How Would You Improve The Site? (Cont'd)


Scott- I think he was referring to those who aren’t winning and/or those who are going through the vetting process who don’t feel good about their names, as being needy.


Since we now use points for things like boosting marketplace names and reviews of unregistered domains, I am wondering if SH would consider giving us points when we sell a name? 500 seems fair, since that is what boosting a single name for one week costs. And you said that there will be other uses for our points coming, but they go terribly fast when we earn so few points in contests. Thanks for considering.


You are right. I think creative must get 100-300 points for win (related to $ prize) and 500 points for every sold domain. It will be fair.


I think there is a problem with the “How Is It Pronounced” function on landing page. Every time I hear the anouncement it read “This is the seed … .com” and should the I believe This is the site. Am I the only one who hears it that way?


@grant How about mandatory update on the direction + ratings exactly 24 hours before the contests end? It should be in a form of a pop-up, so that CH could not skip it. Fair, good & simple solution for everybody.


When sent messages on blue button, now SH take very long time to reply like 4-5 days


Hehe customer service, ok i will edit mine.


It will be very good if the list of domain names can also be sorted alphabetically in creative portfolio.


I’m grateful for all the improvements but the Approve Commission Rule pop up form remains
a jumpy, cramped, irritating process. I use it almost daily and it just never gets easy.

  • Even leaving all the “optional” sections blank it take dozens of clicks to fill out the form.
  • The lists still jump around on all my browsers despite my numerous complaints and several interactions with customer service including sending screen shots of the browser and browser code
  • The window is still far to small and every click causes something to jump or get erased or undone or, when changing windows, a click does nothing at all in some cases.

The main issue is when trying to set the categories. Those two windows are extremely sticky, unresponsive, clunky and problematic.

It’s the big remaining sore thumb in your otherwise smooth and praiseworthy back end for the domain marketplace.

I hope it’s still on your list for future improvement :slight_smile:


I noticed this today. It used to state that on average it would take 4-5 minutes to reply, though I almost always received a reply almost immediately. Today when leaving a comment to report on a name of mine in the market place, I saw that it now states it will take about 4-5 days. I would say it’s been roughly a week and a half a go, the last time I was replied back to right away, and at that time it was stating 4-5 minutes rather than 4-5 days. What a difference.


The sorting feature for our Marketplace listings doesn’t work very well. Can it be fixed, when you have time? Thank you.


I’m not sure the How it is Pronounced feature is helpful.
For domains that are two keywords it works very well
But for non-word names - which is when the tool is needed - the pronunciation is very UN-helpful. Check out.

Is there a way to correct these errors?


@GibbonTake you can fix the pronunciation of your marketplace names from your dashboard. The blended names almost always need some tweaking.


Oh, good
Thank you!!


I suspect SH isn’t able to keep up with forum suggestions but while I am thinking of it: I’d like to see SH change the way Basic Plus and Basic listings come through on Twitter. Right now, they come through with a Squadhelp ad “World’s #1 Platform”… and the name itself is listed below the ad, making it not very visible when scrolling. Even though Basic and Basic Plus Names don’t have logos (which come through so great on Twitter), could SH change the graphics for Basic and Basic Plus names so they come through with the name BIG AND BOLD? Perhaps not the “slides” we currently have… maybe slightly better so at least the domain name is really stand-out on social media? I think we would sell more if they did. Thanks.


Hello all. Brand new to SQ… One thing I just noticed very quickly that doesn’t seem justified. I spent 50 points to be noticed in a contest and the contest holder did not give any feedback after viewing all 5 of my entries. Seems like if they view the entry they should at least have to like dislike etc etc… Please elaborate someone thank you.


This is not unusual. My advice: don’t use your points for that…the best entry option is not worth it.


Welcome to SH :slight_smile:
There are plenty of topics regarding this, I recommend spending some time browsing the forum, it might help you with different questions you might have.
In short, CH can decide if they want to rate / comment on any entry. In my experience, some rate only a few selected entries they like, and others rate all entries, except those they miss for some reason. Keep track of contest statistics to see if there is high number of rated entries, and if so there is chance your entries will be rated.
Regarding comments, don’t expect many of those.
I agree with @Commulinks about saving your points - marking an entry as “best entry” does not do much, especially if you are limited to low number of entries (as most of us are :slight_smile: )

Since you are new here :slight_smile:
CH - Contest Holder


It is a pity that now in the accounts of customers you can not see the list of competitions that they placed here before. I preferred to avoid working for some customers who tend to quit without choosing a winner. Or those in which several complaints about domain registration. In addition, the inability of contestants to obtain information about past competitions of one or another customer at times increases the likelihood of re-submitting names to contests of the same type and that of the same customer. I am disappointed…


@Kasinsky I agree this info is important, but I am still able to see the lists of contests on the CH’s profile page. Is the contests tab not visible for you?