How Would You Improve The Site? (Cont'd)


Hi, team. We were promised that all premium domains are indexed on the Internet. I checked several old domains and found that only one of ten is visible in the global search. I considered premium domains — these are really premium domains that are being pulled by a Squadhelp for sale. Please resolve this issue


@grant A small suggestion – A domain owned by a creative should not be rejected if the creative quotes a higher price while submitting the domain into the marketplace. If Squadhelp does not agree to the quoted price, it should provide an acceptable price. For example - The domain will be accepted in the marketplace at a price of $xyz. It would be a fair option in my honest opinion.


It would also be nice to have the option of saying “Let Squadhelp choose the price” like we can with non-owned domains.


How do we stop these people from stealing names in the marketplace?


Something I’ve been noticing is when a creative asks a question on the message board and gets a reply from the contest holder they quickly edit the original message by erasing what the question was which gives them an advantage. It should be changed that if you post a question it can’t be erased after you get the answer you’re looking for!


@NelmaG, I am curious, do mean insiders or outsiders?


I support, the publicly asked question can not be edited.


You should report the offending party every time if it’s something you are seeing regularly by one person.


@Commulinks I really don’t know if they are insiders or outsiders. I found out recently one of my names in the marketplace was used as a pharmaceutical company.


Oh well, they can be everywhere and anywhere! :frowning:


NelmaG, this has happened to me, too. But here’s the thing: they do not have the .com you have. So, here’s what I have learned about that: it makes your name more valuable. I have only checked a few of mine… and found them being used. You can reach out to them and say hi there, I own the exact .com of your name and you can buy it at squadhelp. This is why I asked you the question. View this as a win, because MANY companies go back and buy their exact .com names. And in your case a pharma company? Holy cow… lucky you!
:wink: Sunny side up, friend! :sun_with_face::sunny::sunglasses:


Ps @NelmaG - raise the price.


@Commulinks I didn’t think of that. Thank you for the good advice. Now I can look on the brighter side. :sun_with_face: :smile:


@NelmaG, @Commulinks advise is called Wisdom. She’s an Owl :slight_smile:


… removed and blue buttoned


You are new here, so I am going to tell you this right away: We are not allowed to talk about this in the forum. You may want to withdraw your note.


Oh! I had no idea :slight_smile: Thanks for your help @commulinks :hugs:

Hmmm… I just read the rules again. I don’t think I mentioned any particular CH or any such thing. My comment was just an observation about how impossible it would be for us to decide in case of generic names being submitted to multiple contests. Also as the number of active contests increase (seems like a huge surge right now) I feel this problem is gonna get only larger.


I love reading @Commulinks’ blog on her website. I also follow her on Twitter. :smile:


Wow, thank you NelmaG! That makes me very happy! I see you over there on Twitter! Together we thrive.
PS to others: I use @Brandulinks on Twitter because my commulinks name is used for my consulting firm… but follow me on both! Soon, I will have something so sweet and new.


So glad you removed because I do NOT want you to lose your forum privileges. I LOVE your posts. That was a post that could make that happen for you. And trust me, I am no angel. :smiling_imp::angel:
PS: There ARE specific rules about what you posted. I can’t say more!