How Would You Improve The Site? (Cont'd)


Well, that’s what your aim of it is. But I was proposing that there may not be a way to do this that is seen as lucrative to SH unless it is an option that we make and cover ourselves. I am saying this because while coins may be ‘virtual’ currency via SH, there is still monetary value placed behind it the way that SH has structured it.

We, right now, have to ‘buy’ coins. So coins have a monetary value, and therefore that would be value that may impact SH in some way if they were to do such for every contest as that would be considered a non-gain of revenue. They may not actually be ‘losing’ anything as it is virtual in that regard, but they also are not gaining anything as they would with a tradition purchase of the coins. And because the coins can be used as a granter of a service, a way to do something advantageous, things that require time/effort on SH’s part, etc. etc. – SH would then be covering those amenities, services, time/effort, or things of value without recouping anything for it. So it may not be a traditional loss but it is kinda a loss/non-gain.

Edited to add:

I would like to add, however, that I do like the idea. Maybe SH would like the idea as well. We can hope that they would, because as you even said, it would help to offset things and also reward us a bit. But, effectively, I’m acknowledging that I can see both sides of the argument and why it may not be possible. It would definitely be amazing if SH could think that it would be possible. But, I just wanted to be realistic and outline the possible other side of the ‘coin’ (pun intended) :smile:


I really love participating in SH co-branding contests. I would like to recommend that Squadhelp make some changes that would greatly improve our creativity.

First, when we ask a question, it would be great if SH answered it, especially with something other than these things:
-The brief already contains all the information we need
-A simple repeat of the brief
-No answer

Second, I really like the mood boards that some CHs upload to their contests. They really help me to get in the zone.

Third, when SH sends a message on an entry saying that “this is one of our favorites” - could you please make sure that the name is loved? I mean, if it is one of the favorites… it should be a love, not a like or OTRT. OR, just don’t say that because when I see these and look at the rating, it does not inspire me to continue. Loves make me come back.

Fourth, this really needs to be said, being coy does not inspire creativity. Deliberately not giving us information we want is not helpful. i.e. other brands that a CH admires.

It’s important for SH to understand what it is like for us on our end. We need things that make us more creative and that give us the right bits of info that make that happen. Telling us that we already have the info is not inspiring. In fact, it honestly feels kind of insulting! It’s almost like saying: what are you not getting about this? Sometimes I see struggles in a contest when all we need is that thing that sets off a light bulb!

I think these things would improve successful submissions.


I fully support your words! Honestly, I am also pushed away by the “on the right track” rating, together with comments like “It’s divine! We really like it!” : 0)


I couldn’t agree more. The fact that creatives have asked questions, means they’re engaged and ready to help (usually for free by the way given its a contest after all) and therefore deserve answers to questions that are helpful. The brief couldn’t possibly contain all the necessary information if they’re still seeking a name that they’re happy with. The experience for both CH and creatives would be greatly improved by answering Creative’s questions, supplying names of brands they already like, explain what is/isn’t working and for SH to manage expectations around what they are likely to get for $100 vs $300/$500 (especially when it comes to trademarking, single words, exact match .coms etc). I really do love this platform and I hope the communication in contests can be improved so that both CH’s and Creatives’ time is more respected.


SH, I also wanted to add something…
I do know that some CHs are being barraged with names that do not fit the brief whatsoever and that in some cases you must wonder if the creatives read the brief at all. I don’t want you to think I don’t know what it is like on the other end, too, and that you are trying very hard to limit that problem. We do realize what you go through!


I’m not sure what information a CH has prior to starting a contest, but it’s obvious that although they may have access to information on policies not all of them actually seek out this info. There should be some type of checklist highlighting important policies and even helpful tips prior to the contest going live. Things such as NOT sharing other creatives contest submissions, and tips on how being actively involved in Q&A can lead to better results as well as motivates the creatives.


Please bring back the sort by date option to the “My Entries” page.


Can we please sort our entries by letter amounts - say, 5 - 10 letters? I would love this!!


It’s a pity that there is still no mechanism protecting those who received a ‘like’ or ‘love’ from the CH block. I came across this again. And it saddens. It should not be like this: with one hand the contest holder puts a ‘like’, with the other hand blocks. This is unfair to the creative that helps CH find the best name. Please resolve this issue.


I have to wonder if the block button is too close to other buttons that the CH has… I could see a CH blocking by accident! I haven’t seen the block on the CH side so I don’t know how they are displayed.


Good point, Clinks… I also wonder how close the No Thank You button is to the Love It one? :wink:


LOLOLOL! Based on MY feed, it is very very close!!!


@AlwriteyThen @Commulinks​:clinking_glasses: thanks to y’alls humor.:grin::grin:… I needed a good laugh!!


I just have to say I love you guys. Thank you for that.


Haven’t smiled all day, it’s been a rough one. Then I come here and sure enough, first smile of the day! Thanks for the good humor and positivity here. :smile::clinking_glasses::heart:


Oh and I agree we need to look into the positioning of those buttons! :laughing:


Please fix the domains that are AVAILABLE and let you enter the names. As soon as you look at the entries after they go through, they show as taken, but are not. This keeps happening to more and more names. Very frustrating to have to put a note in the message that “Squadhelp has a glitch and domain is really available” after the entry goes through.


I found a bug. If you accidentally delete an entry that the CH gave a Like rating and then restore it again, then the creative will not be given an additional 10 entries.


I thought it is intentional, not a bug, that’s why I haven’t reported it :smiley:


I think deleting entries should be a bit more complicated somehow. Not too complicated … but it shouldn’t be able to be ‘accidentally’ done.

I also think that CHs shouldn’t be able to ban creatives that have received anything above a NTY unless there is maybe … three to five NTYs to balance it out. Or that, again, it should go by a merit system of multiple strikes having to be given … warnings … chances for the creative to ‘turn things around’ and time to do so … before a ban is allowed.