How Would You Improve The Site? (Cont'd)


@AbleBrands - At this time, we do not plan on having an option where Creatives can submit Creative Owned domains for pre-approval before the domain is purchased by the Creative.

For a domain to be reviewed by Squadhelp for Marketplace inclusion, it must either be owned by the Creative, or the Creative must be open to the domain being listed as Squadhelp Owned.

Here is our recommendation:

If you are more interested in registering your own names and less interested in SH registering your names, we suggest you choose the highest commission rate for SH registered option so that it would be much less likely for SH to approve them as SH registered domain. If your name is a strong fit and your commission expectations for the creative owned option are acceptable to us, it will likely be approved as creative owned domain. There is still a possibility that your name might get approved as SH registered domain, but since you selected the highest commission rate, it will only be approved at that level.


One issue with the new system- not being able to submit the same name twice.
I came across an issue.
I submit “PinkPony” as name and “PinkPonyAdvisors” as domain.
CH loves PinkPony but asks for “PinkPonyAdvocates” as the domain. I withdraw and go to resubmit, I am no longer allowed.
Awkward. @grant what should we do in this situation?


I wonder if you Blue Button it if they can over-ride it somehow? ~as a short-term solution.


That’s what I was thinking- I was trying to brainstorm suggestions and that was my top :slight_smile:


Worth a try…otherwise you may just have to enter the entire domain into the name and explain to the CH ???


You should be able to submit as Pink Pony Advocates,


But as for the name it won’t let me- (referring to when we have two boxes to allow domain variations. The top will say already entered.

And I enjoy that you said PinkPony. Just saying. :rofl::joy:


Can you blue button this? It should work as Pink Pony Advocates,


So just alter the main submission? Even if the CH wanted to company name to just be PinkPony and not PinkPonyAdvocates?


Maybe adding the option to submit additional domains after the name has been submitted could be added to SH’s to do list’


We do have this option, don’t we?!:confused: You mean this option really put into practice?

Sorry I posted without reading @grant’s answer.
I have tried putting very high commission rates (to buy it myself) and it hasn’t worked.


This IS giving me problems:

  1. I could not resubmit a name with corrected spelling,
  2. Can’t resubmit same name with “entry Type” changed.
    Yes, I have blue buttoned the issues and these are being referred to team. Just wanted to let you know.


For the domain marketplace I would like to see
ByListing Type
Curated By Squadhelp
Third Party Listings

added to each category (before one searches a name) so potential buyers can click on third party listings and have a window come up to browse that category instead of having to search by a word to get a viewing. Does this make sense?


third party listing sounds not good … sorry just my opinion. maybe something about creative listing


I was wondering if anyone else is having this issue (or is it just my computer). The bell at the top my screen keeps flashing that there are two messages whenever I change screens or first log on. The only time it doesn’t do this is when there are actual messages but otherwise, it constantly flashes two. I have tried everything including different browsers, clearing everything…etc… I just wanted to see if anyone else has this issue or if they found a solution. Thanks.


@ChristyMay mine does that, too.


@ChristyMay, @ALDaisy1 mine’s doing same dance. First appears as a big bell with two messages then turns back to the usual blue button. Didn’t think to report it or mention it earlier cos I thought my gadget’s just playing up


Yep, me too. Has been since it started.


@fxpreneur, You’re right, creative listing sounds so much better! I wasn’t clear (as usual), the Listing type already exists and is displayed at the bottom left column but you have to go through all this clicking around to find it. I just want it moved to where it can be accessed freely without digging around. I hope that makes sense. Thanks for replying @fxpreneur!

@ChristyMay, I have the same problem but might be fixed by now, as I didn’t see it as I click through SH contests this morning.


you’re always welcome @LauraE :smiley: