How Would You Improve The Site? (Cont'd)


Thanks @commulinks I luv your posts too!! Well I am new here so yeah there is a bit of a learning curve and I didn’t realize its a totally public forum. I figure SH is as helpless as us in certain cases so can’t really complain, maybe suggest, sure. :slight_smile: I would like to suggest that there is a section that is dedicated only to creatives for grievances. At least we would be able to get advice from the more experienced creatives who have already gone through the same situations.


oh how I wish this existed. Many have asked for this over the years.


That’s what the senior members thread was supposed to be for.
However, it won’t work for one simple reason…
We have creatives who are/were contests holders and contest holders who are creatives.


True, I am guessing there aren’t that many though. And to me, it isn’t a conflict.


I would like it if all policy changes/system updates/ announcements could be sent to Creatives through the messaging app or email, instead of only posted in the forum.


Simple idea: add some type of a bar to all of the contests which would tell us at what stage the contests is, for example 1. First review of all of the entries.
2. Second review.
3. Shortlist creation/review (and as there was some discussion about it here and in other topics, I believe that a shortlist should have a maximum of 10 entries. No matter if it’s from one creative or 10, every single shortlist = max 10 entries).
4. Focus groups (if necessary, CH should get a precise information about all of the pros and cons of focus groups, countless timeless creative work, not only from advertising, would never saw the light of the day if they were researched in those conditions).
5. Legal clearance.
6. Winner announcement & payment.

More or less, something like that. For creatives, it would give us a clear view at what stage the work after the contest is. For CH it would be beneficial - if they have plans to have multiple contests here - because they would show us that they want to get everything done in a smooth, fast and transparent way.

Just an idea.

@grant any thoughts?


Additional idea: Every creative should get paid from SH - let’s say 500$ why not? - after this particular idea from that creative gets implemented into the site.


Because we are the driving force of this place and if we share ideas how to make this place better of which clearly SH gets paid, it’s simply nothing outrageous to ask that we should get paid from those ideas to. :slight_smile:

@grant any thoughts?


There seems to be a new error in the marketplace listings area. When you sort by “Added On” the list order is incorrect. June, July are appearing after May, March. Seems like random order. I thought it was by date but 26 Mar is coming after 07/17 May and before June submissions so I can’t figure out the logical error just by looking. I am pretty sure it was working before. BTW sooo glad that you fixed the number of records viewable staying when you move through the pages issue. :+1: :+1:


What!!! I have been seeing this error for a few days and I post it and it gets rectified in 10 mins?? You can’t be that fast lol. Coincidence I guess. :blush:


Ok the error is still there. And I know why you guys haven’t noticed it. The error is present only on the home page of the marketplace listings [Approved (Premium) listings] and not when you navigate back to it using the drop down. Logically the only explanation I can think off is that the sorting is not working when there is no query string ("?status=Approved").


Hi there buddy. I also have a few suggestions on how to improve the site , as I am brand new in this lovely site and service. There is a slight challenge when joining the contest of induction or the prequalification process. When I must enter a domain I end up being clueless whether I must enter a domain for the business that may choose the name or must I use my own domain that is active or should it be any example? I hope you understand where I am going to.

My point is that I suggest some video tutorials on the homepage of the website so it can guide new users like me through step by step . And also indication of examples. This could have a healthy start for a new user.


I would like to suggest that SH give points to creatives who actively market SH and our domains. SH Criteria could be set about it, for point value, but points should be awarded for those who are working hard to promote their own domain names AND SH in the process.



New idea: If somebody’s on mobile and clicks that she/he doesn’t accepts cookies in any form, it should stay like that. Now everytime when you access the site, you get the pop-up & using e-mail just for that, I’ve got a respons “we recommend using desktop”. - While using the site on mobile is way more convenient.


Can you please not show the screening contests to creatives who don’t need it?? It’s a little bugging to see these contests at the top of the page each time. Thanks. If not how do we get rid of these? Wouldn’t it be counterintuitive to participate in these just to stop them from showing up?


Bump because I haven’t seen any reaction or answer and it’s -just expressing my right to state my opinion - solely driven by the desire to make money out of our data. Might be wrong though, but let’s see.


No clue why this didn’t get any recognition 🤷


Now that’s a cherry on top.


I’m sure someone else must have already suggested this, but here goes: withdrawals should be IMMEDIATE (as soon as the withdrawal button is pushed), for Tier A creatives.


Max 10 entries on a shortlist. Please, make it happen asap. CH should know from the jump that they could make a shortlist of up to 10 entries and if they want add to it, they would have to delete some other entry to always keep it max 10. I believe that something like that would be good for every party involved. Any thoughts @grant ?


@Grant - I would love it if SH would organize some regular #TweetChats. There are a lot of us creatives on Twitter. We could really boost #Free marketing with some chats that we could all join in and tell our followers about. Focus on SH creatives on some, branding on some, creativity ideas…