How Would You Improve The Site? (Cont'd)


I am a new creative, and I am eagerly learning things. But I think there should be a clearer criteria outlined when submitting logos for consideration. The guidelines say, “If your design samples meet the minimum acceptable quality…” so after reviewing many winning designs myself, I quickly deduced that the variety of designs is very diverse. So I selected a random selection of logos that I have done to show my range and versatility, but I was not approved because of “style”. However, if I was aware that style was a criteria I would have asked or tried to determine what type of style was desired, and I could have easily selected different examples reflecting that.

If the criteria is “quality” then a brief guide would be helpful, something that mentions format, or DPI, font size, image pixel density etc.

However if the criteria is “style” then it would be helpful to indicate exactly what that style is, because going off of the contest winners can be completely misleading as they are all very different, which is exactly what you would expect with different people picking different logos for different businesses.

Unfortunately it appears that I now have to wait “a few months” which I’m assuming is 3 months, before I can resubmit more examples, which I feel is bit heavy handed and rigid considering that 1) in 24 - 48 hours quite a few logos could be produced reflecting any desired style, and 2) the instructions are a bit unclear and at least in my case, were a bit misleading.

Thank you for taking the time to listen and take steps to improve things for everyone.


Hi. I would appreciate if the SH team offer boosting the rankings for Basic Listing Plus domains. My premium domains are so popular that I do not wamt to spend points to promote them. But I would really want to pay my points so that the Basic Listing Plus domains should be indexed in the market. Because they exist, but nobody sees them.


Yes, the minimum visibility of Basic Listing Plus domains is very sad.

  • By ranking well in Google
  • By emailing prospects and letting them know it’s for sale


That wouldn’t really work as it’s only boosted for a week. What about ‘buying our way into premium with points’? I understand that it would have to be a silly (large) amount of points given that they’ve already been rejected.


Not a good idea since SH emphasizes it is curated marketplace. It’s not curated if you can buy your way to premium.


Ahh yes, good point @AvramChe.

What about using points for a re-review?


I think that was suggested a few times in forum, and for some reason it was never considered. Might be a good idea, but for now we have 5 reviews limit and that’s better than nothing. I had 4 out of 5 reviews accepted in my first batch. I understand that’s not enough for domainers with serious portfolio, but it’s OK for us casuals.

We tend to forget that SH started as crowdsourcing platform for naming industry and it has developed a lot over time, but in essence it is still a naming platform with additional features. Let’s not push too hard and change it completely to a marketplace. Domain purchasing started as a way to protect our domains from being registered, at least for me, not to resell them for higher price. Making a few extra $$ is good, but I come here for naming, not domaining.


I am more namer than the domainer: 0)
But the SH team itself offered to come here with their own portfolio and transfer domains to the local market. Therefore, it is strange that after we left the other sites, our domains appear here in oblivion. It would be right for the number of requests to depend as a percentage of the number of domains in the portfolio. Let it be 10%. For example, who has 20 domains, he will be allowed to submit 2 requests per month, and who has 100 domains, respectively, 10.


I’m happy with the current system. except for one thing. A namer who wants to submit an unregistered name has to pay ten points, but a domainer can submit hundreds of owned domains at a time with no fee of any sort. Obviously this is leading to backlogs, longer waits for logos, etc, as well as a marketplace that is not nearly as curated as it advertises. The longer the marketplace is open, the more it seems to be benefiting mainly domainers. There should be some kind of equivalent fee for everyone, imo.


There should be 10% per day prize increase for each day of contest extension.

Just to clarify, 1 day 10%, 2 days 20% etc. There are contests that are extended indefinitely, I am not against it, but CHs have to take winner selection more seriously.


I think I said this before - there really should be a tag “audience testing running” on contests. That way if our name is shortlisted but not in consideration for audience testing we can withdraw / reuse it in other contests. Since many contests take over two months to complete, our shortlisted names just sit there for no reason.


I would really like to see something like this. As one of the bigger portfolios here, 5 resubmits per month is only about 0.03% of my total portfolio!


After submitting a contest entry does the whole page really need to refresh?

If I want to submit 25 entries to a competition, it gets a bit tedious waiting for the submission confirmation and page reload between each submission. Those 30 seconds add up if I would like to submit daily across several contests.

Why not simply keep the entry form open and confirm submission without a full page reload?


You can submit multiple entries at a time by clicking the plus sign that’s in the submit entry pop up. Hope that helps :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks. I feel like an idiot for somehow not spotting that this whole time. :joy:


@grant Any chance of making the bulk upload 3 columns please? Domain, Price and Description?

Many thanks for considering.


Thank you all for your feedback. Although we are unable to respond individually to each suggestion, please note that we consider all of them while deciding our policies and additional changes to the platform.

Here are few broader points I would like to address:

Marketplace Limits & Domainer Incentives:

Few people have mentioned that they feel that the new users (specifically domainers) are receiving additional incentives.

Our platform is currently extremely restrictive to new users (many of these restrictions were recently added). The main reason we require points for unregistered domains is to limit the flow of submissions. Without such a requirement, we would be receiving several thousand submissions per day (many of these submissions would actually come from domainers who prefer to test their unregistered domains for approval before registering them). New users only start with 1000 points on our platform, so they in-fact have an extremely limited ability to submit unregistered domains (compared to existing creatives who have accumulated a much larger number of points).

We currently do not require points or fees for registered domain submissions. Despite the fact that we receive 1000+ submissions every day, we are only approving 6% to 7% of those submissions - and if someone submits too many names that are not a good fit, their submission limits automatically drop.

Having said that, our goal is to become the top destination for premium domains therefore we will continue to welcome new members to our platform while maintaining a highly curated focus.

Contest Extensions & Award Distribution:

As stated previously, there are many reasons that can cause a delay in winner selection. Some companies have internal approval committees, others have regulatory requirements, while many like to perform extended testing and validation of their names before moving forward with a name. In some countries, it takes several weeks just to get an initial confirmation that a business name can be registered.

At this point we do not plan to change our policies for winner selection or contest extensions however we will continue to look for additional ways to work with the contest holders in helping them close the contests on a timely basis.


Thanks for this feedback @grant

A quick question too. When a submission to the marketplace is made, is the description available to the reviewer? Is it looked at? I’m asking because with a 7-8% approval rate it takes a long time to write a dozen decent descriptions with an average of only one of them being approved. Going back to write a good description on the approved domain makes it much easier for us.

Many thanks.


@AbleBrands The marketplace team does look at the description when it is provided but the primary criteria for selection is the name itself. The description can help in some situations if the name has an origin or meaning that may not be very obvious. About 80% of creative owned domains are submitted without a description.


Appreciate the feedback @grant many thanks.