How Would You Improve The Site? (Cont'd)


I tried that.

It doesn’t always work.

It often shows things I specifically asked it not to, including non Tier A contests.

Also, what about receiving emails about new contests, and going to the page using the link in the email,

where it does not clearly say it is for tier A only.

You only find out after trying to input names.

Now I try to input any idea first in the box and see if it says Tier A only.

If it is OK then I will proceed.

Before, I wasted time working on a contest only to find I could not participate.


Every time I see someone submit name in comment section I die a little bit inside and report it. Rules are available for everyone to read, and if you start throwing in names without even bothering to read them, that’s on you. Sorry for being harsh, but that’s how it is.
Regarding the limit, 5 entries is quite enough to throw in a few good directions and not flood the CH. And it’s relatively easy getting to 5 entries limit.
Regarding those Tier A contests - for me “no tier A contests” is marked by default (since I lost Tier A status) and I believe it is so for all of us mere mortals. If it is not the case for you, report it to support and they’ll help.
Some contests that are Tier A allow Marketplace Domains submissions and that’s why you can open and click “submit your entry”, but you can only use your marketplace domains, if you have them. I believe they must be Premium, but I am not sure about that.
And for the emails - can’t help you there, I turned off that notification and always browse contests using active contests / naming. I guess it would be good to see if contest is Tier A or not, and if it is guaranteed or not in the email.


@Kre8tiv - Tier A status should be displayed clearly when searching for contests on the All Contests page, as well as when viewing each individual contest page. Can you clarify that you were able to read the brief of a contest, but then got an error while trying to participate in that contest?


Hi @ALDaisy1 - As you know, this is against our contest policies. If you see this action from Creatives, please report it directly to the Customer Service team via the blue button, so we can take action. We will also look into this issue from our end. Thank you.


Yes, I can. Also, you should know when I go to the page showing all contests and check the boxes to show only contests not for Tier A, and also when I check the box to not show contests I am participating in, it does not work. I still see these contests listed.

So now when I go to a contest page, even before I begin, I type anything in the submission box first to see if it will say whether it is a contest for Tier A or not.

Only then will I proceed. Before this I wasted a lot of time working on a contest only to find when I entered my first submission, it was for Tier A’s only.

Only on the main page showing all contests, not on individual contest pages.

I have looked very carefully and I have never seen an indication on a contest page showing “For Tier A only”.

This is especially frustrating when following a notification from an email that takes you directly to a contest page.

I should also mention I am using an up-to-date browser without any add-ons or extensions that might affect this by blocking a badge or button, etc.


This does not work for me for some reason.


@I_am_ORIGINAL - Welcome to Squadhelp. Thank you for joining the community. Since we are an open platform, it is important to have these checks and limits in order to ensure a high percentage of relevant entries in our contests.

As others have noted, all creatives have had to go through these limits and while it may initially feel a bit limiting, the more relevant and thoughtful ideas you submit, you will get access to more contests and entries. Good luck!


Hi! I was wondering if absolutely every discounted name is supposed to be visible on a Premium Marketplace Discount page. To be more specific, is it possible that Premium name with 87 shortlists and $100 off can be found ONLY when typed in the search box? A glitch I can understand, it happens. But, if it is a regular practice, I don’t see the point of price offs or any likelihood of sales…


Ok,thank you!
I was just saying my opinion…


@Bisabog All premium names are visible in the Marketplace regardless of whether they are on discount or not. There can certainly be a time gap between adding the discount and seeing the discount on the Marketplace listing page. The marketplace listings are refreshed daily, so it is possible that you may not see the name when you sort by discount (if you added the discount less than 24 hours ago)

If you have any names that are not showing, please share the details with the support team so they can look into it further.


Thanks, Grant. I shared the details with the support team as soon as I realized the name was not on Discount page, which is a day ago. I’ve checked once again after your reply (still a little dizzy from scrolling through the whole page :slightly_smiling_face:), but the name was invisible. So, the $100 price off is pointless. Btw, it wasn’t me who added the discount, it was SH.


It’s not completely pointless, I believe that people that shortlisted the name get an email when it goes on discount.


You’re right. Not completely…:smiley:
Still, this way there’s no chance to increase the number of shortlists with the help of an appealing discount. “The 87 club” remains as it is.


Bis… similar to the “relevance” page… that always has the same names listed at the top, while the rest of the names just languish away… I get it.


I discussed this issue with the support team further on and here’s their reply: “We just heard from the team. Accordingly, the name is visible on the Discount page - unfortunately since we sort by higher discounts first, it takes a long time to get to the ones with smaller discounts and if you have scrolled through 1000s of names, your browser may stop loading more names in the same page. Unless the name is listed on the top 10-20 scrolls, we expect customers to use other filters on the page (such as category, style, price, keywords) to find the names.”
It seems that the lower discount is, the lower the name is positioned due to high to low sorting. So if you reach 1000 names scrolling down, you’re out of the page unless additional filter included. Btw, this is the first time I’m facing something like this. Until now I had many discounts SH added to my names (like everyone else, I suppose), but every time the name was visible/displayed on a Discount page. In a case like this, I honestly don’t see the purpose of discount. Any thoughts?


It is very frustrating @Bisabog. I’m finding it has become extremely difficult to get visibility for some of my names basically anywhere. They are lost in the sea… way, way down in searches past the point where any person, even a patient one, would find them. I guess I expected this with the growth of the marketplace, just like I found on another platform… but I am pretty frustrated at the moment.


I feel like I am in a catch 22 with this too. The same names are featured over and over again instead of some kind of rotation.So I wonder how do you sell any names when they are likely never seen? I am also in a dilemma because I bought like 70 domains to protect them( not to go into the domaining business) as I found a high number of my good names were being registered,or in several cases enetered into the Marketplace by other people.

A high percentage of those I bought when we had the ability to just tell SH what domains we owned,and could enter them in contests.Now in order to use any of your own names you have to jump thru hoops and list them in some form or another in the marketplace,which I have not had the time or bandwidth to do,due to many back to back family crises this last year.

I feel I am investing tons of money into domains that are unlikely to be seen,and therefore sold…and having domains I own just sitting.

As far as discounting domains…wouldn’t it better serve us instead to instigate perhaps a “best offer” scenario instead,where the creative could accept or decline? That way it would possibly generate activity and interest on everyones names,and not consign discounted names to outer darkness,where they are unlikely to be seen or bought. Thanks


Holly, Here’s an idea that won’t take a lot of bandwidth. When you are working on contests and want to use one of your 70 names, put them in as Basic listings (it takes 1 minute) and enter them into contests. Before you know it, you are going to know which ones you use the most and will have them in there. Then, if they get great ratings, you can upgrade them if you want later when you feel like it. But you don’t have to. Nobody goes to the creative owned domains marketplace. It’s just like “my owned domains”.

I also want to say that in terms of those hardly ever seen… of 233 premium names I have, and about 52 more basic plus it is not the majority. But Basic Plus names get far far less attention than premiums. That said, the sales are slow moving. But that is part of the game. I’m in it for the long run. But I think you would sell enough of your names to be profitable if you put those that qualify into the premium marketplace.


Thanks, @Commulinks & @hollygirl for sharing thoughts. I joined this community to challenge my creativity, my knowledge of English and to have FUN. I take part in a very few contests and domaining business is not something I intend to grow. Although so slow paced by my choice, I have 5 names listed in Premium Marketplace (why not? :slightly_smiling_face:) and invest eagerly my passion for words in every single contest.

This kind of experience is so disheartening. I’m aware I can’t beat the algorithm (not in such a creative ambience) and don’t have high expectations regarding visibility. But no visibility at all? Not the slightest chance for sale?


Oh, Commulinks, regard to new visible domain algoritm replacing domains from Basic Plus to Basic can not solve problem. Now likes are ignored. For me, this is a tragedy too.