How Would You Improve The Site? (Cont'd)


I am against the idea of ​​limiting the number of Tier A creatives. Creative can get sick, left away and not take part in contests. This should not be reflected in his ranking, which he earned over the years. But I believe that tightening the rules for new members should be mandatory. Beginners with a high percentage should not automatically receive Tier A, because they give dozens of names and before they lose Tier A, the CH may refuse the competition.


Hi team. We really need to be able to sort the domains in the portfolio alphabetically. Very often, some domains disappear from the main portfolio page, and we must look for them individually from the tables on the Dashboard.


That’s why there’s a half of Tier A could be made from a previous 30-31 days, no matter if partipated in 1 or 200 contests in that time (I really start to disbelieve that participating in fewer contests makes better scores, it might have been a case for it a year ago, nowadays it seems like more and more contest are really russian rulette when it comes to the ratings that we get). So in short, I think that a full month is enought to take a break if needed and still be in the pool for that second 50 Tier A creatives, but of course that’s just an opinion, would love to see any other clear thoughts how to tackle that subject.


I am Russian, thanks for the national treasure - roulette: 0), so the vicissitudes of fate do not surprise me. I believe that any system works without failures if there are transparent calculation algorithms. If there are no such algorithms, then you need to believe in luck and work until the victorious result.


I decided to rest on vacation (two weeks of August), and almost did not participate in competitions. I gave just a few ideas, got quite a lot of high marks (however not much more than usual). When I returned, my rating increased quite a lot. I explained this by the fact that little work on the site. Paradox…


I noticed that updates on the number of short lists on the market occur twice a day. It would be nice if there would be a separate column with the number of shortlisted pluses for a particular domain (at the moment of updating). This would be useful to consider the possibility of timely discounts on this domain and so on.


No …I dont agree.Sorry. I feel I shouldn’t have to keep proving or earning my tier A status. I’ve been here almost 4 years (next month) and have worked hard to prove myself,and don’t think I should keep having to prove it over and over.

Plus life happens. If I told people here everything that has gone on the last year or so,beginning with my sweet youngest son becoming very ill and then unfortunately passing away…my brother going blind after surgery,my other son going missing and having a mental breakdown,( he eventually was found,thank God) having to put my mother in hospice,my poor son in law having heart failure,then a massive stroke 2 weeks later, at only 34 years old, ( I’m currently in AZ and have been here for a month,trying to help out while he recovers) plus going thru a divorce,etc etc… You would understand why I have had sporadic participation at times.

There are many things people go thru here they keep to themselves and just keep plugging along as best they can.

It would be horrible to be penalized on top of everything to lose your status because my life has difficult. I still am a good namer and worked hard for the status I have.
Just my two cents worth.


I am so sorry for your loss… Your will power is amazing.


Holly, You are a fighter, I am proud to be on the same front line with you!


So sorry for you having to go through so much, I honestly cannot imagine. I respect your strength. Bless you.


Very sorry for your loss. Cant imagine the pain and struggle you are going through. Hope everything will be fine soon. Take Care.


@hollygirl you don’t owe anyone an explanation! You, I and others have worked hard over the years to gain our status and should not have to continue to jump through hoops to keep it.
We have rolled with the punches and adjusted to all the changes. And boy have there been alot since we both started.
I know this last year has been a for you, but on a selfish note…I’m always happy to see you here, because to me it means you are slowly healing. Hugs to you and the family :heart:


Thank you everyone for your kindness and support.I usually don’t put all my business out there on here…but I wanted to make a point that many( if not all of us), are going through things that no one has any idea about.We all work hard for any of the benefits and money we’ve been able to earn over time…so I guess I am protective of not only me,but my fellow creatives who have worked at this very hard for a long time,and have earned their place here.And it should in my opinion,should remain secure. Hugs and best of luck to all. I sure have met some wonderful people here on SH…and I truly appreciate all of you!


Someone else must have already suggested this, but here goes:
Now that we have on site purchases (seller marketplace, coins and maybe others to come soon) I think we should be able to use our “Contest balance” or at least our “Available to withdraw” balance to pay for purchases.


How can we ensure that our 5 letter marketplace names actually come up when someone clicks on 5 letter names? I scrolled and scrolled trying to find most of mine. I have many and only saw one.


Here’s an idea: tip option for contest holders! starting at 10$, maybe?! Creatives need more money coming in :smiley:


@grant, I have of late come across several contests where the CH posts on the message board something in the tune of…I like the names submitted so far and I have messaged or working with, some of you in right direction…etc. Is this proper or fair to the rest of the creatives taking part in that contest? I think CHs should be informed, or reminded at the outset that all new guidance should be posted for all to see in the public message board. Thank you


Marketplace submission review process just really really slow


Considering cha-chings and the way prize Money is split…
Let’s say there are two Creatives that have entries that haven been shortlisted. According to the current prize split structure, each one would receive 50% of the prize. But, let’s say that Creative A has only one entrie that has been shortlisted and Creative B maybe investigate and worked a bit harder and has 5 entries that have been shortlisted. it seems to me that it would be fair to divide the prize money for 6 (total number of shortlisted entries) and give Creative A 1 sixth and Creative B 5 sixths of the prize. What do you think?


@DNFront What that will do is cause the creatives to keep entering more and more and more and more entries just to try and get their shortlist increased and inundate the CH with more entries yet again.