How Would You Improve The Site? (Cont'd)


Thanks for the answer! I have not displayed. I also thought it was a glitch on my page. So I will write on the blue button!


@GibbonTake We are aware of the sorting related issues. This is in our list to resolve but it might take some time. Regarding the approval related issues (where the list jumps around), unfortunately this issue appears to be isolated to one or two accounts and we still do not have not been able to reproduce it on our end. We will continue to look into this further.

@Commulinks Good suggestion! Unfortunately Twitter (and other social media channels) requires an image file to display next to the post. Since the Basic and Basic listings do not have logo images, we are unable to show the names in a different font. We will look for other ways to improve the presentation of basic and basic plus domains in social media.

@Kasinsky this info should be visible on CH’s profile page if you are logged in as a creative. If you are unable to see this, please report to our team and we will investigate it.


Grant, thanks for the reply! Yesterday I reported this to the team and received the following letter:
"Hi Olga,
I just heard from the team. Accordingly, one should have at least 2000 points in order for a creative to be able to view the contest launched by a CH via a Contests tab when on the CH’s profile. "
For me it was very strange and unpleasant, because I did not know about this innovation. Otherwise, I would not have spent a large number of points on the promotion of names on the market. So is it true or not? Thanks in advance for your answer!


Thank you for this bit of info. I’m going to read a lot more info here on the forum to learn as much as possible… Its such a great concept!


Couple of issues:
[1]. When I clicked the “5 letter” category the page was filled with non-5-character domains.
[2]. When I request the review of basic plus listings to premium (already rejected during a bulk submission so needed you to take a closer look) they didn’t even show up in the under review page. The new premium domains submissions did show up, not sure about the domains from the rejected list. Can’t even do some testing so you guys need to check this out.
[3]. There is no review used count info so I have no idea how many reviews I have left coz of point #2. Have no idea if they even went to you. Once again 5 is just too less a number for a month.


@SmartWebby Thanks for the feedback. The "5-Letter " category links have been fixed.

We have noted your feedback regarding requesting a review and we will consider it for a future release.


@Kasinsky Looks like this feature is in place to improve performance of our website - we do not show extended stats to new users or to those users who are not logged in. In future we will consider using a different critieria (other than number of points) to determine visibility of this extended information.


Grant, thanks for the answer! But it turns out, unfortunately, that this applies now not only to beginners, but also to those who have managed to spend seemingly “extra” points to promote names on the market. And it is very sad, because I was not warned about this. Well, what to do, I now have to accumulate two thousand points in order to constantly keep them intact …


SH needs to set up notification of contest results. I especially find it really annoying that there is no notification of contest results even in those where you have shortlisted names. This seems like an easy enough addition. Also, more incentive for CH to rate entries and to finalize winners promptly!


Put the contests you are in the running for on your watchlist and then check now and then to see if they are closed. It is easy to do.


Solves nothing. I took that into account.


I’m agreed with @Maldo. when I signup for SH, I learn very fast that how easy to use SH. I got so excited, contribute five entries to the contest and wait, and wait and wait. nothing shows up. even I have shortlisted name in the contest and in the watch list. I thought I did something wrong. I came here to find out why. now I know why…!

Please SH makes notification system more functioning and correct. it’s will make us more easy to be in the track.

sorry about the rust-y English…


It solves everything Maldo. And personally, I don’t want to get hundreds of contest award emails. I just watchlist them and check to see if they closed. Simple as that.


@Maldo, are you wanting to be notified when contests close because you want to see the winning name, or just so you know you are no longer in contention? There used to be some kind of closed contest email, but that stopped when Squadhelp had to start delaying the release of winning entries. The watchlist feature works well for most of us, as far as knowing when we have been eliminated. If Squadhelp wants to enable some sort of notification again, I imagine they would still only notify you concerning the contests on your watchlist; if notifications were sent for every closed contest participated in, that would be hundreds of additional emails/messages.


I just want to be notified when I start beating @commulinks in contests.


LOL!!! That won’t be hard these days!


Ok, now that was funny, Maldo!!! :rofl: - Clinks can still “pull a rabbit” outta her hat, every now and then. :wink:


Barely!!! I lost all momentum when others starting taking over around here!


I think a lot of this has to do with the fact that SH doesn’t have a hard and fast deadline for Contest Holders to make a decision and pick a name, and if they don’t pick a name by X number of days after a contest ends, the guaranteed money gets awarded/split up.

All in all, the way I deal with it is enter your contests and keep going on to others. It may be a creative game here, but it’s also a game of numbers and (mostly) patience.


Thanks, Grant for the reply and update. It’s good to know that this is something that is still on the menu for your tech people. It’s much appreciated :slight_smile:

I’m also very appreciative of the many other improvements that have been made to the creative’s domain marketplace. For example, the DNS check used to be very slow but now its lightning fast and immediately recognizes and confirms DNS changes that have been made just 5 or 10 minutes earlier in my GoDaddy acct.

One item that is still slow is SH’s ability to recognized newly registered domains when they are being submitted to the marketplace as OWNED domains.

I find I have to wait 24 hrs (sometimes more) after registration before I can submit for review. If I submit in less than 24 to 36 hrs I get an error message that this domain is still available for registration when in fact I’ve already verified it as being in my GoDaddy acct.

So that’s one more little thing that could be added to your as you strive, most ambitously, to create a 100% user friendly platform on both the front AND back ends :slight_smile: