How Would You Improve The Site? (Cont'd)


This is info that I find very helpful and hope SH does not eliminate it.


I find that many names disappear as it is already. The number has increased and many are in the marketplace now as well. I think it just fuels more “marketplace” submissions and lessens the amount of options given to a CH. I think it will be detrimental to the platform if this practice continues. In addition to disappearance, many have stated, the marketplace is now over saturated and people’s names are not even being seen.


I personally like to know how many times a name has been used for other reasons than that and I don’t have an issue with names that I and 20 other creatives thought of being in the marketplace even by someone else. I’ve had plenty, and it isn’t an issue for me. Every creative can register any names they want, put them in Basic if they don’t want them in premium and keep using them. I like having this information because it tells me when I need to be MORE creative…


I understand your reasons, however, just like the need to no longer show unregistered winning names to creatives (which I dearly miss) because of the misuse by others , this seems to have the same issues going on. It’s sad that a handful of bad apples make certain changes necessary.


Not showing unregistered winning names is the correct way to protect the creative’s rights.

Showing the number of creatives who have already submitted the name we think up (means we used our creativity to come up with it so there is no foul play) is really needed as it tells us that the more people have already thought it without securing it the lower the quality of the idea and like @Commulinks said I end up feeling I need to research and submit better ideas. I personally like submitting ideas that haven’t been submitted earlier by anyone else.


I do not feel that people who think of he same name as I do are bad apples at all. And I say this knowing that some of “my” names are listed in the marketplace and have actually sold. So I register my names, no matter who else used them.


Me too. And for @jackieheraty, one of the things I think about when I see a name has been used a lot by many creatives is that is has never been chosen. I often don’t submit them because of that. That’s the reason SH shows these stats.


I do not agree, colleagues. If the name has been proposed many times and has not been chosen, this does not mean that it is bad. This means that the name has not found its owner, who has not yet discovered the SH: 0)


The creative already got paid for the name. It does not protect any rights. They gave that right away when accepting payment.


People who think of the same name as you are not bad apples. I never said that. People who use this information unethically as a tool to hurry and register names on SH’s dime for the marketplace are what I am referring to.


I knew what you meant and still…
No bad apples in my book.
The name does not “belong” to you - until you own it, pure and simple


No they do not give that right away even if they are paid. And if the CH doesn’t want it then it’s upto them to use it again by registering it or submitting it. The marketplace protects CHs and winning creatives from those “bad apples” who can’t think up the names with their own heads. If someone else thinks up and registers the name before they do then they can’t blame anyone.


I’m curious, @Commulinks, how knowing how many other creatives have thought of a name really helps, if you don’t take that into consideration when registering names. You said it makes you strive to be more creative. Do you see a difference in your ratings? Have you done better in contests since that feature was added? I honestly can’t think of any way the feature has helped me. I think the info was added in an attempt to show Creatives their ideas were not as “unique” as we might think. At the time, there were many complaints (as always) about names being wrongly registered. Now, you can think of an awesome name, enter it, and see that someone else has thought of it too. But it doesn’t really matter, since you thought to enter it into that particular contest first. So what really is this function intended to do, if not encourage Creatives to register names first?
To be clear, I don’t mind the feature, but I see more exploitation opportunities than I do benefits. If there are significant ways this feature is helping Creatives, I’d like to hear about them.


It does what Squadhelp wanted it to do. It tells us that others have thought of this, which is something they keep reminding us about, and for the purpose of us doing our best to be more original. I like it. I appreciate it.


Higher quality names do not stay unregistered for long. A couple of other creatives having thought of the name has no problem, dozen plus means the name is a niche name and very few would want to own it. I see this a lot with misspellings.


So true.
AND the most important point on Sh is that YOU have to have the ratings on any particular name to even get it into the marketplace. So, if you got the ratings and you buy it, and you sub it and nobody else did, then it is yours. That is what this is about, isn’t it?


@Commulinks – you said Sorry.
The name does not “belong” to you - until you own it, pure and simple.

Then why are winning names that are Un-registered not shown on the winners board. SH said to protect creative names. If they do not “belong” to them, then why hide the name?


I like seeing the information, I’m often surprised by how many of my super unique and mega awesome names have been thought about and entered “into 6 previous contests by 2 creatives”. When we get upset that our names have been registered by someone else, it’s a constant reminder to “buy it or lose it if you love it”. I see it as a useful tool supplied by SH who have encouraged us to protect our names by buying them and adding them to the marketplace. SH wants us to protect our names, they must be as frustrated as we are when someone outside of SH buys the name and lists it elsewhere.

I don’t see how removing this function will make any difference. You will still get the “this name or similar has already been entered into this contest” message if someone has entered a name into a contest before you, so people will still be aware that someone else has thought of that name.

Hiding winning names is good business sense. If a CH runs a contest, chooses a winning name and then SH publishes it and a member of the public registers it before they get around to it… that’s bad business. The CH didn’t own it, but they think it’s their name, they paid for it, they are aggrieved and upset… understandably.

The CH must be our first priority.


In the last two winning contests my names were visible to all creatives. It may be due to the fact that the domains belong to me personally, I do not know for sure. I believe that it makes sense to hide names if they are not registered. After registering, anyone should see them - this is not a crime. Only in each case the SH team is obliged to ask the permission of the customer whether he agrees to make his name public.


Maybe the best compromise is to keep the feature, but stop openly discussing how to use it as a tool to target names for registration. Discussing other ways names are being registered is already discouraged, so why would this be any different?