How Would You Improve The Site? (Cont'd)


When we give descriptions under “describe this domain” for Marketplace Submissions, it would be great if those carried over after names are approved. Instead the field is blank and we have to either remember what we wrote before (which I can never seem to do), or reinvent a description.


Hi and Happy Friday to everyone! I appreciate that we’re able to purchase our own lifestyle images for our logos. That said I think some of the images don’t always fit what we’re trying to convey through the name. Would it be possible to consider doing the following 1) Let us fill in a box when we make the request for the lifestyle image to give our input on what we would imagine for this name. OR 2) Allow for the creatives to choose 1 image out of “pre-selected” images by the SH team.


Thank you so much for bringing this up! I was thinking the same thing the other day!!! Sometimes the image is way off.


@wordLabyrinth My descriptions populate automatically if I enter a marketplace entry. I have even had when I enter someone else’s marketplace name and their description populates as well. Maybe you should BB…


@CreativeCookie try using the review process and see if they would consider replacing it, especially if you have a good description. If the image is way off compared to the description they may replace it. I had an issue with a logo recently and also mentioned a box or keyword list to convey our vision, so to say. I think our input is important in that aspect. A logo redesign made a huge difference in the number of times it’s been shortlisted. Some people think logo and images don’t make a difference but I saw about 3X’s or more of difference on my marketplace stats. So I’m with ya on being able to give our input in such matters!


@Dbedio thanks for the feedback :slight_smile: Yes - I requested a review on some of them.


Good luck, I hope they change them for you. :crossed_fingers:


@wordLabyrinth meant when you’re submitting a name to the marketplace, not into a contest. When you submit a name to the marketplace and it gets approved, you have to re-write ANOTHER description because the one you originally submitted for the review and approval process doesn’t stay to the name.


Oh, got’cha…I thought when marketplace entries were entered into contests. Makes sense now.


Speaking of …

You reminded me of something else.

To update EVERYONE that may have noticed this …: I have BBed the issue of submitting premium/marketplace names to contests and the description that is auto-populated being able to be edited but the edits not ‘staying’ once you submit the name into the contest.

What I mean by this, is say that you find/have a name to submit to the contest from the marketplace. You type in the information and the description automatically fills into the box. Well … sometimes you want to add to the description or edit this description. So you do and then you hit submit, but all of those edits you made … suddenly are gone when you go to look at the entry on your entry tab in the contest. Why didn’t the description that you edited stay? I don’t know. So … I told SH this via the blue button. Because otherwise, as it stands … either you don’t know this happens and you may assume the description you edit stays and then it doesn’t which can affect many things. Or you’ve discovered that it happens and just make the edit after submission.

Now, that latter option is definitely an option and all we have currently to be able to utilize. However, I worry about it because CHs may receive emails that show the original descriptions upon submission … so if the CH were to read the original description and it’s not what you intended … what impacts could that have? Not only that but it’s a big waste of time and effort to have to remember this and do this anytime you enter a premium and/or marketplace name. Just trying to get it to work the way it’s intended to work.

So, I figured to let SH know this is an issue. I am only telling everyone about it here so if you’re having this issue, know that the team is now aware of it. :slightly_smiling_face:


SH could you please put a cap on the number of examples from past contest ( The ones with the lifestyle pictures ), that CH provide with the brief, to maybe six max? Some contests have as many as sixty five!! One just gets fatigued from all the scrolling through the quite similar names to get to the submit button. The examples are welcome, but more than six are, IMHO; excessive. Thank you


While I agree the scrolling is a bit much, I’d rather have 65 lifestyle name examples vs no names we like examples, lifestyle examples, etc at all. Sometimes if the lifestyle examples is all they give, I’d prefer a large amount of them because while you may be referring to specific contests where this has happened, I could reference where several were used and very varied and different from each other so it gave ideas and creativity.

It’s my opinion that a little scrolling is worth it when it can give ideas, provide details, and sometimes be a major part of the information given. I’d rather deal with excess in the cases that can help us and help us help the CHs and have to scroll and be happy we have access to that as information.

Just my opinion.


Maybe instead we figure out a better way of displaying them. Maybe they’re populated into a folder we can click that brings up a pop-up and/or they’re offered as a downloadable file, and/or they open in a new page/tab, and/or there be another new tab to the contest for creative resources where images, lifestyle things, mood boards, color pallettes, PDFs and uploads from the ch, etc can all be listed and displayed. Personally I like the last idea the most as it keeps things organized and offers a specific area.

Edited to add:

So so sorry for double post. I’m on my phone and I tried to edit my last post after posted and it won’t let me. And I wanted to give resolution ideas so we don’t have to lose or cap this feature as as many ideas and feedback and brainstorming that CHs can provide the more likely we will be able to help them better determine something perfect for them.


Eh, I really don’t want to have to open a file every time. I participate on another site that does that, and it’s a hassle, imo.


That’s why I gave several other ideas. I personally rather just have another tab in the contest where files the ch uploads, pictures the ch provides, and lifestyle images and other such things can all be stored.


curious… is that how you see it on a phone? (I use a computer so I don’t have an issue with scrolling to get to submit button so I was wondering).


Yes, on the phone the tabs are stacked as dropdown columns. The longer the brief, the longer you scroll.

I’m with @rareworthy, even as a huge phone user. The more the better.


You can close the brief drop down button so you have easy access to the submit button.


That’s what I do when mobile. I wait for everything to load then tap the ‘active’ tab to ‘minimize’/‘close’ it so all tabs are closed/minimized and them just quick flick scroll which actually usually takes me too far and then I just scroll back up to submit.

Again, it may not be ideal … Nothing may be, but I feel knowledge/function of helping the ch in this case supercedes the form/function of the elements of the page. But, again, this is just my opinion and know many others may not agree. But, that is why I’ve tried to offer solutions and there may be other solutions as well. I’d prefer solutions than capping something that helps more than it may hinder.


We should be able to cancel a pending payout request.