How Would You Improve The Site? (Cont'd)


Dear Squadhelp: Please put back the graph with the number of contests we have participated in each month for the last 6 months. I depend on that info to know where I stand on keeping up with contests. thanks!


Should I say→Back with a bang!

Yup @SH, like it, it is neat and clean now!


The decision to divide marketplace money and contest money has been a disaster for me. If you win a contest with a marketplace name, confusion ensues. Without mentioning specifics, I want to say this new accounting system has caused me a great deal of stress. Having the 10 percent withdrawal fee built into the commission rate may be appealing to people who only participate in the marketplace, but it is has been a horrible change thus far for me.


Sorry, but the Ranking on Squadhelp Percentage looks out of placed . Should be there under where the Stats are?


Yes, thank you SH for putting it back!!!


As long as a payment is not processed, we should be able to cancel it and request a new amount on our own without having to go through SH support and further delays. Or auto-withdrawal should withdraw all funds in account at time payment is processed rather than what was originally requested for.

Sometimes you schedule a payout and some new contest win or cha-ching comes up and you can’t just add the new amounts to your payment request and get it all processed in one go. Even if you request SH support to cancel current request amount so you can request a new amount, you have to wait till the next payment occasion which may take many days.


I would like to see winning names even if it means holding off announcing the winner longer. When there is a winner I can not see I feel a little cheated after putting in time for the contest.Its like watch x-factor and them not telling you who won.


@Bpmarco1 The names are displayed on the winners board 3 days after they are awarded. The only time a name will not be displayed is when a contest holder explicitly requests that the name be kept private. Some do this for their own protection while still working on a website, or trademark, or other reasons and do not want anyone to see until they are ready to launch.


That’s not exactly true. It is for you because you have permanent tier A status. For those that don’t, the winner isn’t displayed until the domain is registered or they achieve tier A status, and if a creative loses tier A the winning (non-registered) domains are blocked again.


Really? Thanks @Chasity2ku I was not aware of that. I just thought he was confusing “private” as the same as not being displayed. Thanks for sharing.


It’s really frustrating to me to see that names accepted in the marketplace in early September still don’t have logos when more recent ones do. Those names have gone a long time without a deliverable for the customer that is included in the price. It keeps people from buying new names. I’ve reported this 3 times to the team whose hands are tied because there is no update on logos. Those names don’t seem to show up in the
new names search in the marketplace until they get a logo so they just sit there. I sure hope SH will take care of this backlog soon. Precious time is ticking away…


agreed. couldnt say more. :smiley:


Any chance we could have the option of SH NOT purchasing an unregistered name submitted to the marketplace please? (meaning we want to buy it ourselves only).



Thank you, Squadehelp, for getting those early September logos done!


Thanks Clinks…that got mine “updated” too. Although all they did was change the background color on mine.


I also have one name in the marketplace that was Live early September yet and has no logo.

UPDATE: Logo was posted today, Oct.15th. Thank you SH!


I also have one that was Live Early in September with no Logo.


I should state, mine have no logo’s. Just words with a colored background now.


@CRen - We are now looking at both active and withdrawn entries when checking to ensure that new submissions have not already been entered into a contest by another Creative.


Hi All - We currently have a very high volume of new Marketplace Domains. We will continue to do our best to create logos for each domain as quickly as possible.