How Would You Improve The Site? (Cont'd)


Hi Grant,

I just noticed a new bug (or rather issue). Many of the domains now being added to the “Real Word” category are not real word domains and many are two words! I think you need to look into this ASAP. IMHO to save your team a lot of headache it would be better to keep this category totally outside the hands of creatives or under careful scrutiny when domains are added to it. Opening up the categorization has totally mangled the page which used to look so good before. I also feel you should have a warning message that domains should not be added to wrong categories and creatives could be penalized if it occurs too often.

On another note, I find that many non-COM domain names are showing up way above .COM names [Even on your ads around the web :)]. Maybe you should have a filter just below the search box with the top 5 extensions shown and the .COM auto selected? This will save clients from having to view non-COM domains unless they actually select those extensions via the search.



If we are blocked from messaging, I think the Contest Holder should get a little notification when responding to entries. “You can respond to this entry, but the Creative will not be able to reply at this time. Sorry for the inconvience.” Or something along the lines.
I understand the reasoning behind removing the messaging feature, but this shouldn’t cause a conflict of interest regarding customer service.


Is it possible to add option to sell marketplace domains with discount if they are payed without installments? For example, on installments price is $2199, but if you pay immediately it’s $1999


Hi Grant,

Found a glaring bug. Please look at the Key Stats section of a contest brief. The stats for dates “May-30” and “May-31” are appearing after the “Jun-01” to “Jun-04” stats. Looks like the day number is determining the order.



We have a date issue in the marketplace too (always had that).

It may be easier to change the dates on the whole site to the 2019/05/31 format, then everything can be “sorted” numerically.


Cha-Ching still in progress up till this very moment on my phone, no message received inbox.


Can we get a referral link for our individual marketplace portfolios?

Not that of the general marketplace, not that of just one domain and not that which can be integrated on our websites. ( I know all of these exists already).

I am talking about a referral link that will direct prospective buyers to our individual marketplace portfolios and which will reflect on all of the domain names.



I thought we had that already?


That sounds like a great idea…for me personally I’ve yet to aquire my own website​:flushed:.I asked about how to do it through community support link,unfortunately it went nowhere.I feel like I will never have all my :hatched_chick::hatched_chick::hatched_chick: in a row :flushed:


you mean this?


No we don’t! The one we have doesn’t have the affiliate option integrated in it.


Something like this but with an affiliate option.


The link above with the right screen name and ID, will lead directly to one’s domain names portfolio but one won’t get a commission for any purchase made through the link.

What I am agitating for is the ability to get an affiliate commission if a customer makes any purchase by clicking directly on my portfolio link from an external source.


@Neoteric, I think You mean this:

it is already there!


Thanks for your effort to clarify but like I mentioned in my original post, I made mention that I am aware of this.

What I am talking about is something similar to this. Just an affiliate link directly to our individual marketplace portfolios.

Thanks once again!


I honestly believe that you should update the number of submissions each of us is allowed for the marketplace. I believe you should take into consideration only our statistics after the newly introduced rule(few months back) that correlates our acceptance rate with our submission limits. Also, statistics as portfolio popularity or sales could be taken into consideration.


@AvramChe I think this is a great idea. Giving a slight discount if you “buy now” seems smart. Or build some kind of financing fee into the installment payments. Just something to either encourage full up front payment, or make it worth it to wait for installments.


It’s a small niggle but I would like to suggest that notifications of creative likes for contest wins should be made optional or consolidated together (like fb does). Also at the least they shouldn’t each have to be clicked to go away from the Notifications list. Opening the notifications panel should mark these specific and other non-critical messages as read without having to click each (yeah lol I can’t imagine @littodino’s and other super creatives plight). :wink: CH comments should function as normal as they are priority. I’m sure many like me like to see a clear dash with only new notifications when they log-in instead of old ones in red. Just tiny timesaver & UX suggestions :slight_smile:


If we we’re allowed to contact each other off of sh site I’d offer help getting you set up with a site and everything considering I’m working on my own as well. Still wish we we’re allowed to be friends and talk other places than just on sh. I understand the worries and concerns about this but there is also positive and beneficial reasons to do this that actually outweigh the negative, in my opinion. I’ve made so many friends on here and it would be nice to actually be friends on other ways.


Thank you so much!! That’s very thoughtful and I feel the same. I’m glad you popped in I miss seeing your encouraging support!!


@grant Can I request that SH disable the comments that pop up when you enter an entry. The one’s that say something like “Fun fact - this entry has been entered 5 times by you and also 3 other creatives.” I think it just gives un-necessary information that some may use wrongly. It was meant in fun, but I think the mis-use by some outweighs the fun factor.