How Would You Improve The Site? (Cont'd)


To make myself clear - it would be totally fine with the CH money split as you wrote, 100$ for the winner and 99$ for SH but it’s 90$ and 119$ and that’s the smallest award scenario. SquadHelp is definetly the best crowdsourcing site in the world (at least of those that I know), but that definetly doesn’t mean it couldn’t get better.:slight_smile:


Let us not forget that this is a business. There are real people that work at SH. They have payroll and overhead costs like any other business.


Thanks for your feedback. While we are unable to make any changes to the withdrawal fees, please note that these fees directly support our Escrow and Transaction processing fees and cover a portion of the costs that allow us to offer best in class support to our creative community ( 24 X 7 chat support, ongoing platform improvements etc).


And again, this time another Premium Marketplace name with S100 price off is out of the Discount page. Scrolling down to the very bottom doesn’t even reach S100 off (due to high to low sorting). Just FYI. :unamused:


I would allow to buy “image credits” with points (don’t know if anyone has already mentioned this).


Bisabong, I hear you!! It is getting much harder to get names seen all around. I am wondering if you have searched the name by the categories you have them in and then the discount filter? (Is that what you are doing or are you going to the main discount page?).
I do believe most customers will use filters. I look around a lot in the marketplace to see where/if my names are showing very well. That led me to believe that customers would use filters because they would get too many names that don’t relate to their industry. SH announced a boost method yesterday, too. Maybe that will help. I am trying it out.


I used to check only the main discount page - the name was always displayed (I wasn’t much worried about the low position). Now, the name is visible only with an extra filter included, like “Category” as you suggested.
I’ve joined the Marketplace game only because I was carried away with the excitement of creatives. :slightly_smiling_face: I gave it a try. I guess it’s time to reflect is this “Game” spoiling all the fun and should I let it go. To be more clear, my limited involvement on this site doesn’t mean I don’t care. Thanks, Commulinks for sparing time to advise and encourage me.
Btw, I’m also trying out the ”Boost” feature. I see no rank change at this point - 2 more hours to go (it can take up to 24 hours after selecting this option).


I just checked all my names that I boosted. For the majority of my names, I cannot even find them in a scroll, much less see that they have risen higher, even in their categories. I boosted them more than 24 hours ago. Many of them are names that used to be popular in previous months. It is clear that people just don’t find them. Bummed. I was excited about this. I hope it improves. I gave up the points… I have a lot of points… but we use them more now so they disappear fast.


Sry to hear that clinks…I been holding back on boosting to see the feed back on it.Your post is very helpful.Hopefully your names will jump ahead soon.


Thanks Mary. I am going to keep checking and also see if it has made a difference in shortlists. I chose the ones I boosted carefully. It will be clear that it helped to boost them or not. SH wouldn’t have developed this feature if they didn’t believe it would work and I’m sure they would also want to know if it isn’t.


Yep. Very underwhelmed with the results so far.


Thanks everyone for your feedback regarding the new Boost feature.

Here are few updates and clarifications:

  • You can now see the effect of the boost, straight from your Marketplace Listings dashboard. This will show you the increase in your domain’s position relative to other Domains in the Marketplace as a result of the boost. This information will be typically visible 24 hours after you boost your domains.

  • The changes in rank may not be very obvious if you are scrolling down the Marketplace because if your name had a significantly low rank originally, it will likely not move up to the top of the Marketplace (even though the name will likely see a substantial improvement in it’s ranking compared to rest of the names).

  • As a result of the increase in domain’s ranking, the name will appear more often in search results, as well as when customers select specific filters (such as Categories, Keywords etc).


@grant. Yesterday, I boosted 3 of my names. I see the boost rank position, on my dashboard, though cannot find the names anywhere in any category in the Premium Domain Marketplace: by Discount, Low to High, App. Tech. 5 Letters. Ect. ***One thing I want to report is that since the platform changes with the Wholesale Market. ALL of my Premium Marketplace Domains have gone from 70% Popularity Rate/Shortlist Views down to 46 in a matter of under 48 hours. When it had consistently never gone below 69% since the beginning of the Premium Marketplace Dashboard. I see the same group of names in the premium marketplace no matter which category I try: Popular, Relevance, Low - High, ect. Even when I use the check offs ( tech, app. agency, 5 letter. Some names are different, but many of the same names show up no matter what. Wish my names had that problem. Unfortunately I have yet to find the magic combination to use to find them at all now except for on my own dashboard. All but One that is. Perhaps the system still has a few bugs to work out for some people… Have tried logging out everyday numerous times, clearing browser. Not looking good, no change so far. Thank You~


***I had about 6 Premium Domains that were getting new shortlists almost daily. including sporadic shortlists from some of the less popular names. Since the platform changes, My popular names are getting shortlisted sporadically and less popular one are now seemingly NON EXISTENT. Started on Sunday, thought it was just due to the bugs not being worked out yet Today is Friday and like I stated above, in the past 48 hours my popularity score went from 70-71 to 46 and today is at 49-50. It had never gone below 69 since the Premium Domain Marketplace was added. Thought I would report the specifics here and see if anyone else was noting similar changes or side effects. LOL. Thank you @grant


Yes…I agree with sh adding the feature and yes that they would want to know.


@Grant, OK… I want to give you an example of one of mine. I won’t give the name, but here is the story now. The name is in the very bottom rows of it’s main category. My dashboard says it increased about 3700 points. It would take me all day to scroll to find it on the main landing page, I tried and got tired of looking (like a customer would). This name had zero shortlists at all this month until yesterday (which could relate to being boosted…but I don’t know how it could because nobody would even find it.)

Suggestion: Choose some of the boosted names and go see if you can find them as if you were a customer. This isn’t my only example. I can, however, see a difference in the main landing page which is nice. I don’t see my names at the very top, but at least don’t see all of the same names that have always been in the first row.

Please know, I am only pointing this out because you guys have put effort into this and you need to know if it really works or not. (So do we). And thank you.


My popularity score dropped a lot today, too. There could be a lot of reasons for it, but one is probably boosting and the other may be that lots of new names were added.


I see the stat on my Marketplace dashboard, and that’s great, but I’m still having a hard time finding the name I boosted anywhere, even when using filters. I can find it by searching by name, that’s it. I’m not trying to be critical, just saying the result is not what I expected. The particular name I boosted seems pretty much dead in the water, as far as discoverability.


We continue to make updates to our ranking algorithm, and one such major update was done recently. As our Marketplace grows, our ranking algorithm has been optimized to ensure that it takes into account several factors and signals that allow us to better rank the names. At the same time, our algorithm can now better detect any “false” signals that could lead to wrong names ranking higher. We can not get into how exactly the algorithm works, but please note that we continue to optimize it - and every such optimization will have an effect on the popularity rankings of your portfolios. If your name is not visible at all (even after doing a keyword search), please report such issues directly to our support team.

Regarding the Boost Feature - it is only intended to increase your domain’s overall position in the Marketplace on a relative basis. For example, if the name was ranking at 7000 position, it is possible that the rank may increase to 3000 or 4000.

In this example, if a customer is browsing the main marketplace page, they may still not discover the name easily despite the fact that it was boosted (as some of you have pointed out). Most customers don’t scroll past few hundred names. However, when customers use certain filters, these boosted names will likely come up at a higher position compared to their original levels.

Most of our buyers use filters or other search mechanisms to buy names. Very few scroll through the main marketplace and find something without using any additional filters.

One way to see whether this feature is actually beneficial for your names or not is to test this option for few names and then at the end of the 7 day period, compare the total views and shortlists to the week prior. If you still don’t see any material improvement, it may not very beneficial to use this feature for your portfolio.

If you are not finding this feature beneficial for your domains, you can certainly save your points and use them for other benefits (we will likely announce even more benefits for points in the future).


Yes, and even when that is done, some aren’t boosted in their categories. Mine was at the bottom after the boost… can’t get much worse than bottom. But I hear what you are saying now. It is what it is, it will not or cannot be improved and we should save our points. I already track shortlists so we’ll see what happens on my test boosts.