How Would You Improve The Site? (Cont'd)


I think SH should limit the amout of “Love It” and “Like It” ratings a CH is allowed to give, per contest. I mean, how can a CH TRULY love more than 100 entries?!? Either he has no idea what “love it” means or he has no idea what he is looking for!
SH should limit the amout of top ratings, for example with percentagens. For example, a CH would be allowed to “Love” up to 5% of the entries, and “Like” up to 15% of the entries. That would force them to REALLY think about entries and not just rate 250 as “Love it”!


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I really do not see what the problem is with a CH loving or liking 10 or 100 names. It’s his/ her contest. Even if they love all the entries submitted, so be it. At the end of it all, there will be only one winner. If a creative finds they are not happy with a contest with too many loves and shortlists, then the best thing would be to move on to the next. IMHO It does not auger well to limit CHs in how many they can like or not, shortlist or not…etc


I agree with you, Soni. And I think it will cause problems for CHs as well. When they hit the
“wall” they might not understand why and have to rely on SH support to figure it out.


I noticed when I ran my logo contest that every prompt and offer from SH during the contest referred to naming, not logos. I imagine the same happens with taglines. These messages should be tailored to the type of contest the CH is running.


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Hi @Soni, The problem is that these names then get blocked for creatives from posting to other contests that they could potentially win and the block is for many weeks or months. Get the picture?? Only if the CH is serious about the name should they shortlist it. That’s the point here, not to restrict their enthusiasm. :slight_smile: A maximum number of shortlisted names (blocked names) makes them focus on the best and will help them narrow down their options. I also think that this and some other time bound rules would make CHs more inclined to award the contests rather than abandoning them. Another solution which can make it easy for both sides is that the block should be in place only for a week or two and then we should be free to submit these names.

Edit: I also feel Shortlisted names should get more points than just love it names. Maybe more points for every day they stay on the CHs shortlist. Dunno, just some sort of compensation for them being blocked.

I would also like to suggest that the basic contests be more time bound than the higher costing ones. For example the $90 prize ones could have a 7-10 day decision making limit right upto 2 months for the largest ($450+) prizes.


On the topic of shortlisting…this is a quote from the Contest Holder Starter Pack…
"You can add as many entries in your shortlist as you like, but we recommend that you whittle down your final list to 6 favorite entries. "


Thank you @LisaMac
Posting that had crossed my mind yesterday… BC I was thinking I had read something about keeping shortlists down to 6-wasnt 100% with my memory;)


I feel that SH should just stop blocking our names period. That would solve it. This is a first come, first-served kind of situation in my mind. The chances of 2 CHs choosing the same name are very very slim and unless it has happened a LOT, I think SH should eliminate this barrier because you are right, the shortlists do hold up our names and that shouldn’t be.


@grant Would it be possible for us to get an email when an Contest is Cancelled?
Like others, I don’t realize that some contests I entered are non-guaranteed and I would like to know when cancelled.


Mine loved, went into audience testing, then it got registered, I reported it, then the next day I saw it on the winning name page… for someone else in a different competition. Not sure if I’m on the same page but had to share lol.


Countdown timer - days left until contest is split-awarded by SH. Good for creatives so we know when to expect the split, and good for CH to motivate him to award the contest.
Edit: Every time award is postponed, there is an explanation why and timer is set to new value.


Oh my gosh…what are the chances. It must have been a great name :slight_smile: and a bit of a shock.


That happened to me too! ( for a $500 contest too…ouch!). Someone else registered and won a $200 contest with my exact name,the same day the CH of my contest asked why my name they wanted to choose was no longer available.


I would love for there to be some sort of mini-lessons on how to get started with creative owned names. I’m considering venturing into this given all the changes on SH and new opportunities for creative owned names in the marketplace. But I’m not feeling comfortable or confident venturing into the unknown and would not want to do things wrong. I would guess some other Creatives are in a similar situation.