How Would You Improve The Site? (Cont'd)


Hi @fxpreneur - Please use the Blue Button on any page of Squadhelp to troubleshoot this with the Customer Service team. (Screenshots will be helpful :grinning: )


Thank you for this suggestion. We are considering testing this feature at some point in the future.


oooooo so very thank you about this. :sob::sob:


When I browse my listings, sorting by date and number does not really work. Sorting by number of shortlists for example, puts all numbers starting with 1 first, be it 1, 11, 13 or 113. Then 2, 24, 224 etc. You get my point? And by date it sorts months by alphabet :slight_smile:


Yes I do get what you mean by that but if a contest holder is working with a low budget then it is a problem for premium domain sellers. Maybe you could ask them indirectly via multiple choice questions like “I am looking for (1) Available names only (2) Premium names only (3) Either available names or premium names (4) Only Super-premium 1-2 word .COMs” This will save time for the contest holder too sifting through hundreds of names especially in case they select 4.

I noticed another bug, the “(Action Required) Price higher than $1799” indicator has been put in a separate column that is distorting the display on the Basic Plus listings page. It needs to be displayed beneath one of the existing columns [status probably].
I suggest you change around the columns here in order of priority while at it, (1) Added On isn’t important IMO (could be put as the last column), (2) Listing type should be shown as a heading (unless its a page with mixed listings) (3) Ideally price should be closer to the name so we don’t have to scan from one side of the page to the last. It’s difficult when there are dozens of listings. (4) Heading shouldn’t be Exp Commission IMO… You earn the commission here… so it should be “Exp Payment or Payout” or just “Paid to you”.



@Commulinks - Thank you for this idea. We will add the link in the near future.


Thank you SH for being so willing and speedy in making upgrades to the platform and the user/buyer/seller experience.

If they haven’t yet been acted on I wanted to echo three points made by SmartWebby. She said:

  1. With all the commission loss I just cant see how the Basic listings are the ones being used by people with their own domain names. Either way they can only sell by winning a contest and at the contest winning price so I just can’t understand the logic behind this feature.

  2. Once premium listings are reviewed by your team you are changing the Original price to what you think should be the price. What you are failing to see is that the seller is not being shown the Original submitted price to evaluate and immediately make a decision. I was a little upset with this price changing feature of your evaluation as I had to go back and forth to see what was my initial prices were… My recommendation would be to show a “Suggested Price” or “Approved Price” instead of just changing it.

  3. Wish the number of domains to display per page once set is remembered and persisted for all views then onwards… It always defaults to Show 10 entries per page.

Lastly, to give a flip side perspective, I have no desire to work with designers on logos. So that option is not important to me - tho I recognize that others have a strong desire for it :slight_smile:


With the logo thing, I prefer the current system, for two reasons. 1. I don’t want the hassle of sourcing logos, anyway, and this way there is consistency. 2. If the logos are not ideal, customers can launch logo contests, which benefits fellow creatives. Besides, the logos in the marketplace are considered “complimentary” and I think the quality is in line with that designation.
I will say though, if Squadhelp is going to do all the logos in-house, they may need to expand their designer pool to decrease wait time.


This feature is very important to me and many other creatives. We buy our names in order to prevent them from outside registration. I’ve won contests with names I own that were not accepted into the marketplace. It is an issue that nobody can see them outside of contests… well they technically can but nobody goes to that separate part of the marketplace. I also enter those names into contests and when they receive enough high ratings, I upgrade them. So, I truly hope SH does not eliminate this feature. Those of us who were here before the marketplace started, bought the domains we valued a lot and put them in a category that SH had called “my owned domains”. That category moved to Basic listings. I hope you will reconsider your recommendation based on how other creatives use this feature.


Added on date is important to me.


I am opposed to making a change like this. SH had something like this before and CHs got confused. Also, I don’t think the system can accommodate variables like this. I personally would like SH to keep things the same - allowing us to sub marketplace names to any contest. They have already announced they will give CHs the ability to turn that off once their contest has started and they are limiting how many we can sub.

I am for more freedom, not less. I am for using our own judgment. I have won contests with my marketplace names in contests were it wasn’t really that clear that the CH would want them.

Too many rules makes for too much confusion. We already have too many rules.


Perhaps as a compromise there could be some mechanism by which grievances could be addressed, possibly with a limit so that no one takes advantage. There are certain times when there is a legit issue with a logo. But generally speaking logo beauty is in the eye of the beholder and while a logo does enhance the perception of a domain name it’s not the reason people buy. A nice logo on a poor name is just lipstick on a pig and vice versa. In my view domainers (not just on SH but everywhere) spend way too much time obsessing over their logos instead of investing their time learning how to spot, value and acquire marketable domains :slight_smile:


soooo agreeeeed with Commulinks, too much confusion not good. I also had won some contests with marketplace names, and i am sure many of other creatives did too.


@AvramChe - We are aware of this issue. It should be fixed in a platform update in the near future. Thank you.

@SmartWebby - Thank you for this feedback.

All Creatives should now see the originally requested price and the approved price in our responses to approved Creative Owned Marketplace submissions.

The Action Required message is only temporarily displayed until the status is updated accordingly, at which time the message will no longer display.

We will keep your additional feedback in mind as we continue to advance the platform.

@GibbonTake - The number of domains to display per page should be remembered once initially set. This seems to be part of a larger issue that, unfortunately, is unique to you, and we are unable to replicate even after testing across several devices. We would be happy to look into this issue. If you’d like, please send some screenshots to the Customer Support team via the Blue Button.

@ALDaisy1 - We continue to expand our pool of in-house logo designers.


@grant I’m having the same issue as @GibbonTake with the number of domains to display per page. It always reverts back to 10.


Thanks Grant. Definitely good improvement to the User Experience.

I went through other threads to see if this same issue/bug is being reported by someone else but didn’t see it. A few domains I just added as Basic Plus listings are showing more than 25% commission. I reviewed my complete list of domains and noted that apart from the 4 I just added, 2 other older domain names also did have the same issue. So totally 6 Basic Plus listings are showing more than 25% commission.
Also there is no way we can see the commission percentage upfront. It would be great if the commission percentage being applied is clearly visible. We just assume that the system works as promised.

Secondly it striked me recently that when a contest is won we actually do not get the prize for the contest win on premium listings. It would be nice to not lose that amount as the premium listing commission itself is very high. I know you have a team to pay (and a great team from the experience so far) but it seems unfair :slight_smile: and like a hidden commission to us.

Noting what i read on other threads I liked the idea of creatives being able to suggest others names. I feel this should be a hidden feature (so as not to confuse contest holders) and Tire-A creatives could do this with the owners permission. It would be a win-win all around and this goodwill would also reduce the kinda not-happy-with-newcomers-into-our-midst vibe I am getting. Hugs all around and I wish everyone more and more success especially SH as a growing vibrant platform. :hugs::hugs: It’s important to note that being able to give contest holders the best domain names will be a priority to SH and welcoming domainers who own big chunks of unused online real-estate is beneficial to everyone. Let’s also learn to appreciate SH is in a disruptive and innovative phase right now and we who have a bird’s eye view of things can clearly see how they are changing the dynamics of this industry.

Oh and I am 100% with the creatives who mentioned elsewhere that their commission is more than what you are offering now. It would be totally unfair if all benefits do not propagate to all members (without them having to point it out). Totally transparent commission structure that is executed without errors is a must for any platform. As a developer I don’t understand why would you say that the commission for existing domains cannot be changed. It should have a fixed cap and a basic structure (the way it was explained in an article directed by support) Also categories like real words or superb 2 words should be given a different slab imo instead of clubbing them there in a slab. Also if I got this wrong and if it’s a misunderstanding then it should be clearly pointed to them with an article clarifying situations that can easily be misread.

Thanks for taking all the feedback so well. Kudos once again to your entire team @Dan :+1: :+1:


@moretal - We have sent this to the tech team. Thank you.


  1. With regard to the Basic Plus commissions, this likely happens when you submit the domain as premium but do not accept the commission rate. You can delete and resubmit or you can let the customer service team know, and we’ll update to the correct commission rate on our end.

  2. If you win a contest, you always receive the award amount for that contest (regardless of whether the name that won was a premium name or an available name). If the CH is interested in buying the premium name, we typically apply the contest award towards the purchase of the premium domain (since the customer already paid for the award amount while launching the contest). So if the award amount was $200, the CH will likely receive a $200 discount on the domain purchase. From a creative perspective, you typically receive two separate payments in this scenario:

      a) payment for the contest award amount
      b) remaining balance for your commission after accounting for the award amount you already received

    This is why, our policies state that you receive greater of the contest award amount, or the selling commission.

  3. At this point, we only allow Creatives to submit their own Marketplace names. We have considered opening this up in the past, and we may revisit this concept in the future.


Hi! Would you consider adding “Entries seen by CH” to Contest Stats of a Contest page?


I would like to have a way for all creatives to be able to express ourselves to CHs a lot like they do with us. A list that we could click like:
-Your feedback is perfect
-Great interaction
-Could use more feedback
-Wish I knew more…
-Unanswered questions
-No feedback, frustrated
…and lots more.

Sometimes I wonder what is going on with CHs. Some reject the first 50 names an disappear. Some never rate anything and go abandoned. Some never answer the questions we ask… we really need some changes.


@Bisabog - Thank you for your suggestion. This is probably not an update that we are able to include in the near future.

@Commulinks - At this time, many of these items are address directly by the platform through dashboards, smart alerts, and emails (including Could use more feedback and Unanswered questions).

The public comments section is also a great place to express constructive feedback to Contest Holders, especially if it is positive in nature. Items like Great interaction and I wish I knew more can be address in a positive and professional way in this section.

If there is behavior from a Contest Holder that is against our policy or concerning, we always recommend reporting that directly to us.