How Would You Improve The Site? (Cont'd)



We understand where you are coming from however we do not believe that this information is being misused in any way. Therefore, we plan to keep this feature at this point.

Our policies strictly prohibit anyone to register ideas that someone else came up with. This is why we now hide winning submissions that are not yet registered.

On the other hand, if someone comes up with a good name on their own, we encourage the creative to register those names. It is only a matter of time that a good name will get registered by someone. We would rather have creatives register their own ideas, instead of waiting too long and have that name taken by someone else.

Many times creatives make the incorrect assumption that the name they just thought of is very unique, and therefore if it eventually gets registered, it was likely done by the CH. This is often not the case. Showing these stats informs the creatives that other creatives have also thought about the same name in the past. It also serves as an important reminder that since multiple people are thinking of the same idea, it is only a matter of time that it will get registered.

We understand unwanted domain registrations are not helpful to anyone - and our goal is to continue to offer tools and features that allow creatives to secure their good names as soon as possible.


@grant Perhaps you did not see the other thread about this. I will blue you further on this. Thank you!


@grant I don’t now if its been suggested before but i was hopping that SH would implement multiple file uploads during delivery of design projects as we have to upload one file at a time and sometimes the files goes over 10.


Are we still prohibited from entering names into the marketplace that are “liked” or “loved” in an active contest?


I believe it’s only shortlisted and loved entries. General advice (not rule, but strong advice) is to avoid using entries in multiple contests, regardless of rating.


So if we have a name “liked” or “loved” in a contest we cannot submit it into the marketplace, but can other people submit that same name? (edit: sorry, meant shortlisted or loved.)


As far as I know only shortlisted entries can’t be submitted to marketplace. If you have a name shortlisted, others also can’t submit it to marketplace, but they can submit it to contests.


Other people can submit a name to the marketplace while you have it as a loved or shortlisted entry. I’ve had it happen before. I had a name that was the only one shortlisted in a contest, and meanwhile it was registered by Squadhelp on behalf of someone who submitted it to the marketplace. The contest was cancelled soon afterwards.


I think that changed some time ago, but I am not 100% sure. @grant ?


@AvramChe It may be different now, idk. That happened probably six months ago.


I’m pretty sure I’ve had this happen too. And the notification gives others a heads up to register the name while our shortlisted or loved name could be held hostage for months in pending contests. This seems to be unfair if SH’s philosophy per Gran’t post above is: “On the other hand, if someone comes up with a good name on their own, we encourage the creative to register those names. It is only a matter of time that a good name will get registered by someone. We would rather have creatives register their own ideas, instead of waiting too long and have that name taken by someone else.”


@wordLabyrinth I agree, I don’t think it’s fair either, but no one wants to hear about it. I reported the situation at the time, and nothing came from it.


I would like to suggest that SH help us with the following. I would dearly LOVE it if SH would give us advice on domains we should buy for the marketplace and guaranteed premium marketplace status if we do. Not specifically a certain name. More like this:

SH is looking for names in the “compound” format, 8 letters, consulting category that creatives have purchased for up to $250 (for example). We will guarantee acceptance in the marketplace to those that appraise well and meet the criteria. (Then maybe something about what we could expect for sales pricing for those).

I would really be open to buying names at higher prices if I knew for sure they would be accepted in the marketplace and if SH feels there is a demand for them.



Not sure if others have asked for the same feature but could you not restrict entries which have received “Love It” ratings without them being shortlisted too?? I suggest this especially since occasionally there are really nice CHs who love many entries (sometimes 30+) but shortlist just a few which they are actually considering for purchase/registration. Also this would also be a clear differentiator for the CH so they know that only shortlisted names are reserved for them till they decide. Secondly as your number of active contests increase it’s very possible for a handful of names (generic and short ones especially) which would match so many of the hundreds+ contests started on a monthly basis. Restricting our best names from submission to multiple contests doesn’t make sense unless someone is actually considering them for purchase.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Down sizing winner/ increasing PAYOUTS. ***Suggestion for Old Contest Winner Selection, @grant. I would like to make a suggestion for future Contests Pending Winner Selection, and hoping you will consider. For example a contest has 25 shortlists or 25 Loves or Likes, but there are 4 people who have 2 Shortlist/Loves/Likes. My suggestion is that the payout be narrowed to the people with multiple shortlists or multiple Loves or likes instead of going to all the people who had at least 1 shortlist or 1 love or 1 like. When applicable of course.



The problem with this idea is that it won’t make the site as open as it is any longer. For instance, the fact that you have 10 shortlisted entries while I’m having 1 does not mean that I can’t win the contest Inspite of your 10 shortlist, in fact, I’ve won contest with like it where as there are many shortlisted entries. Since nobody can predict how CH will choose the best entry suitable for his/her contest, it will be very good to leave it the way it is right now, this is in line with SH openness and transparency at least in my own opinion


I understand where @Kral is coming from, but I agree with @Muyi4every. I think splits have to be done equally among everyone shortlisted. It has been suggested before to limit the number of entries that can be shortlisted at one time (which would also increase payouts in split prizes) but that idea has never gained traction, either.
Squadhelp could award points for each shortlisted entry, though, which would be beneficial to everyone, especially those with multiple shortlisted entries. It is hard to get shortlisted, and each name does deserve some kind of reward, even if it isn’t actual prize money.



Would it be possible for you to add the ability for us to download our marketplace names with prices and descriptions into some sort of excel spreadsheet please?

I’m really struggling wading through the marketplace now my portfolio is bigger. It will also be a great way for us to check if some descriptions are lacking.

Thanks for your consideration.


Kral, when SH changed from the old system, we all benefited greatly. I kept track for long time and I ended up with more money, just as they had predicted we would. What you are suggesting would bring us back to the old system in a way. I agree with @Muyi4every’s analysis of this. I understand why you think this would be better, but in the end, it won’t be. We’ve been there before in a way, before shortlisting.


Hi @dan @grant
I just hit upon this idea and wanted to share it with you as it seems like this would really save days and uncertainty all around for both the CH and Creatives with regards to losing names they love and closing contests faster. Secondly, I think you have noticed how disheartening it is for creatives to wait on their shortlisted entries to win (or get rejected) and see dozens of similarly suitable contests go by. This suggestion helps solve this too. I suggest that the current system of shortlisting names change from being exclusive to one CH to be exclusive to 2 or max 3 CHs. To keep the integrity of the platform intact the CH will only know that someone else has shortlisted the name too only after they shortlist it. They (and of course the 1st CH) then could clearly be told that if this is a name they feel strongly about they should go ahead and register it and close the contest. If they don’t want to close the contest but want to secure the name as theirs they can just TopUp the contest to multi-prizes, award the creative and continue it though they already have a name they love. This TopUp feature and multi-winner contests will be a huge timesaver IMHO. Like double decker buses make us smile the CHs and Creatives would all be happy! :wink: (cheesy I know)

Note: I think we have established a basis for the introduction of this system with many abandoned contests and unawarded/unpaid creative work (multiple registrations). You could put up a neat statistics in the “why (?)” for CHs so they truly understand that they need to act fast to secure their names (just like we as creatives need to). A couple of hundred dollars mitigates their risk and they would be more appreciative of the entire process if they are given an overview of what it takes for them to get a good name from the hardwork of hundreds of creatives.