How Would You Improve The Site? (Cont'd)


Soo, are you totally happy in every aspect of the site with the way things work now and you don’t feel there’s no more room for a change? If “limitations” is not the way (altrough I would use here words like CLARITY & RESPOSIBILITY), then in what way and how SH might evolve?:slight_smile:


I think you have to remove the ‘Boost Visibility’ option or limit it /Every user can boost 3 domains per month/.
Because if someone invests a lot of money/coins now, he can boosts dozens of his domains and I don’t like this.


Because it might not make the customers happy,i believe many of creatives here got feedback on their entries like i like this, please submit along this line, can you give me another variation , etc etc. Sometimes it doesnt matter if the contest prize is $100, still u see many creatives really work on those contests, many times the ch who encourage more entries, its up to the creative want to contribute more or not. Its not about happy or not happy, its more of less headache and not too much rules. Dont worry about evolving, SH already one of the most innovative companies already.


Colleagues, do not quarrel. You are right both. SH is an innovative platform, but this does not mean that it is not able to grow and strive. Otherwise stagnation will occur. Kacper is right in that since the squad cannot deny $100 contests, it is necessary to entice the customer by promising him more entries if he pays more. SH is a commercial site that benefits from expensive contests. Therefore, I support Kacper’s proposal to limit the number of submitted entries in $100 contests


I also received feedback like this from CH plenty of times - “this is great, I need more, go get it champ!”. While a lot of times CH might write something like this to a few, handful of creatives, I get a strong feeling that most of the participants get a message like this. I mean, in some way, it’s just pure reasoning and mathematics: How many ideas is enought? Is there a number set in stone? No. But one thing is a clear brief and 100-300 entries and the other thing is 3000+ entries from 200+ creatives with 5-6 months of contest pending. We have to look at it like this: CH’s and SH might not said it out loud, but we’re also basically a focus group within every contest in which we take part. Is there any other name for it if you get 200+ people from all over the world with 3000+ ideas? Focus groups and additional research itselfs could costs 4-5 figures easily, so just think how much money CH are saving using SH. Simply 100% subjective opinion from a creative, but to be honest I don’t see any lie in here. Everybody (I guess) loves SH, I believe that money is not the only thing why we are here, but it’s hard not to think that this site is beneficial first for CH’s, then SH (or they are equal), and then we are, with 90-450$ (mostly) prizes in 9/10 cases worth just more. It’s super cool to exchange our different views on things, but it’s even better to have ideas how to push things forward instead of just not agreeing with something. All the best to all the creatives!


yes yes dont worry, this is discussion forum not quarrel forum. And no i am not quarreling now hahahahaha :smile::smile::smile::smile::smile::smile:


Where did our stats go on our public profiles?


Thats strange. I have seen them and then there has been times when I haven’t. Are you all still having issues with this or is it just me now? Maybe I’m just going batty. :joy:


Mine is still not there. I didn’t look at others day.


@grant. I hope SH can add search tool for 5 - 6 letter words on my entries page, so easier for creatives to look for their past entries related to those type of names.
thank u


I support, and it is still very necessary to sort the domains alphabetically on the portfolio page!


Requested this a while ago :crossed_fingers:t2:


I noticed that one of your designers creates too small/tiny logos, the font size is too small… Please, fix this. All logos created by him/her are small with tiny text. :sleepy:


I’d like the ability to search for contests by name or keyword.


Hi SH, i hope you can improve the knowledge of the new customer service who handle the blue button, sometimes their answer is wrong and lead to confussion. thank u


I know we do get notifications when a CH posts a new comment or direction on an ongoing contest. What we do not get are a CH’s answers to questions posed by creatives on the public message board. Some of these answers come with new directions and examples of what the CH is after. I think the notification is sent out to the creative who asked the question, yet we all cannot ask the same or similar question of the same CH. These answers/ directions are important even to those who didn’t ask the question and I think it would be fair to all taking part in a particular contest to be notified of any such activity. What do other creatives think about this? Thank you! Edit : @grant opinion too


Soni, I have requested this a few times. It would be so much better (for me anyway) if any messages in contests we are participating in are sent to us directly on this platform rather than have to go to our e-mail and get the message and come back to the platform. I really hope this can be done.


How about giving 5 Coins per contest win and 1 Coin per Cha-Ching winner when there is only one recipient?


The problem with that is, they may want to take that amount out of our winnings in order to do this. That would be one dollar or five dollars respectively and considering we’re already responsible for the fees and having to wait until there’s a certain amount in our balance to pull it out and chances to have to give back (with chachings) and do forth … This just makes another hurdle for some of us that already have difficulties with the aforementioned. I think it’s an interesting idea but I would like it to be an amount that could actually be considered a ‘win’ and not something that we are responsible for in the end. And if we are responsible for it (i.e. it being considered as part of our reward – e.g. won $300 contest which is actually a $270 contest (I think?) And then getting 5 coins which would make it a win of $265 + 5 coins), that it be a choice we are given to select and deselect at will kinda like the auto withdrawal and such.


Actually the coins would not represent a reduction on our withdrawable amount but a kind way to compensate for the 10% of fees when we withdrraw.