How Would You Improve The Site? (Cont'd)


I am wondering @Grant if there is a problem somewhere with CHs seeing public messages. It’s really strange… for example, I saw one recently where at least 5 contestants asked questions and then later the CH posted a public message, but never even acknowledged the questions that were asked. Is it possible they see something different on their phones, and don’t see the public messages? When I ran a contest, I saw them but I use a laptop. And I seem to recall I didn’t get emails when there was a message posted. I could be wrong about that. Is it possible for SH to test this somehow? I really feel like this is somehow about the CHs not seeing/getting the public messages. Thanks.


Good point @Commulinks! The messaging needs some TLC for sure.


I agree and wrote about this in a seperate post about a month ago. One of the things I suspect is happening, is messages from SH are going straight to people’s “junk folder”. I’ve been with SH for over a year and still find messages ending up there instead of my inbox even though I mark them ‘not junk’. I also made the suggestion to have a pop up with something like: “You have messages” which doesn’t disappear until messages are read or responded to. I would think most people use phones on the run, so the more user friendly it can be made on the phone, the better.


I noticed I don’t get notifications anymore when a name has been “un-shortlisted” and I am wondering if SH can fix that.


Lucky you, you still get shortlisted :smiley:


We already have a page devoted to show the winning submissions of contests. Not just names, but logos, taglines, and other such things. This can be found at the: page. If you’re wanting a full list aside from this, this may not be possible and you wouldn’t receive every name, anyhow. Some CHs ask for the name to not be released and with recent contests, sometimes names aren’t released until domain and/or trademarking is acquired as it helps to protect the name.

But, maybe SH could provide lists. I don’t see how new creatives need more than what I’ve already provided and information that can already be found across the site. In some cases, new creatives have access to a lot more information than a lot of others who have joined further in the past had. I think you’ll be able to use the information that can be found and use the brief to come up with ideas just like the rest of us have done.


I am against posting old winning names in a list. It’s OK to have winners displayed for some time, but with a list all one should do is take an old name, alter it a little and voila, instant name generator. It would result in names that combine previous wins. As if people already don’t use too many name generators in contests…


Hi! I haven’t seen it on the site but perhaps offering an easy way for people to “gift” a “naming experience” for someone that might be starting off their business (spouse / friend…). I previously saw that a CH had gifted his spouse the experience. Allow someone to purchase a voucher with a code or something that they can then launch when they’re ready. Just a thought :slight_smile: Perfect xmas, birthday, valentine’s gift for the new entrepreneur…


When I visit this link:
I see all prices, but you have to fix this. Some of my domains are set as ''Make offer", so their price should be hidden. :confused:
We can’t negotiate for a higher price, if you show our prices there.


I believe the Make Offer is for the buyer to make an offer that is lower that the list price being asked. You have the option from your dashboard to remove the make an offer option for each individual domain


I hope this isn’t the case as I was hoping we could circumvent the low prices we have to choose from for some of our names because the prices we have to choose from for some of us for some of our names definitely don’t go high enough and a make offer should allow any offer to be thrown out for us to have if we want it or not – not to show what we originally settled with in some cases and be an ‘or best offer’ scenario. If this is going to be a, "here’s my price and I’ll take it or the best offer I can otherwise get’ then it should be listed as ‘price or OBO’ not ‘make an offer’. This of course isn’t the only reason we use the make an offer thing as I have ones that meet the above described and also ones I’d just like to see what people are willing to pay. But yes, kinda makes it null if they show a price.


Just a thought…when I look at the marketplace, I see make an offer names with no prices. I wonder if it is just showing you yours because you are logged on? Not sure if that is possible but I am not seeing prices on make an offer names. I removed all of my make an offers…so I can’t tell from mine.


I feel it is unfair that there are names listed in the marketplace with twenty or more possible uses selected and every available feeling or emotion listed. I know there is supposed to be a limit of around five now, but that doesn’t correct anything unless names that have been categorized this way in the past are flagged for correction. Also, those who are allowing their marketplace names to be entered by others into contests should really consider keeping their name descriptions down to one paragraph. When extremely long descriptions are imported to the contest submission form, it is very inconvenient.
Edited to add: It appears this issue is being addressed in the next marketplace update. Thank you for making the marketplace a fair place for all of us. :slight_smile:


I support, I am also very surprised by this fact. It is now klet us to introduce no more than three categories and emotions. This means that our new domains will be in a worse situation than those to which vast categories are available.
In addition, I believe that ALL our domains should be sold, even if we are absent. I hope that the SH team will allow creatives to offer not own Basic plus listing domains in contests in the near future.


I would like to ask SH to fix an issue in the marketplace. There are “flames” on names and little blurbs in the description that say that the name has a lot of interest by “at least 4 people” or 6, etc. The problem is that it isn’t true and that other names, which have, for example, 10 shortlists in a month, have no flames. I like the flame approach and the “lots of interest” message - I just wish that it was accurate for each month. My most popular names change every single month. I have flame names that aren’t even close to being my most popular names…

And @ALDaisy1, you are 100% right. I will add that as we all struggle to even get our names SEEN and are now PAYING to get our names seen (coins), that the playing field should start out EVEN. I’ve been complaining about the issue you brought up for a long time. I see those names at the top of every single category when you click on them and it is not fair, while we all have names that we boost for money and find out they advanced something like 15,000 positions, meaning they were at the very bottom for who knows how long and nobody was finding them.



I just today found out that for a logo contest- once a design is selected and files are handed over that the CH has 15 days to approve the files. In all my years I’m just now learning this lol. The site only requires 2 files to be submitted ( i go way beyond that) but what in the world takes 15 days to verify? I mean, honestly, I imagine if they had a problem with either of their 2 files that all they’d have to do is contact SH and SH would ensure the creative fixed the issue. Right? I really wish and would like to suggest that SH drop that time frame down to about 3 days max.


  • To test the files they have received, there are trials and free programs immediately available online

  • To test on a website - wix and many other sites offer free sites that can be used as a “test site”

  • As a designer, we have the standard project time (plus any extensions), and occasionally the max wait time if a CH opts to “audience test” - so 7 days for the project, 30 days to select, 2 days to handover files and then upto 15 days to wait to get paid, this feels extreme. This is probably not a typical scenario - most times when I’ve won a project the CH approves within a day or two which is really reasonable, and currently I’ve only been waiting 4 days since selection but 33 days since the project ended

thanks in advance for the consideration!


I would love SOME KIND of improvement that is encouraging for creatives. Honestly, I don’t even know what that is. All I know is inspiration is so hard to come by on Squadhelp anymore! :roll_eyes::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:


I agree. So many $100 contests with little or no engagement with CHs that don’t answer questions. For starters, I’d like to see the minimum contest prize to go up to $150. Secondly, I’d like to propose some kind of $20-$50 bond paid by CHs which is refunded only after a winner is announced. And for my third request, I’d like to see easy to read prompts for CHs to read (on the platform) to better understand how SH works and how to answer Creatives questions / rate entries etc instead of being given links to articles to read (I don’t believe most CHs read them or even see the emails). Just some suggestions to consider / discuss :blush:


You say; I would love SOME KIND of improvement that is encouraging for creatives.
I agree with it. I have long asked the team to introduce new achievement cups. For example, for 20 wins, 50 wins, 100 wins. For the first domain sold, for 5 domains, for 10 domains sold. Lucky Cup for winning $ 1,000 in one contest. The more rewards, the more interesting it is to work. Creative people need approval, not just money.


I talk about contests. I think SQ would simplify. There are too many filters. There are too many selective criteria to form the creative’s ranking.
There are contests which pay $250/300 that only creatives with high rating can partecipate. While new creative with low rating can partecipate only to $100 contests which takes a long time to select a winner. The process of naming is the same, then why should being those differences?

What I think is -

  1. everybody should see the same contests, and choose what they like.
  2. one entry for each creative, not more.
  3. set an expiration date to announce the winner.