How Would You Improve The Site? (Cont'd)


Hi I am new to SquadHelp. Here are some bugs I want to bring to your notice from my use of your platform. I already sent it to support while chatting and they directed me here. I am not sure I will be able to explain clearly without screens but here goes.

  1. I was very frustrated by the fact that after submission via CSV of my basic listings I had to manually upgrade each domain to Basic Plus that were below 1799. This not only is a big waste of time, time being the most precious commodity in our hectic lives, but also can lead to errors/misunderstandings and wasted support time. Take a look at your form, it has two links on the basic listings page. The link with the Upgrade to Basic Plus has an icon (light blue + in circle) on one page and the same icon on the next page for Upgrade to Premium so it is very easy to click on it by mistake because our mind has already recorded the link to be for Upgrade to Basic Plus. I think the two Upgrade buttons should be either separated by placement (one in another column) or as two different and consistent colored buttons below.

  2. The way the bulk upload button is placed is wrong IMHO. So many times I clicked on the upload button instead of the “Choose File” button. The upload button should preferably be disabled and enabled only after the choose file field has a selection made or at least placed at a distance on the right of the “Choose File” button.

  3. With all the commission loss I just cant see how the Basic listings are the ones being used by people with their own domain names. This should either be removed completely or be a “Downgrade to Basic” option in case they are so wanting to save on the commission percentage. Either way they can only sell by winning a contest and at the contest winning price so I just can’t understand the logic behind this feature.

  4. This is probably the most important bug/error I find with your system. Once premium listings are reviewed by your team you are changing the Original price to what you think should be the price. What you are failing to see is that the seller is not being shown the Original submitted price to evaluate and immediately make a decision. I was a little upset with this price changing feature of your evaluation as I had to go back and forth to see what was my initial prices were… My recommendation would be to show a “Suggested Price” or “Approved Price” instead of just changing it.

  5. After rejection of your premium modified prices on some I found that the domains reverted back to basic but were set live with the new commission. I was new to your system so this glitch really upset me as you know. When you are upgrading this system (as I was told) please make sure you do User Experience testing from scratch so that these kinds of tiny bugs will not slip by :slight_smile: and always try to keep it as simple as possible.

Finally one suggestion as I am sure many want this: Ability to provide our own logos in the format you specify. This is being successfully implemented by ■■■■■■■ who do see how much of their time this saves. This also makes it easy for someone who is a Creative [both naming and design] to move between platforms. I have names which are on ■■■■■■■ with my own logos. I see them fitting right into your marketplace. This would not only save time but also improve the quality of your own designers work with increased time. You could set it up in such a way that only pre-approved or A-list designers could upload a logo for their own domain names.

warmest regards,
Anita Walker


Hello guys. @grant it will be cool if there is a way to sort marketplace domains by their extension. Also, sorting by number of specific letters (especially 3, 4 and 7 letters) will be a great addition. In case these features are already existing, and I missed them, someone should kindly point me in the right direction.


I forgot a couple of other observations.
(1). I went to the marketplace and clicked on “real word” under style type and there were very few real word domains meaning single dictionary word domain names… I have some one word .COMs in premium and they were no where on the list nor was there a way to select the style in the domain settings.
(2). When we take an action in our listings manager the page always jumps back to the main page with premium listings. It would be better if the actions are carried out in the background and the success or failure message pops up without the page view actually changing.
(3) Wish the number of domains to display per page once set is remembered and persisted for all views then onwards… It always defaults to Show 10 entries per page.

That’s it for now :slight_smile:


Just found another bug. Not sure if it is an active bug or a display bug. I just submitted some of my already live Basic Plus listings to be upgraded to premium since they had many views and I thought the premium listing might help. Once clicked the listing type is now showing “Basic” instead of the existing “Basic Plus” type. You might want to take a look if this is true (change of listing type) or if its just a display error. Thanks.


@SmartWebby the name will be appear as basic while it is under review. You should see under review by it.

Also, it appears as though SH made a lot of the changes you recommended already! I agree with your most recently list, too. Thanks for taking to time to lay out all of these ideas!


@SmartWebby - Thank you for taking the time to provide this detailed feedback. We appreciate it! We’ve already addressed many of these issues, and we will continue to look for additional ways to improve :slight_smile:


Thanks Grant, yes I noticed the changes immediately. It’s fantastic to see how quickly SH took action! Kudos to a super responsive team!! :star_struck::star_struck:

A couple of other suggestions… (1) When we are waiting for basic plus domains to get reviewed or approved for the premium marketplace they are unable to be submitted to contests. Yesterday there were 3 contests that were prefect for me to suggest two of my single word .COMs but I just couldn’t suggest them because they were stuck in Review/Getting Ready to Go live. In fact now its more than 24 hours.
(2) Is there any way we can see the Budget the contest holder is working within? At least some ceiling limit… so we don’t waste time submitting premium domain names to someone whose budget is say $200 for example and also get a lower rating overall since they obviously won’t appreciate the high priced suggestions :slight_smile: .



Hi SH,

i am indeed hope theres no more option of I am also open to registering the domain myself, instead just after the domain accepted at marketplace, there will be 2 option for creative, either to register the domain by themselves or let SH register the domains along with the expected commission. **Because it really really never work for me when i choosed i am also open to registering the domain myself ,
Anddddd i just know that that For domains where you indicated or chose that you’re open to registering it yourself, SH still decides whether to register the domain, or to approve it as a creative owned domain. if the domain is approved as a creative owned domain, your commission approval email will indicate that information. Ok now i know :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing::grimacing::grimacing::grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:
Thank youuuuu


I’d like to suggest that SH will factor in the number of past sales when deciding how many submissions of unregistered domains each creative can make. I think it makes sense that creatives that consistently make sales should be able to submit more unregistered domains because they’re likely to generate more sales. Thanks for the consideration.


I am still working with SH staff to fix the bug in the submission window that causes the list to revert to the beginning each time I select a choice from the drop down menu. So far they are unable to replicate the error but I have experienced the same bug in multiple browsers and also in incognito mode.
That said, the SH is continuing to work on this ( sent them another screen shot today) and I am very hopeful they will persevere.

On another note I had previously criticized the payment process for sold domains. Well I am happy to report that today I sold a domain and after a speedy transfer to SH I was notified that funds were available the same day! This is super fast! Kudos to SH.

Now let’s see how long it takes to receive the funds after I request payment. Hopefully that is getting upgraded as well.

Many thanks on the improvements so far!


Now the portfolio has become more advanced. But only for those who have premium domains. but what about those who have the most part of domains in the Basic listing Pro? I used to go into my portfolio to search for names from the Basic listing pro for CHs, but now most of my domains ain’t visible. Previously, those that did not have 2 likes, at least displayed on my page, now after upgrade they have disappeared completely. CHs will never know about them. If I have hundreds of domains, it is very difficult to ensure that each of them has more than 2 likes. I ask you to return the ability to display all the domains belonging to me on the portfolio page


Already able to unloved the entries, but when i started to search for my entries, all of the love return back. :thinking:


Hello! I would include the feature of the possibility of bargaining for the domains belonging to the authors. For example, a potential buyer wants to purchase my domain not for $ 1,599, as I indicated in the price list, but for 100 … 300 and so on dollars cheaper. So that he could notify me about his offer, and I, as a seller, would give my consent or refusal. It seems to me that this can increase sales and contribute to even greater market revitalization.


The Squadhelp is a fantastic platform! I do not regret leaving other markets! I received an instant response to my asking. Now all the domains belonging to the creative are visible in the portfolio. Many thanks to the whole team!


@Grant would it be possible for the team to put a link to our public profile marketplace names into the dashboard so we can just click there and see our names with logos in our profile. Right now, we have to nav out of the dashboard, go to my account, public profile, scroll… it’s a long process. Thanks! It would cut a lot of time!


Yes, Commulinks. I’ve been having the same thought. Glad you are bringing this up!


Follow Up report:
Funds are in my acct today!

So I was paid within 48hrs of being notified of my sale.
This is super quick and faster than any payment I’ve ever received on any other platform.
Kudos to SH for this big leap forward!

PS I transfered the domain within 20 mins of receiving the “please transfer” email from SH - If the seller is slow or delays the transfer this will obviously slow down the payment process


It is always our goal to review Basic Plus submissions as quickly as possible (specifically, within 24 to 48 hours). Unfortunately, there is no way around this review period, as a domain cannot be submitted into a contest before it is reviewed and approved.

We have addressed the domain budget issues in other places on the forum.

We find that asking about a customer’s domain budget up front is not very helpful. Most people do not know their exact expectations; and if they are presented with a domain that they really like, they are willing to spend $1000, $2000, or even more.

We suggest looking for signals within the contest brief and comments to indicate that a customer is open to significantly higher priced domains. We will continue to look for ways to advance the communication between Creatives and Contest Holders.


An update is coming in the next few days that will allow Creatives to submit domains that they’d like to purchase for pre-approval within the Marketplace.


Thank you for this suggestion. We will consider adding this in the future.