How Would You Improve The Site? (Cont'd)


It is bad enough to be locked out of contests that are only for Tier A creatives.

What is worse is receiving emails informing of new contests only to find they are all only for Tier A’s.

Why send emails notifying of new contests if we are not allowed to participate in them?

Maybe you can get with your programming team and find a way to fix this.

It is really quite aggravating.

Even more annoying is that you will only know if it is a Tier A contest if you are directed to a NDA page first,

because that page will say it is only for Tier A creatives.

If there is no NDA page and you are sent to the contest page directly there is no indication about the contest

being a Tier A contest, and you only find out when you make an entry and you are then told you cannot

participate because it is only for Tier A’s.


Thanks for the feedback. We will look into improving our notifications in future so that creatives do not receive notifications for contests they are not eligible for.


I’ll like to see a notification telling us about how many contest we are no longer able to participate. Something like: you have been blocked in… Contest and a link to see those contest just like it is in the case of high ratings, shortlisted entries and pending contest etc on


Personally,I’d like to see an email go out to contest participants when a CH chooses their winning name.

And I may be beating a dead horse here, but I’d love to see SH institute/enact/enforce a rule that a winning name has to be chosen (and the guaranteed prize awarded) within 30 days max of the close of a contest. I do realize that there may be larger companies who sign up for naming contests and they may have an approval process that moves a bit slower than a small business, but methinks 30 days is a more than reasonable amount time to wrap things up. If this was a SH requirement, a CH can either agree to it and abide by it when they sign up, or not play at all.

I think that’s entirely fair all around, especially to the Creatives who end up hanging and waiting for 30+ days for a CH to make up their mind.


Could we find a way to keep the screening contests for new creatives from being counted in our “not particiated in” number? They should be listed differently, right now they appear to be normal contests, except the launch date is a year old.


@grant I just saw the new up to 24 Installments feature for domains priced above $2000. I have to say that this change without allowing me as a seller to decide how many installments I’m interested in- is extremely problematic.

For SH owned domains… do I want to get an average of $300-$600 over a time period of up to two years? Definitely not. For my own domains- do I want that? In some cases of very high priced domains, maybe. But I want to be the one who decides how many installments I’m willing to accept rather than have an ‘all or nothing’ type of situation as it is now.

Please let creatives decide how many installments they’re willing to accept.



p.s. Rolling out such a feature without discussing it first and hearing people’s opinions is extremely disappointing. You’re basically telling sellers- we’ll decide how long it’ll take you to get your money. 6 months, a year, two years. Whatever we decide. Perhaps to SH it doesn’t matter since you’ll be getting money from other sales, contests etc.- but to any single seller, it does matter how much money they get and when. And if a seller opts not to offer installments, it puts him/her at a disadvantage since other domains will be easier to buy. I hope you’ll fix this situation soon because without letting sellers choose the amount of installments they’re willing to accept this is an absolutely terrible change from a seller’s perspective.


I was really really slow in adopting installments to begin with. In fact, I just enabled installments for all of my names a couple of days ago. And I know that enabling them brought more interest in my names. But waiting 12-24 months to get my full payouts is too much for me. I think I have only one name over $2000 but all the others are 12? Was it 12 before? I thought 6 months was way too long to wait. I really like your idea @Moretal…give us the option to say how long an installment period we will accept…because it always depends on what our commission cut is to begin with.


@ALDaisy1 I have shared this with our tech team to incorporate in one of the future releases.

@moretal Thanks for the feedback. We are already working on few more changes that will allow creatives and sellers to setup account level defaults for few aspects of their domains (such as installment plans). You will have even more control over how to offer installments in the next few days.


Thanks @grant. Account level defaults isn’t that great, TBH since what applies to a $2000 domain doesn’t necessarily apply to a $50,000 domain. I guess it’s better than nothing. In your announcement about this feature you only referred to buyer related installment management:

“SH will be investing in additional resources to manage domain installment support (to assist customers with updating their domain settings in escrow account, email account setup, followups on missed and delayed installments etc)”.

Since you didn’t mention anything about sellers being able to control installments, that was my main concern because not allowing sellers any control over it and just deciding that all installments can now be 12 months or 24 months long doesn’t take into account the sellers’ needs. I guess I’ll be able to manage with account level defaults if they allow me to define a fixed amount of installments I’ll allow for all domains though being able to decide manually for each one would be much more helpful. I’ll wait and see what these changes are. Too bad that you guys didn’t launch them together with this feature because at the moment, this situation is kind of in limbo. Thanks again for the quick reply.


@grant Just wanted to add that whatever ends up happening with this situation- the way you guys rolled it out is still very much wrong.

People enrolled into installments agreeing to 6 months. Then one day you guys just decide it can be 12 or 24 months and change it effective immediately without an option for sellers to do anything but having to waste time cancelling installments or agree to accept 12 or 24 month payments. That’s if they even visit the site and read the message. Some people may even get sales with 24 installments without knowing about it and instead of selling a domain within 6 months, which is what they agreed to, in some cases get their money X4 times slower and wait 2 years to see all their money.

There’s a way to make changes that affect customers. Giving a date ahead of time so people will know it’s coming and prepare is probably the most obvious thing to do. Letting creatives give input about it ahead of time so it could possibly be tweaked is another. The way you guys just made this change isn’t the right and fair way to do things.


Grant, is there any chance you guys would add a 3 month installment option please?


@grant Thanks for the updated announcement, for agreeing that sellers need to be able to control installments and for amending this problematic situation so quickly. It’s good to have the option to control the amount of installments and offer up to 24. Kudos.


Would it be possible to have our description of a name come through when we are submitting a name into a contest via the “My Entries” or “Instant Recommendations” ??? This would save so much time and I noticed this happens when we enter a market place name into a contest. Thank you.


Hi Grant and SH staff,
Thanks for your creativity in offering various options for installments and allowing domain owners to customize for each domain.

At present all my domains are on 6 months - the default - I’d like to extend but don’t have time to click on 150 domains one at a time –
Could you add a select all feature?

Many thanks


@ChristyMay This is a good suggestion. We will work on building it.

@GibbonTake Thanks for the suggestion. This feature is already in the queue - should be available in the next few days.


Since points are now a little more vital for various features, I wonder if Squadhelp would consider awarding points for each name shortlisted in a contest? Currently we get points for ratings, but shortlists are meaningful as well, and imo this would help lessen the sting when you are shortlisted, but not chosen as the winner. Even 5 points would be appreciated.


Regarding the domain name marketplace and the possibility to allow SH to negotiate a discount with potential buyers, I would like to have the possibility to make instalment plans only available for full price purchases. It makes sense to me to only offer discounts IF the buyer wants to buy the domain with ONE payment. If he chooses to use instalments, than no discount (upfront or upon negotiation) should be offered.


Feel free to donate some of your names to the needy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@Maldo: Huh? What? We’re you addressing someone in particular, or the class in general?

Otherwise, donating names to the homeless doesn’t seem to be a viable or constructive option.