099 i could change it from $1.099 - $1.399 before, but now drop down menu gives me $2.099 - $2.399 no matter what the starting price is! I reported that repeatedly and still did not get an answer if it is a glitch or not :frowning:
Not sure if I am allowed to bring this up here, if I get a warning I will delete :slight_smile:


@rareworthy, I blue buttoned this issue once about two weeks ago, then again two days ago. And was told that they would let me know a.s.a.p., as soon as they receive an update on the situation by the team.


since the marketplace is single word focused, can we have the ability to search our names by word count?


On our marketplace dashboard, could the percentage of shortlists vs views be shown in red/green, depending on if the percentage has increased or decreased?


Why is it that some premium names in the marketplace are discounted even without a logo yet?


Could basic names be added to the totals of our “domains in the marketplace” please?


@grant I noticed that our basic listings or basic plus do not have an option to shortlist for the potential buyer. It’s located below the name. Could your tech team add the little heart shortlist to those listings? Thank you!

Also, names that are selected for categories (e.g. coworking) do not show up when you select that specific category. I noticed this with my other names as well. Is there a way that can be fixed?

Thanks again, Grant!


Well spotted @LauraE


Please show top contest stats in the listings, something like this:

This will help us to choose contests that we think are suitable for taking part more efficiently.


@Grant, can we have a notification letting us know when the backlog on submitting to the marketplace is under 500 or open again? TY also I would like our dash and contest pages to merge, I hate switching back and forth. I would also love it if contests with activ contest holder could have the message or communication section ammount next to the contest name instead of having to open the contests up to see if they left community messages (similar to a number count re text messages on cell phone) This way, we know right away, will be more responsive to the contest holder and have a greater chance of productive interaction.


Any chance these could be A-Z / Date / Numeric sortable?