How Would You Improve The Site? (Cont'd)


Grant, I thought we were not allowed to do this because it is ingratiating ourselves.


@grant some time ago a CH could pull entries from previous contests into their own. Does this still happen?

I’m asking because I see two entries in a contest which I honestly don’t remember entering (I may well be going mad). I just wondered, perhaps they pulled them from a previous contest or from the marketplace?

If this is not the case, is it possible to set up? I mean that a CH can pull marketplace names as an entry into their contest.


Thanks grant.

  1. The issue with the Basic Plus commissions has still not been resolved. I didn’t add them as premium listings, I just uploaded them as Basic Plus listings using a CSV file. I don’t see why they should have been assigned the wrong commission percentages. The terms links don’t show any information on these listings because they aren’t premium. The commission percentage should show be shown for these too so we don’t have to calculate to see what has been applied.
  2. Now I get it. Seems fair if the discount is going to the CH. However IMHO technically in this case your commission should also be after the discount and not before as it shows now. And the breakdown with the prize earned should be shown to us. Might seem like a few dollars but it does make a difference. For example if I sell a $2000 premium domain on a contest with $200 prize money at say 30% commission according to current calculations I just get $1400. If it is calculated as per your breakdown it should be 70% of ($2000-$200) plus $200 = $1460. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

  1. Squadhelp keeps 25% of selling price or $400 (whichever is greater).

@grant I’ve just noticed that my more recent uploads don’t have the commission details showing. I suspect that this is what @SmartWebby is referring to.

The amount due to us is also incorrect. This calculates to be 32.5% instead of 25%. Here is a name I’ve just uploaded.

If it helps, it’s only been happening for the last few days. Everything up to the end of March is fine (in my account at least).

  1. A premium domain at $1500 is 35% commission to SH.
    If you sold the domain in the marketplace, you’d get $975. ($1500 - 35%)
    If you won a $200 contest with the domain, you’d get $1025 ($200 - 10% withdrawal = $180 + $1300 - 35% = $845)

Hope that helps.


@Commulinks - While it is important to carefully construct a public message to ensure that it is professional and neutral, they are a great tool for communicating and collaborating with Contest Holders.

@AbleBrands - In managed contests, our branding consultants typically present some names from the Marketplace to Contest Holders, and from time to time these names may be moved into a contest for consideration by the CH. Also, Contest Holders have the ability to see custom Marketplace recommendations, based on AI technology, that match their styles preferences.

@SmartWebby & @AbleBrands - This was a glitch in the Basic Plus upload process that occurred after a recent platform update. It has now been corrected. Please let us know if you continue to see any issues.


That’s great to know about managed contests @grant, thanks very much, it’s an unexpected bonus! :slight_smile:

And thanks for letting us know about the glitch, I’ve just checked and confirm that everything now looks great from my side. Thanks for being so quick with the fix!


Thanks Grant. The 4 new submissions are indeed showing 25% commission correctly now… However 3 of the old domain names are still showing 32.5%. I checked and they were never requested to be upgraded to Premium. Please check.

Thanks @AbleBrands - I forgot about the 400 minimum. I’ve modified my calc to show with USD 2000 to point out what I meant initially.
If I sell a $2000 premium domain on a contest with $200 prize money at say 30% commission according to current calculations I just get $1400. If it is calculated as per your breakdown it should be 70% of ($2000-$200) plus $200 = $1460.
This is without the other factors like withdrawal fee to keep it uncomplicated and easy to note the difference. Do tell me if my understanding is right. Cheers.


@SmartWebby Yes, that would be correct at 30%.

However, the majority of the premium commissions are 35%.

If you sell it in the marketplace you’ll get $1300 ($2000 - 35%).
If you sell it in a $100 contest you’ll get $1325 ($100 - $10 = $90 plus $1900 - 35% = $1235)
If you sell it in a $200 contest you’ll get $1350 ($200 - $20 = $180 plus $1800 - 35% = 1170)
If you sell it in a $300 contest you’ll get $1375 ($300 - $30 = $270 plus $1700 - 35% = $1105)
Also be aware that SH reserves the right to reduce your domain up to $200. Any discount over that amount and you will be consulted first. Discounts are regularly given in the marketplace so you might want to factor that in your pricing.

Basic Plus commissions are 25% (or $400 whichever is the greater). And I’ll spell this out because it’s worth noting: For a $1799 domain (the maximum price allowed):

If you sell it in the marketplace you’ll get $1350 ($1800 - 25%).
If you sell it in a $100 contest you’ll get $1365 ($100 - $10 = $90 plus $1700 - 25% = $1275)
If you sell it in a $200 contest you’ll get $1380 ($200 - $20 = $180 plus $1600 - 25% = 1200)
If you sell it in a $300 contest you’ll get $1370 ($300 - $30 = $270 plus $1500 at the $400 greater = $1100)

I know it seems a bit complicated at first, but you get used to it really quickly. Work out your minimums, load up your domains and enter contests (or not, you don’t have to enter contests). Good luck!


There should be at least one verifiable info about CH for us to see, for plenty of reasons. CH stats should be visible on every contest (number of contests, abandoned contests, bonuses… ) and we should be able to unlike the contest before the contest is awarded. The way it is now, seeing only money awarded, one can get wrong impression about CH, and most creatives don’t open CH profile before participating contests.


@SmartWebby - These issues should now be fixed. If you continue to see any discrepancies, please reach out directly to the support team, and they will be able to troubleshoot the situation more specifically. Thank you.

@AvramChe - We encourage all Contest Holders to share their details, but we will never force them to include personal details. In the same, way we do not force Creatives to share their personal information.

We will consider adding CH stats to contests in the future.


I agree wholeheartedly! I do open them… and it is VERY time consuming. I also tag contests so I remember my previous analysis. I do not enter certain contests because of unfavorable CH histories. I encourage SH to do this, as @grant said they may.
Number of contests, number of abandons or cancels, number of registrations
And totally yes on the “unliking”
I am less concerned about amounts awarded and more interested in history of abandonment/cancels


Great idea, how are you so organized? I didn’t get that gene in my makeup.


Hi,I am also new on the site,try to figure out how is working.
Yet,I am not agree with some things:
-For example,I don"t agree that some participants can enter up to 8 or more entries in a contest,and other participants are limited to 1 or less.
Regardless the experience and the time spent on the site,and the amount of contests won,I think every participant,even if is new or veteran on the site,should have the same opportunities.
I believe in equalty in a contest,and I don"t see equalty when people are participating with more entries,and others with less.
Regardless the previous ratings of the contest holders.
As a beginner ,I would like to have the same opportunity as everybody.


I believe we all started out limited in the number of entries, and contests we could enter. Until you prove yourself, by winning contests, then you will be given more entries, etc. Be patient and hopefully the wins will come.
Good luck!


I receive emails notifying of new contests.

I go to the contest page and begin work.

I am allowed to submit names, then I get a message that I must be a Tier A creative to continue.

Nowhere on the page does it indicate the contest is only open to to Tier A creatives.

Maybe it would be good to let us know we cannot participate before we start doing work on a contest.

Perhaps something should be done so only people who can actually participate in a contest can have

access to the that contest page.


Yes, sometimes I am confused too about the business a CH is in, and I find it difficult to work on a naming project because of this.


@Kre8tiv - If you go the active Contests Main page, you can go the left side and scroll down to “Other Options” and select “Non Tier A Contests” for now so you don’t waste your time.


Thank u,u,too!
In my opinion,all new comers should be given the same chances as to contest winners.This is my opinion.
U can hardly prove yourself with 1 or 2 entry,especially as beginner.
And contest winners are given up to 10 entries,so,they have more possibilities to win that contest.To me,this is not fair,and I think to all beginners.
I consider it a minus of the site.
It doesn"t really help the new-comers,on the opposite ,it helps more the veterans.
Don"t take it personally,I don"t have anything against anybody.
Is just the rules of the site I don"t agree with.


There seem to be several new creatives using the comments section of contests to submit name suggestions. Maybe a better tutorial, or a pop-up before you post a comment to remind them this is not the appropriate place to enter names.


I am at SH for several years, but I also cannot submit 10 names. If the contest holder likes one of your entries, you can submit up to 15 names in each competition. I do not think this is a minus. The right to submit more names should be deserved. Imagine that all rookies ain’t as smart as you are. If the restrictions are lifted, the client will receive a bunch of verbal garbage and may refuse the contest altogether. You need to accept the rules of the platform on which you are going to work.