How Would You Improve The Site? (Cont'd)


I believe we already discussed this issue before, that would make SH pay-to-win game :slight_smile:


I don’t remember where it’s proposed to display own domains on the SH premium marketplace in order to bypass requests for a certain number of points. This may be another useful points app. Points are earned with difficulty and should help creatives in the implementation of their plans.


@Edukar Names were rejected for a reason though, I don’t like it as much as the next person but they can’t reject a name then allow you to buy your way into the marketplace really.

@grant I like the idea of using points (or cash) to buy a logo for Basic Plus names. Would this be possible? I would move more names across to SH into Basic Plus if this were possible, as the images get indexed in Google.


**really, that’s interesting, I just thought it was a “fun fact” period. I wasn’t discouraged from using it though. **


Have the people doing the logos be skilled and do them in the order received. It’s frustrating when some names are waiting over two weeks to get a logo and others get a logo in a day or two. No rhyme or reason.

The quality of some of the logos is bad and this can reflect on the name’s sellability. Looks matter.


@AbleBrands Logos for Basic Plus names for points is a great idea. I really like it!


@grant have you seen this post please?


I kind of wish we had only 2 contest rating categories: 1) in the running and 2) not in the running. I feel like everything in between is worthless.


I agree Clinks…

I think it will save the CH more time (and effort) when it comes to rating hundreds of entries - Plus, unless he or she gives some indication of how an entry could be improved or upgraded, the “On the Right Track” rating doesn’t really help at all either.


If there were only two ratings, many of those on the right track ratings would become straight up nos. Since we do at least earn a few points for anything besides a no thank you, I prefer the current system. I still think there should be points awarded for shortlisted entries, though.


I did say this almost half heartedly because I know our points are based on the ratings. But as it stands, for me there are only 2 ratings that mean anything and I waste time on others. So I imagine SH wouldn’t want to change this because so much of the system is based on this rating system, I just feel personally like only 2 ratings really matter. Right track ratings would be nos, as they are anyway. It would have to about changing how many points we get for new ratings. This is just how I feel about it is all. I feel like I waste time.


I agree, Daisy :wink:


I’m om the fence @Commulinks. I get what your saying about only having two ratings, I also get what @ALDaisy1 is saying about the points. However, just based on my own experience here over the last few years…I have WON two contests with OTRT ratings in contests that had loved and liked ratings in their contest.
So, you see my dilemma lol


@Edukar The premium domain marketplace is extremely curated and if a domain is not approved by our team, that is likely because it was determined by our team that it is not a good fit. Therefore, using points or paying to get a previously rejected name listed would defeat the purpose of the curation.

@AbleBrands At this point our team does not have the bandwidth to handle additional logo design requests outside of the premium domain marketplace. However we will consider adding this capability (to create logos for Basic Plus listings) in future.

@Kamable thanks for the feedback, Our goal is to ensure all logos are visually appealing and we will take your feedback into account.


Yes, I agree with you Lisa. Thanks for responding, too. I guess what I am talking about is that an OTRT rating in this instance would be an “in the running”. So everything a CH is actually seriously considering would be in the running and then OTRT names they are seriously considering would be over there, too. And then points would really have to be amped up for in the running names. (I agree shortlists should get added points).

Right now, we are in the running basically only when we are in the highest rated category for a contest. That CAN be OTRT, Likes, Loves with shortlists… you know the “Heirarchy”. And everyone once in a while, a mold is broken probably as a CH has to take other names out of the running.

I would just really like to save a lot of time. When I get a notification of a high rating, I spend time going to that contest, analyzing whether or not I am really in the running, then putting it on my watchlist. Serious time is wasted in this process, going to the “likes” for example, when there are 12 loves, 6 shortlists and no way I am in the running. I suppose I could just stop looking? But I watch them so I know when, for example, one of my marketplace names is in the running in a contest.

I think this rating system is extremely cumbersome for CHs and I just saw that @ALDaisy1 won a contest recently with zero ratings, too. She doesn’t even get ratings points for that win. The zero or next to zero ratings is also becoming all too common.

I know, I really do know, we have revisited this rating system a million times… that’s kind of why I said it half-heartedly. I still really wish it were possible, though.


Hey @Grant, a while ago I asked if it is possible for SH to revisit the number of points we receive for ratings in contests. We earn very few points for each rating compared to the “cost” in points for unreg marketplace entries, boosts, etc. It would be wonderful if SH could reconsider the points awarded. Thanks.


I don’t now if its been suggested before but i was hopping that SH would implement multiple file uploads during delivery of design projects as we have to upload one file at a time and sometimes the files goes over 10.


Hey @grant I asked about disabling the comments that pop up when you enter an entry. The one’s that say something like “Fun fact - this entry has been entered 5 times by you and also 3 other creatives.” I think it just gives un-necessary information that some may use wrongly. It was meant in fun, but I think the mis-use by some outweighs the fun factor. I can point you to another thread so you can understand where this stems from.


I still like the fun facts and still think they are not being mis-used or used wrongly, as discussed above in this thread.
a) Fun facts are extremely useful for changing directions when many others have been using a name you thought of as a creative, too.
b) Realizing that others thought of the name you thought of and subbing it to the marketplace it to protect it because you really like that name is not mis-use, and not sketchy and people who do this are not bad apples.


@grant Is this forum for everyone’s concerns or only certain people. I am only looking for a response from you. Others have already expressed their opinions, but I want a response from someone at SH. Thank you.